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13 Leo Celebrities

Find out which celebrities are from this sign and how the horoscope affects their career

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe | GTRES

According to astrology, those born under the sign of Leo like being the center of attention; something that is logic, because their ruling planet is the Sun, around which the universe of our system revolves. Active and extroverted, we can find celebrities of this fixed and masculine sign in a lot of areas of our life.

So, let's see which celebrities were born under the sign of Leo and what characteristics do they have in their personality.

Así pues, conozcamos unos cuantos Leo destacados y qué características de este signo tienen en su personalidad.

13 Leo Celebrities

Let's start with the list!

Antonio Banderas

A man who is born under the Leo sign is a gentleman and knows how to perfectly combine charm and power.  Although the stars also say about their personality that they aren't good psychologists and sometimes they have problems to understand the human reactions, mainly feminine. Doesn't this seem a perfect description of Antonio Banderas, the native of Málaga, actor, and director that has not only conquered Hollywood but the whole world?

Sandra Bullock

The first woman in this list of 13 celebrities that are from the Leo sign is Sandra Bullock, an actress who stands out for being generous, and because she always seeks to please the people she loves. Contrary to what one might think at first glance, she has a great moral sense and knows what is right and good. Why don't you put on a movie starring her, like the prize-winning 'Gravity'?

Mick Jagger

His Satanic Majesty, according to what his horoscope Leo says about him, has a good opinion of himself and he might be a little proud of the criticism he receives. The leader of the Rolling Stones is brave and honest, he respects the weak and doesn't hesitate in defending himself.

Jennifer López

It is often said that the Leo woman seeks satisfaction and pleasure without asking many questions and that she possesses a powerful sensuality, that attracts attention and admiration, and that she has a great magnetism, with which she can make the most demanding man happy. Does this astral description fit with the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez?

Ben Affleck

Actor, director, and screenwriter who curiously was the partner of the Leo woman who precedes him, and who he shared a movie with. Astrology says that he has a good opinion of himself, although this same thing can sometimes make him annoying. He tries to do well, he's demanding, and this also works against him because he can get depressed in case of defeat.


Nobody doubts that Madonna, the queen of pop, seeks recognition and congratulations, which drives her to excel and be the best; in fact, few stars have as many success in different decades as her. According to her horoscope, she is attracted to beauty, follows fashion closely and likes to show off.  And no one can doubt this is true, right?

Barack Obama

No one can doubt that this Leo (the first politician of these 13 Leo celebrities) is endowed with natural authority and manages to lead his troops without being too tyrannical. His horoscope points out that Obama is also a great dreamer and an idealist who wants to achieve great things to make the world a better place.

Audrey Tautou

For the Leo woman the sense of family and unity is essential, and for Audrey Tautou, the sentimental and friendly bonds are frankly important. Surely you remember this French actress, spoon in hand, in the hit movie 'Amelie'.

Daniel Radcliffe

This actor, who has been involved in numerous films as the magician Harry Potter, can be said to be brave, generous and fair according to his zodiac sign. He respects the weakest and could never hurt a fly, although he has many difficulties to question himself, as well as to see the world through other eyes that are not his own.

Matt LeBlanc

Do you remember him as Joey from "Friends"? You surely do. Matt, according to what his Leo sign says about him, likes simple, kind personalities without a hidden face.  Sometimes he can be emotionally immature, but in reality, what happens is that he is a shy person who doesn't always know how to behave.

Fernando Alonso

Spanish star of the Formula One, Fernando Alonso is also a native of Leo. The stars say that he likes personalities that go head-on, that they don't have vices, and he does not admit pettiness.  Although he has a strong and solid personality, he can be quite shy as well.

Bill Clinton

It is said that the Leo man acts like a child with a new  video game  with women: impatient, eager to do well, but not always with many talents. A description that fits with who was President of the United States, the same who committed infidelity that was made public.

Melanie Griffith

The actress Melanie Griffith, also daughter and mother of actresses, closes this list of 13 Leo celebrities. A clear example that the spirit of independence of the Leo woman is highly developed, and that she likes to find balance and measure compliments.

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