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Jasper: Its Significance, Healing Properties, and Uses in Gem Therapy

Discover the benefits of jasper and how to use this magic crystal.

Jasper, meaning 'speckled or spotted stone' is characterized by its multi-coloured patches. In prehistoric times, tools were made from this stone. Jasper stone comes in many colours, but red and green jasper are the most common varieties. Read more to discover the meaning and symbolism of this gemstone.

Jasper: meaning in gemology

According to gem therapy, Brazil, France, India, Madagascar, the Ural Mountains, Russia, and the United States have the largest jasper deposits. This is a very common sedimentary or volcanic stone  made of silica, and it is found all over the world. However, each deposit has unique qualities which is why each country has different minerals.

On this note, it's worth adding that  jasper  is most commonly red, however, it does exist in other colours. Egyptian jasper is yellowish with black splotches, Agate jasper is yellowish and brown, blood jasper is green with red spots, dalmatian jasper is white with black or brown spots, plasma jasper is green with white speckles, and finally, 'mookaite' or Australian jasper can be found in multiple colours with spots or stripes.

Jasper's healing properties and uses in gem therapy

Jasper is a magic stone known for its powers, and each type has specific features. In Medieval times these gems were placed between women's legs that were about to give birth since jasper is said to prevent excessive bleeding. For centuries doctors prescribed red powdered  jasper  to stop wounds from bleeding, because of the red colour.

According to gem therapy, if you carry a piece of red jasper, this brings unity and serenity and attracts a sense of cohesion within a group (or family). This stone protects and cleans the aura of its owner, for which reason it is called the Supreme Protector.

Jasper favours quick decision making, and gives people the strength and courage to do this, it puts the thought process in motion and promotes expression. That's why this is a great luck charm for those lacking self-assuredness. This gem helps you to trust in life, to love it, to live in the present without fear, and to assert yourself through action.

On a physical level, red jasper helps to regulate the reproductive organs and menstrual pain, relieves constipation, and eases digestion.

On the other hand,  if you have a piece of green jasper, this stone is ideal for improving one's living environment. It helps to define your territory and avoid conflicts with others since they will respect your space. This gem also has anti-inflammatory powers and aids digestion, especially after overeating.

Yellow  jasper  aids pancreas and spleen function. It also helps to harmonize the mind and body and brings sensibility and understanding. This stone can also be beneficial for those curious and cheeky people out there.

To benefit from its magnificent powers, place jasper around the house in places where you need to focus. At your desk or in your office are two good examples.  You can also wear this gem on key chains, rings, earrings, or necklaces... If you want to put it in your bedroom, you can place it under your pillow which will help you yo remember your dreams.

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How do you clean jasper?

Cleaning and purifying any variety of  jasper  is essential. You need to do this  when you purchase a gem to get rid of any bad vibes that it acquired before landing in your hands.

In this case, the gem can be purified with distilled water, and preferably an amethyst geode.  You can also put the stone in a glass container with distilled water and green clay overnight, and then rinse it thoroughly. To recharge the gem, put it in the Sun, and if you can, it should be inside of an amethyst.

Jasper and chakras

On an energetic level, jasper protects its owner from external energies that could be harmful. If this gem is placed on the Root Chakra, the first Chakra (located at the base of the vertebral column, near the perineum) this achieves an Anchoring effect that encourages peace. Its deep red colour helps to work on rage and impatience.

As far as the emotions go, if jasper is placed on the Sacral Chakra (the second Chakra, located at the lower middle area of the abdomen) this could help to free us from blood relationships that we are not satisfied with - on the other hand, this same Chakra stimulates the reproductive organs.

Which zodiac signs could benefit from jasper?

Now you know the many benefits of jasper on both physical and emotional levels. This is an opaque stone that light is unable to penetrate. A humble and ordinary gem, yet highly valued.

But there's more since certain zodiac signs benefit even more from jasper than others. These signs are Virgo, Aries, Libra, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Some fun facts about jasper

In Christianity, jasper is a symbolic stone, and during the Middle Ages, it was used to decorate religious buildings since it was closely tied to the church. Since jasper is usually red, it is also often referred to as 'martyr's stone' and was used to represent the crucifixion. In fact, there's a legend that tells of Christ's blood being spilt on this mineral.

In ancient times, jasper  was used to keep away phantoms and  venomous  creatures. The green variety was also used as a talisman to bring rain.

Lastly, it's important to note that it can be hard to distinguish  jasper  from agate since both are made of silicon oxide. However, if you keep in mind that jasper is opaque and has a granular structure while agate is crystalline, this should help.