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Laurel: Benefits of this Magic Plant

Find out the effects of bay leaves, the magical sacred plant of the gods

Bay laurel
Laurel is an ancestral and sacred leaf with magical and medicinal properties.


This plant traditionally used to flavour dishes is also a powerful source of medicinal and magical properties. Discover below the sacred dimension and the purification and protection benefits of the plant with which Caesar was crowned after a conquest or with which Jesus entered Jerusalem.


Laurel, a magical sacred leaf

The triumphal crown with which people was able to distinguish the Roman Caesar when he entered a conquered city triumphantly was made of  laurel because it was considered a sacred plant that gave clairvoyance to know beforehand what was best for the people. Laurel is still used today to crown athletes and students.

From ancient times to the present day, Laurus nobilis is among the leaves that are most revered for its magical powers and its beneficial properties for the mind and body. In ancient times, the priestesses of the temple of Apollo chewed their leaves to enter a trance state and benefit from their powers.

The laurel tree is a shrub native to the Mediterranean area that measures between 5 and 10 meters high and is recognizable by the sturdy and gray stem from which emanate oval-shaped leaves and bluish-green colour with strong aromatic potential. The bay leaf is used as a culinary condiment, although it also produces a yellowish flower.

Laurel is a perennial plant very resistant to external conditions. For example, it does not require a particularly rich substrate. The main enemies of laurel are frost and parasites such as mealybugs or aphids.

Properties of laurel as a magical plant

In addition to representing triumph and excellence, laurel often accompanies athletes and students to strengthen their capabilities. When we talk about the magical properties of laurel, we have to refer to one of the plants of protection and purification par excellence, which is often used in rituals and spells of white magic.

1. Sacred plant

Since ancient times, all the great civilizations have given laurel a divine nature: it was not only the leaf of the Apollo worshippers, but it served the druids and shamans to come into contact with the divinities in animistic beliefs and was later adopted as a plant connecting with the spirits.

Even the Judeo-Christian tradition, collecting the inheritance of the Greeks and Romans, attributed bay leaves sacred properties: it is the leaf that during Easter, on Palm Sunday, is present during the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. The leaf is blessed and kept at home for protection and prosperity.

2. Purification and protection

Laurel is ancestrally a plant of purification and protection the leaves of which are usually placed at the entrance of houses to avoid curses and promote the entry of happiness and prosperity in the home. Either for our body and for our homes and the environment, it is a plant of cleaning and disinfection.

The magical properties of the bay leaf multiply, although initially its power is linked especially to clairvoyance and protection. It used to be present in every house to scare away evil spirits, and was also part of protection rituals to counteract an evil eye.

Moreover, it is a very suitable plant for renovation. That is why it is usually a magical resource to encourage periods of transition and change, and claim the contest of good luck in a new venture. It is also often used for rituals and money spells, to request the entry of wealth and fortune into the home.

3. Clairvoyance and oracle

The sacred properties of this plant mean that since long ago it has been used as a means to connect with divinities and spirits, as a gateway to the hereafter and as an oracle to consult the future and claim clairvoyance.

In ancient times,  laurel was considered the plant of the gods and was linked to the sun and vital energy. It was one of the plants most used by priestesses in the Delphi oracle, a place of consultation of the future and connection with the ancient Greek gods located in the sanctuary at the foot of Mount Parnassus.

Normally, the priestesses, at the service of the great pythoness, used to chew this leaf or inhale the steam of boiled potions to enter into a trance state and facilitate access to another dimension. Today it is still a very useful tool for seers and pythonesses and is used in rituals and spells also for clairvoyance.   

4. Health benefits

In addition to its magical properties,  laurel is a plant with recognized benefits for the body. At a mental level, laurel favours relaxation and the reduction of stress and is very useful to complement psychological therapies against depression, sadness and discouragement. Laurel frees the mind and promotes renewal and optimism.

Bay leaves contain minerals, proteins, and vitamins such as iron and B12 and C vitamins. It is a powerful disinfectant, both lice and germs and viruses, and above all, is used to fight respiratory infections.

Laurel has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, so it is a remedy against arthritis and to facilitate the mobility of older people. It is also known for its diuretic property: it favours the elimination of liquids and promotes blood circulation, making it very suitable for cardiovascular conditions.

Among its properties outstands its healing component, and also its benefits for digestion. It is important not to confuse this plant with English laurel or cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus), a toxic leaf the ingestion of which can be fatal.

Magical and health uses

We have already seen how the priestesses of antiquity chewed and inhaled laurel to enter a trance. Today these uses have been displaced by the use of laurel in spells and rituals, or to take advantage of its benefits in the following ways.

1. Bay leaf tea

Dried bay leaves lose their properties, so it is always best to use fresh ones. Two or three bay leaves per cup of water is the recommended dose. Boil the water and then add the leaves. Cover the container and wait ten minutes before straining and obtaining the final tea.

This infusion is ideal for stimulating the digestive system, improving mood and relieving joint pain or relieving symptoms of a respiratory infection.

2. Laurel oil

Did you know that in addition to all the benefits outlined above, laurel is a precious asset to aesthetics and beauty? Pay attention to the process of obtaining laurel oil.

It is preferable that the bay leaves are fresh and clean. Put 30 grams of bay leaves in a jar and cover with oil. Let it macerate for about two weeks in a dark place, remembering to shake it every day or every two days. After two weeks, strain the preparation and add new leaves to reinforce the aroma.

3. Laurel incense

One of the great benefits of laurel is at the mental level. To harness the power of laurel for mood or its magical uses, incense is the most convenient. One of the great uses of laurel is the burning of its leaf, as the smoke it releases is purifying and has great effects on the environment and the person.

For the burning of bay leaves, it is enough to burn the leaf on a canister or burner and let the smoke spread throughout the room: don't inhale directly, but allow smoke to enter the body. Soon you will notice its relaxing effects, very suitable for inducing meditation or reducing stress and migraines.

Rituals and spells with bay leaves

Rituals and spells with laurel are often used, above all, to claim good luck and wealth, and request protection and cleanliness. These are the most effective rituals and spells for benefiting from laurel.

Laurel spell to attract money

The best ritual to attract money is with laurel and sugar. To do this, light instant ignition charcoal and slowly burn the bay leaves in a suitable container. If you add the sugar while burning, a caramelized substance will be left as a base. In the meantime, repeat a prayer claiming wealth.

When you have finished and the ash is cold, repeat the prayers and scatter the ashes. You can store burned bay ashes in an envelope to preserve the power released in the ritual, while you think of the wishes for good luck and wealth.

Bay laurel spell for protection

Try this ritual with salt, water, and laurel to scare away the evil spirits of your home and protect your environment. Simply tie the laurel branches with linen thread or a black ribbon. Prepare a bowl of water and add salt. On a prepared altar, bless the water with the salt by praying for the forces of the divinities.

Introduce the laurel into the saltwater as you visualize your desires and claim that the evil spirits and negative energies disappear. Sprinkle the room while you say prayers claiming the positive energies.