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Light Beings: How to Contact Your Spiritual Guide

Discover what light beings are and how to detect their presence

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Light Beings: How to Contact Your Spiritual Guide | iSTOCK
Sometimes in life we ​​feel lost or misplaced, and many times we feel a presence that helps us to get ahead, to find the best way, even though we are unaware of the origin of this  spirit. We speak of light beings, or of a spiritual guide that allows us to advance in our journey through life.

Who are the light beings? The spiritual guides.

Spiritual Guides are light beings of love, spirits that have already incarnated on earth or in other dimensional worlds. Often, the human being gives them the name of guardian angel in Christianity, while in the New Age religions the concept of light beings is used more; Some even say that it is an ancestor of that who takes care of us.

For Native Americans or other ethnic groups, the question of what are light beings is answered by the Spirits of Nature, or those that inhabit the elements, in every animal or living being. In popular folklore we have interpreted that the light beings of the Earth are the gnomes or the elves. The light beings that govern the Water are the Ondinas, the Fairies are those of the Spirit of the Air, the Salamandra is the Spirit of the Fire, and the Spirits that live in animals and plants or any other form of life are called the Great Souls, since in each animal, there hides a shaman who has lived and conversed with the great spirits.

For Buddhists, light beings are spiritual guides who support Buddha in his search for wisdom.

How to communicate with your light being

When you want your Light Being to communicate with you, first you must look for a quiet place, believe in yourself, because if you do not do it, you will not believe in your Light Being either. If you are not used to hearing your conscience, you will never be able to contact beings of light.

It is also necessary that you mark from the first moment the difference between your Light Being and your Being of Darkness, or what is the same, the good and the bad voice that guides us through life, when making decisions.

Consciously (although sometimes not) you know what is good for you, your instinct shouts it to you, but until now perhaps you have never asked yourself about that voice that arose within you. These are spiritual guides or beings of light, and if you listen to it, it could change your destiny. It is the same entity that awakens your irrational fear to go to certain places, or that awaken pain in your heart when someone has to leave.

So, to contact your light being, follow these steps:

1) Choose a quiet place that is for you an enclave of security and serenity.

2) Relax your body, get rid of your negative emotions, calm all emotions, clear your thoughts and your mind, be neutral.

3) Leave room for your soul and your inner peace, and call your Light Being, no matter what name you give it. Before we explained that many consider that their being of light is an ancestor, since there are people who are beings of light (or beings of human light). Maybe one day he will reveal his name.

4) Imagine that you can feel or see the souls of everyone in your life.

5)  Make yourself an image of your Light Being as you want it to be shown to you.

6) Call it, meditate, take the time to concentrate on yourself. Let him know that it is important to you, that you need his protection and his spiritual guidance. In this sense, you can use spiritual practices of Asian origin such as Reiki.

7) Whatever the result of this meditation, thank your being for being there for you.

You must wait to repeat the experience, although with constancy you will be able to demonstrate your receptivity and belief in the presence of light beings and spiritual guides. You should know that the Light Beings are full of love and understanding and never interfere with anything that is not your own will and will come when you consider that you are ready to welcome them.

Signs that the light beings are trying to contact you

Sometimes your spiritual guide, your being of light, whispers a word or invokes a thought or an idea, but sometimes it is harder to notice its presence.  Pay attention to the things that are repeated and the synchronicities that you can witness. It is your guide who is trying desperately to contact you.

Light beings can contact you in many ways, although first you have to believe in them, and secondly, observe them. The incredible transformations of life occur when we learn to see and use the messages that guides give us in everyday life:

  • Through orbs. Surely you have taken a picture and orbs have appeared, spheres in the image, sometimes coloured ones, or in other forms. They are messages from your spiritual guides; they are close to you, to make sure you are not alone.
  • Special odours. They arrive in strange moments, a smell of childhood, or the smell of flowers while you are driving. Your spiritual guide seduces you to attract your attention.
  • Coins. How many times have you found a coin in an unusual place, taking a walk in a strange place, or even inside your house? Light beings can leave these pieces to cheer you up, especially if it is a day when you are sad or depressed. They can also leave other items like white feathers.
  • The vision of a rainbow. Since the time of Noah, this phenomenon is a sign of love, care, support and protection for those who are above us.
  • Dreams. The spiritual world and the beings of light like to use the dream state to transmit messages; in fact, it is one of their favourite tools because they can create limitless fantastic scenarios.
  • The contact. In moments of sadness or despair, the beings of light will touch you lightly. You may even notice that they pull you back from risky situations, or they will cause a chill down your spine.
  • Words. Light beings can use written material to convey a message (remember that there are people who are beings of light, or beings of human light). Have you ever read a poem that made you cry? Words are powerful, they are the greatest source of communication. The same can be extended to music, which has the ability to quickly reach the heart: your spiritual guide will speak to you through songs from your past, or words you have never heard before.