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Kundalini Energy Awakening: Learn all About it

Kundalini, the vital energy that is in all of us, the manifestation of the divine in the individual, also known as "Sleeping Beauty"

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Kundalini Energy Awakening: Learn all About it | iSTOCK

Many people want to know how to wake up the Kundalini. If we delve a little into the subject, we will see that there are many techniques and exercises used to wake up "sleeping beauty" (as it is also known), but it is often said that the most effective techniques are kept secret by the teachers until the student is ready to learn them.

This article will detail everything you need we know about the Kundalini, the energy represented as the sleeping snake at the base of the spine (at the level of the perineum) that establishes the body awakening of the energy centers or chakras.

What is Kundalini energy?

The word Kundalini is related to yoga and comes from Sanskrit.  Kundalini is the vital energy that is in all of us, the manifestation (shakti) of the divine (shiva) in the individual.

To awaken Kundalini, the person must go through a complex initiation process composed of numerous exercises.

The Kundalini is a spiritual, cosmic and vital energy that is wrapped three times inside a triangle at the base of the spine in the perineum. This vital energy is normally at rest in ordinary people. Once awake, it climbs along the spine and activating in its path the energy centers or chakras. The Kundalini awakening through meditation elevates the person to such an extent that it can transform their life.

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

The Kundalini energy at rest does not work: we must work to awaken it, for that is when we can enjoy its effect and its benefits in our physical form, in our minds and mainly in our spirituality.

Human beings, besides flesh and blood, are energy. Living in denial or conflict with one's own energy means mutilating on the one hand, and creating emotional and energetic conflicts on the other.

Throughout our lives we may suffer from depression, confusion, feeling empty,or disrupt our life experience with addictions to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and more.

However, your mind knows that seeking balance and developing its potential with Kundalini awakening can move disorder in any sense and towards any purpose.

The well-balanced and fully deployed Kundalini energy gives you inspiration, health, discernment, courage, supreme intelligence, trust, enlightenment, energy, creativity and hope among many other virtues. To do this, many techniques can be used to wake it up, but maximum caution: let's talk first about the dangers that forcing things can cause or precipitate.

Dangers of an early or forced awakening

Those who wish to experience Kundalini awakening should first cleanse their physical, mental and emotional bodies, or else, any blockages that may be in any of them can result in emotional or physical complications, even psychiatric.

Its proponents claim that the energy released can become prodigious, but that it is also likely that the energy will hurt those who are emotionally unstable, those who harbor fears or those who are weakened by disease or malnutrition.

One of the problems when trying to force it is that we are simply not able to handle the eruption of such an energy impact inside us and it carries certain dangers. To force the awakening of Kundalini energy is to risk that. 

How to wake up the Kundalini? Exercises and tips

With all the above, it is clear that mastering the Kundalini is an internal journey that transforms our relationship with ourselves, with others, with life in all its depth. This unusual initiation was the most revealing experience of great sages and teachers in the East.

Like all energy, Kundalini can wake up, but ideally, for beginners above all, what's best is to not force his awakening but to tame him. Awareness of that Mother energy that lies asleep in us. For this, we have some tools:

1.  Karma yoga

Its purpose, in this case, would be to part with the ego. There is also Kundalini yoga, which allows excellent dialogue with the body. One enters into communication with every corner and crack of his being, sometimes powerfully or, on the contrary, in a very subtle way. This practice will set in motion all our energies and our blockages.

2. Guidance

Have a spiritual guide, teacher, or mentor to help you be aware of your own power and to whom you can consult each of the new discoveries you experience on this path of awakening and spiritual growth.

3. Diet

Purity is achieved through a healthy body and therefore a healthy diet. Rid of all impurities, your body breathes and energy flows more freely. Don't forget it.

4. Mind control is positive thinking

Put your subconscious on your side to begin this purifying change. To do this, feed every part of your conscious mind with vital experiences that are aligned with your purpose. And in all of it, don't forget that a positive view of things multiplies their effects exponentially.

5. Asanas y pranayama

Performing a sequence of pranayama yoga asanas can help you manage the fluctuation of your prana while your mind becomes aware of the effects of energy on your physical body.  Take this technique as a great integrator of your kundalini awakening.

6. Meditation

Initiation to meditation is one of the bridges that leads the fire serpent to its awakening. In fact, it allows the body to fully recover its energy to be healthy, to be completely healthy and finally fulfill its mission of life. Meditation allows your inner self to reach communication with your higher self, all from the hand of the longed-for spiritual awakening and an increase in your level of consciousness.