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Karmic Love, Soulmates, and Twin Flames: What they are and the Differences Between Them

Every relationship serves a purpose in our lives. Find out if you've met your better half

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Karmic Love, Soulmates, and Twin Flames | iSTOCK

Everyone that's ever walked the earth has a wide variety of love stories: Stormy relationships that left their mark on us, sweet ones that helped to bring out the best in us, impossible loves that we've never been able to forget... What do they all have in common? That behind all of them there are cosmic connections, whether it's a karmic love, a soulmate, or a twin flame. 

Would you like to find out the difference and the purpose of each one of them? Let's go.

Karmic Love, Soulmates, and Twin Flames: What they are and the Differences Between Them

Let's think for a moment about the relationships that have formed a part of our own personal story. All of them are based on the love that we can feel for another person, but whose purpose goes much further than what we can imagine at first. 

Remember, whatever kind of cosmic connection that you discover in your relationship (past or present), all of them have a purpose on your path. However, what marks the main difference between karmic love, twin flames, and soulmates, is the function that they have in our lives and how they affect us as people:

Some will put us to the test and we'll have to overcome this, others will be with us with their personal affinity and, if we have a lot of luck and the time comes someday, we'll meet our other half, that brings out the best possible version of ourselves.

Karmic love, the real teachers 

Just think of all of the relationships where you have felt strongly connected to the other person (for a reason outside of your own understanding that could be far from logical), and with whom conflicts were truly intense and even recurring. Well, this is the case when it comes to karmic love.

This happens with people that come into our lives with a clear purpose: to change our way of living and the direction that we're moving in life through the extremely intense change that this produces within us.

They show us what we don't want to be, or they bring us to the edge of our limits to overtake them and expand them in a way that brings us much further and helps us to reach our goals in the future when the time comes. Karmic love is one that brings conflict with it as a way to push us to progress to a higher personal level, that makes us change in order to continue growing and improving as people. 

Unlike when you meet your soulmate, in karmic love, the relationship will never be harmonious: There's no compatibility. In other words, you're bound to clash always; even if both parties made a real effort and they tried over and over again, there would never be a time where it would be possible to avoid arguments and pain.

But in reality, this is what it's all about. They tend to be the antagonist of our life,  someone with whom the clash is strong but necessary, to foster the learning that was precisely what we needed to continue growing as a person.

With each disagreement with our karmic love, we continue to learn lessons that we had pending in order to continue moving forward on our path in life. For this reason, they also leave your side when the time comes. And when this happens, let them go. And don't be afraid, because then you'll be ready to discover your soulmate, but take things one step at a time.

Soulmates, our most like-minded companions

Although of the three concepts, soulmates are the most well-known, we'll start by making things clear as a starting point because there tends to be confusion: In reality, this has nothing to do with the person that will be our other half, there also may even be more than one. In fact,  they don't even half to be our partner.

There isn't just one soulmate for each one of us. In reality, we could meet several over the course of our lifetime, and this person could be a friend, family member, or a partner.  And although they can appear at any point during our existence, one time when we tend to cross paths with them is after leaving a karmic love.

These are people that we connect with immediately,  someone with whom you automatically get good vibes from surprisingly naturally although you've never met before. And unlike with karmic love, a relationship with two soulmates is  filled with similarities, affinity, and everything flows  between these two people.

They also accompany us in our personal growth journey, although this time this has nothing to do with what we should change, but rather helping us to realize our strengths and all of the good things that we have to share with the world. Being by their side brings out the best in us.

Twin flames, finally… we meet our other half 

Lastly, the twin flame relationship is what many confuse with soulmates. In this case, it represents the perfect union of two people.

It is believed that these are two halves of the same soul separated in two different people destined to meet again.  However, they can only be together and united again by this unique love that they feel for one another when the right time comes; when both parties are ready.

But there is a magic moment in which they exchange glances for the first time in this life.  When their eyes find one another and they can't take them off of one another, they're speechless and yet everything seems to have been said: This is an incredible sight. 

The amazement that this instant entails, in which two twin flames seem to have found one another out of the all of the people that there are out there, they just look at one another and without needing to say a word, and they're instantly overwhelmed by a flood of marvelous emotions that cannot be explained with logic... and everything that they say makes all the sense in the world. And starting at this moment, something changes in your world forever.

At this moment, the challenges that these two twin flames have to overcome in order to be together could be tremendous, there could be all kinds of difficulties, and fear could get the most of both parties. This is typical, since whatever life that these two people have been leading up until now, will take a turn that will shake the structure of who they are and what they do. But not everything will be working against them since they will have a few allies to help them make things work.

And no other kind of prior relationship will have anything in common with what happens between twin flames; this is a full and indestructible love, that brings the best out in both parties, a love that would turn the world upside down if need be, because opportunities like this (and just if you're lucky) only happen once in a lifetime.