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The Best Ladies' Christmas Presents by Zodiac Sign

Follow our advice and suggestions for ladies' Christmas presents... and you'll get it right!

With the arrival of Christmas comes one of the year's biggest issues:  choosing what to get for our friends and family, or our partner, and what's even more important... Not messing up! The date to open our presents keeps coming nearer, and no matter how much you think, you just can't find the perfect present for that person. For many of us, it can be a living nightmare.

What's important when getting someone special a gift is not only looking good to their eyes; it should be original and sensible. Perhaps you should start considering what the best ladies' Christmas presents by zodiac sign are.

The best ladies' Christmas presents by zodiac sign

In order to get the right presents, first and foremost, you need to think about what that person's like, to make that present useful for them. In order to do that, it has to fit their personality well. Zodiac sign can define someone's traits, and that might be the key to avoid having to spend hours on end trying to find the perfect gift.

Their zodiac sign can tell you about that person's dreams, passions, pet peeves and hobbies, and it is quite a useful source of support when having to choose what you'll get them. Don't think twice, and choose the best ladies' Christmas presents by zodiac sign.

Ladies' Christmas present ideas by zodiac sign

There's no doubt that if you have to get a present for a lady, you've got a massive task before you because ladies can be quite whimsical. You won't do enough if you buy the first thing you can think of. You'll have to spend hours thinking and searching... unless you read this article and find great ladies' Christmas present ideas by zodiac sign.

aries logoAries' present ideas

Attention! If you need to get an Aries a present, forget about your classic perfumes and clothing, or at least, gear those presents in the direction of their specific personality traits. Aries hates conventional, common gifts. You're standing before someone impulsive, modern and very ambitious, and it won't be easy to surprise them. However, the zodiac sign can offer highly important information to get it right and make one of the horoscope's most positive and lively signs crazy and enthusiastic.

If you're getting them classic perfumes and clothing, make sure they're on-trend and that they have a daring, sensual aura about them. Aries is highly sexual, so dare to go for edgy, sexy clothing, or young, wild and free perfumes. Besides, Aries is very dynamic and loves activity and sports. How about something original like an extreme sports session that makes their adrenaline skyrocket? If you want something a little more romantic,  surprise Aries ladies with a classic, elegant bottle of wine, or some aphrodisiac chocolates.

taurus logoTaurus' present ideas

Taurus is a sensitive, yet conservative sign.  Because they were born under the earth element, any daring gift might turn out to be uncomfortable, and even though they'll accept it with a smile, deep inside they'll be disappointed and they just won't use it. If you want to get it right, Taurus' present ideas have to connect to basic issues that awaken their senses at the same time. If you can mix imagination, sensory stimulation, and conventionalism, you might find the perfect gift.

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For instance,  how about a set of scented candles, perfume, and incense so that Taurus can give their home a comfier, cozier vibe? There's no doubt that Taurus is one of the biggest food lovers in the horoscope, and that might be another key. A wine-tasting session or a luxury restaurant taste test, a romantic dinner if they're your partner, those might be perfect ideas. Other choices? A massage, a spa day, elegant jewellery or a musical instrument.

gemini logoGemini's present ideas

Gemini is like a child, and has a highly developed mind as well; they need constant stimuli and challenges to test them. If you take that into account, you can find the perfect gift for a Gemini lady. Giving them something that's too common might make them bored and passive, but it doesn't have to be too elegant or excessively deep either. You're standing before a wild, playful, active sign, so games and activities are some of their preferences.

If you'd like to know about the best ladies' Christmas presents and you've got a Gemini,  think about a nice, flashy and colourful notebook  where they can jot down their thoughts, write down their ideas or draw around. Gemini is a highly creative sign! A painting or drawing kit might be a great hit. For something even more original, give them a surprise party with their best friends, because Gemini is highly sociable. You could also get them an original, quirky dress. 

cancer logoCancer's present ideas

If you're wondering about the best ladies' Christmas presents for Cancer, you need to consider their three main traits: they're highly emotional, very close to home, and love staying in. That means you should avoid getting them expensive, sophisticated gifts that don't really express anything or gifts connected to daring activities, sports or experiences. The closer you get to their heart from a simple point of view, the better.

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A frame with a few of those emotional pictures that make them remember what they've lived so far will touch their soul in a very special way. Don't forget that you should include a hand-written heartfelt message in their gift. Finding out about their favorite movie or singer will definitely be a hit, and you'll get it right the first time with their present. A loving puppy is a risky, but probably eventually perfect gift.

leo logoLeo's present ideas

Any mess you might make by getting a Leo lady a present could be seen as an attack on their grand ego. Then, when she's okay, they'll thank you for your generosity, but it won't be able to be changed anyway. To avoid that, if you're wondering about the best ladies' Christmas present for a Leo, you need to think about someone who's very flirty, extravagant and cheerful. Any present you get them should stand out for their originality; Leo loves being different, not just anyone else.

Leo ladies love luxury,  and it won't be a bad idea at all to think about a jewel as one of her favorite gifts. However, you should aim for necklaces and earrings, and make sure that they have a big, shiny, flashy stone. The same thing goes for clothing: Leo ladies love lingerie and refined dresses. If you're going for clothes, red is your best bet. A trip to a charming city or a nice decorative item, such as a vase or sculpture, will be perfect.

virgo logoVirgo's present ideas

Their apparent coldness and occasional distance actually hide a very generous sign that will be thankful for any small thought. If you need to get a Virgo lady a present, don't worry; they're not preposterous or ambitious at all. Don't mistake their obsession with perfection for demands, because when it comes to exchanging gifts, they're highly understanding. If you want to get it right, you should remember that they are shy, conventional, organized, methodical and hard-working.

