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Rituals to Find a Job: 4 Spells to Achieve This

Discover the most effective rituals and how to do them

Human beings lives revolve around money, and this can only be earned through work.  Something that dates back to the Bible, since God cursed humankind, his creation, with the phrase "You will eat bread by the sweat of your brow," stated in one of the first chapters of Genesis.

Currently, work and job opportunities are few and far between, not everyone in the job market has the chance to show their worth. Even if we are highly educated and have a great track record, this may not be enough to land even an interview, and so, we may have to resort to witchcraft to finally sign the contract.

Rituals to find work

So, Magic Horoscope brings you a great selection of rituals to find a job that you can do in your own home with objects that can be found at any store.

1 A ritual with green candles

For this ritual, you will need the following:

- A green candle big enough to burn writings. 

- A sharp knife.

- A glass of milk and a piece of bread.

Once you've gathered all of these elements, close yourself in a space where you feel comfortable and calm, that's interruption free. Take the candle in your right hand, and with the knife, write the name of the job that you desire,  or the company that you want to hire you. If our professional profile is highly versatile and we are qualified for many different positions, we can just cut the words "a good job" into the candle, or any other concept that we find fit. However,  the more specific and concise the job is, the more likely it is that this ritual will be effective because the energy will be focused in one particular direction.

Have you written it yet? Then you should wait until the following Sunday, and thirty minutes after the Sun has disappeared entirely, you should light the candle, preferably with a wooden match. Put it near a window, and beside it, leave the glass of milk and the bread's crust, one on each side, as an offering. Then, let the candle burn entirely,  and dispose of the rest of the wax, bread, and milk somewhere where water flows, or bury it in the garden. 

2 Magnetic power

For this ritual, you will need the following:

- A small magnet.

-Two yellow candles and one white one.

- A square piece of yellow material.

-Three laurel leaves.

- Carnation petals, preferably yellow.

- Grains of wheat.

- A yellow ribbon.

On a Sunday night, place the candles in a straight line, with the white one in the middle, and light this one first, and then the others. Place the material next to the candles and put the plant-based ingredients in the middle.

The next step is to hold the magnet in your hands, gently, and repeat the following spell three times. "I call on the good spirits of heaven and earth, to attract me through the power of attraction, that this magnet represents, to bring me complete and long-lasting success in my professional activities."

Put all of the ingredients on the material and tie it together with the ribbon, and let the candles burn out. Carry this little bag that you've made with you, as a lucky charm. During the day, you can carry it in your purse and at night, place it under your bed. Use the magnet as a paperweight, or give it some use, but make sure that you have daily contact with it.

This ritual to find work can also be useful if we want to start our own business successfully, move forward on a particularly ambitious project, and in any other circumstance related to the job market. We can even do it in the name of another person and give them the yellow sack and the magnet, which you will have charged with powerful energy. According to the tradition, starting on the eighth day that we do this, we may begin to notice the effects of this spell.

3 An offering to Saint Pancras

In Christianity, Saint Pancras, a Roman martyr, tends to be considered the patron saint of the workplace. Offerings including  parsley  are made to his figure, and on the finger's image, pointing towards the sky, a coin is placed that has a hole at its center.

If we have an image of Saint Pancras around our home, besides carrying out the said offering, we can say the following prayer: 

"Glorious Saint Pancras! Help God find me an honorable job that is enough for all of the necessities in this temporary life. I ask you for health and strength to carry out my work, and through you, I trust that I will reach eternal glory. Amen."

If someone that we know is actively seeking employment, we can give them the figure of this long-haired saint, but, according to the tradition, it is more effective if they buy it themselves.

Also, for those that aren't lacking work, Saint Pancras is considered the patron saint of people affected by poverty, luck, and games of chance.

4 A prayer to the heavens

If you aren't a believer in Christianity, you can also say this prayer. At sunset,  preferably  on a Thursday, go to an open area where you can see the sky with your eyes if you tilt your head upwards.

Then, proclaim the following magical spell, preferably barefoot:

"Great heavens and great Masters, I ask you all for a decent job that aligns with my abilities, where I will learn to work and to be valued by my superiors. My petition is a noble cause, and I beg you to work in my favor. I promise that I will meet the requirements and I will work towards marvelous things.  Tonight I ask you to help me. With you, I will be the one to take action. Thank you."