That's why the best Christmas presents for a Virgo lady could be some electronic devices that help her get organized and plan things around, such as a tablet. Virgo is very active and can't sit still, so it might be good to get them some sportswear. At the same time, they need to relax because they're always nervous. How about a spa weekend, a yoga retreat, or a book for meditation beginners? Virgo is also very homely; they'll love anything that they can take home.


libra logoLibra's present ideas

If you have to get a Libra lady a present this Christmas, you'll probably get it right, because they're very optimistic and understanding. However, touching their soul is harder than it seems, and you need to know them well if you want to get it done. Libra is balanced, with strong values and a high sense of justice. They're also erotic, sensitive and elegant; they love distinction and fine taste without needing too much luxury. Knowing their literary, movie or musical tastes will be a must if you want to win their heart over.

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If you're wondering about the best Christmas present for a Libra lady, you should know  they love culture, so a CD, a book or movie will be perfect. If you want to keep it original, then you could get them a theatre, opera or classical music concert ticket. You could also get them a book because they're intellectual. Design is another of their weaknesses, so you can give them a painting, a home decoration item or a custom design jewelry piece.

scorpio logoScorpio's present ideas

If you're more or less acquainted with how the horoscope works and you have to get a Scorpio lady a gift this Christmas, your legs might start shaking. You're standing before the most mysterious sign of the horoscope, and getting into their soul and finding out about their needs and passions is quite a complicated endeavor. But relax; nothing too serious here. If you know Scorpios a little better, you'll see it's not that hard to get something that makes them break their shell and thank you in the most honest and humble way.

Try to find out whether they like reading; a good thriller will be perfect. As they were born under the water element, they'll feel at home if you get them a spa invitation and allow them to relax in the water. As a mysterious sign, you might get it right with esoteric gifts, such as an astral chart or even a telescope to gaze into the stars. Attention, because Scorpio is highly sexual. Some wine, aphrodisiac food, sex toys, and sexy lingerie might stimulate their imagination. The perfect gift.

sagittarius logoSagittarius' present ideas

If you're wondering about the best ladies' Christmas present for a Sagittarius, don't panic. You're standing before the horoscope's most optimistic sign, and they're not materialistic at all. Anything will be good, but especially anything that boosts their free, active, natural and spiritual personality. To get a Sagittarius lady the perfect gift you don't have to be overly complicated, traditional or flirty. Keep it modern, original and simple. Don't forget they were born under a fire sign!

A quite original gift now that the holidays are coming is a lottery ticket. Sagittarius is the luckiest sign. But if you want something a little more intimate and personal, then get them a trip into nature or a trekking kit. They'll love it! If you have some extra money to spend, you can get them a nice camera to capture their experiences. Sagittarius is a great reader, so you can try out your luck with a philosophy book. When it comes to clothing, don't forget this is a fresh, youthful lady. Dare to bet on modern designs. 

capricorn logoCapricorn's present ideas

Knowing the essence of a Capricorn lady is a must if you want to get the right present, but this is a reserved lady that won't complain about your gift. To get the best Christmas present for a Capricorn lady, remember that this is a highly conservative sign, obsessed with work. She's the best employee in the horoscope because her life entirely revolves around effort. They hate wasting money, and they're big fans of useful presents.

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You should consider that Capricorn loves the calmness and warmth of home, so you can try out your luck with a beautiful wall clock or a nice scented candle set to give their home an extra touch. If you're thinking about something even more practical, then a planner is perfect; if you want to make it original, get them a cup set or a nice thermo cup to have coffee at work. If they love reading, then go for a self-help book to stimulate their imagination. A coat for the cold days, a hat and gloves will make them much more excited than expensive perfumes and bold dresses. 

aquarius logoAquarius' present ideas

If you need to get an Aquarius lady a present, don't forget they were born under the air element, so they're really smart. Besides, they have a tolerant, selfless, committed, unconventional mind. That's why they don't like typical gifts or those which are beautiful but meaningless. For Aquarius, a nice present needs to be useful too. It's also one of the most innovative, modern signs, so fashion could be a great bet when trying to surprise them.

If you're wondering about the best Christmas gift for an Aquarius lady, you should think about an edgy, ground-breaking clothing piece. For a sensitive, fully human lady whose best gift is friendship, you'll just have to get them something handmade full of creativity and add some heartfelt thoughts. Don't forget that Aquarius ladies are passionate, and you'll steal their heart with any gift that appeals to their hedonistic side: some bath salts, artsy objects, special music, a romantic novel, Christmas decorations... 

pisces logoPisces' present ideas

If you want to surprise a Pisces lady, it's easy: they're the least materialistic. They love friendship, company, and affection, and for Pisces ladies, the present won't be as important as your time together. However, if you explore the depths of the Piscean soul, you've got better chances to get it right and leave them speechless through a wonderful gift. To do that, consider that Pisces is the sign of fantasy, abstraction and magic, a very powerful, introspective, emotional being.

A giant picture or a photo album with your best experiences together will be the perfect thought  that will make them feel closer than ever, and that makes them happy. Something that helps them go deeper into their spiritual side will be a great help:  try an Eastern sculpture, candles, incense,  and  other esoteric items. An original gift is a Tarot card deck and a book to learn how to use them. Don't forget that Pisces has a childish, affectionate soul! A plush toy, a flower bouquet or a funny hat might be a simple yet effective present.