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What Literary Character Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign

12 unique zodiac signs, 12 different personalities for 12 memorable literary characters

The history of literature has resulted in the creation of the widest variety of characters that reflect the most recondite corners of the human soul, as well as its complexity and diversity. Through the significant figures of literature, we can find out profiles that match the personalities that the influence of the planets sets.

What Literary Character Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign

Let's open the pages of the most thrilling literary works, revisiting the great universal classics and find out what literary character represents every soul in the zodiac profiles.

aries logoARIES: ULYSSES

When Homer wrote the mother of all works of universal literature, the Odyssey, he unconsciously sculpted in his heroic character, Ulysses, the qualities of the impetuous Aries. This remarkable combination of strength and sagacity makes the character the literary representation of the ardent soul of an Aries. The intense and visceral nature of Aries could well infuse the literary character of Ulysses as he enters the palace after his return to Ithaca and kills one by one the suitors of Penelope, his wife. He's courageous and brave, a penchant for action and adventure, and has the stoic mentality of never giving up until victory. Who else but an Aries would tie himself to the mast of his sailboat while listening to the seductive voices of the mermaids? That's why Ulysses is your literary character if you're an Aries.

taurus logoTAURUS: FAUST

We don't know in which month Johan Georg Faust was born, but the character who gave him eternal life in literature, Goethe's Faust, might have been born under the sign of Taurus. The planet that governs pleasure, joy, and satisfaction is also the one that gives those born under this sign the quality of pragmatism. And so is Dr. Faust and what the genius of the German literature, Goethe, wanted to convey in his work: constrained by the limitations of the real world, Faust sells his soul to the devil in exchange for boundless knowledge and worldly pleasures. Like all Taurus, the protagonist is a lover, has a good life and is an intellectual with enormous sensitivity. The reason why he does not resist the temptation of the pact with the devil is that of his pragmatism and an unstoppable need for freedom. That makes Faust the literary character according to your zodiac sign that best represents Taurus.


Dualism is one of the topics that has most interested thinkers throughout history, although Robert L. Stevenson was the one who best represented it in the written field. His Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has reached every corner and continues to be a fundamental work of literature, for the success in the development of two personalities within the same character. The brilliant and lucid mind that characterizes the intellect of the Gemini coincides with Dr. Jekyll, a genius who manages to invent a beverage to unfold his personality. Beyond the duality of good and evil that Stevenson wanted to portray, we can see in his character the shape of what a Gemini represents in the zodiac: the duality of the mind and its contradictory character.


Cancer personifies, as one of the most emotional symbols of the zodiac, the most complex soul that an author has ever managed to capture in a character: Anna Karenina. No other character in literature captures the emotional ups and downs to which the tormented spirit of Count Karenin's wife is subjected. Besides, her struggle to deal with those feelings and her psychological and personal evolution (apart from the tragic ending) coincides with the depth and maturity that can reach a Cancer. Even though crabs seem strong on the outside, inside they have a tender and suffering personality, just like Anna. Also, Cancer is endowed with the gift of maternal love and family. Can you think of a better character for representing the personality of a Cancer?


One of the literary characters who has fascinated successive generations of writers with their complexity is Nikolai Stavroguin, the romantic hero of Demons. Dostoevsky portrayed in him a Russian aristocrat who returns to his motherland after several years abroad, where he collects liberal and revolutionary ideas that threaten to break with Russian tradition. Like all those who are Leo, Stavroguin is a fascinating character: with dazzling beauty, he is admired by everyone who approaches him. His magnetism is inevitable: "Will I not kiss his footprints when he leaves? I cannot tear you out of my heart, Stavroguin!". He also shares with the Leo sign his capricious and selfish character.

virgo logoVIRGO: OTHELLO

Few writers like Shakespeare have such a wide range of characters, showing his deep knowledge of the human soul. This is how the character of Othello appeared, representing how far an obsessive mind can get. Like all of Shakespeare's plays, Othello's story ends with a tragedy. After Yago, his former ensign poisons his mind about the supposed infidelities of his beloved Desdemona, this brave soldier develops an obsessive-compulsive disorder that leads to a dramatic outcome. However, like the Virgo sign, Othello is a character with great courage, firm principles and a great sense of justice. That's why when, after killing his wife, he realizes his terrible mistake and commits suicide.


The Picture of Dorian Gray has a tragic ending which is very common in romantic literature. Its protagonist, Dorian Gray, was created by Oscar Wilde. He portrays the wonder of art, the timelessness of esthetics and the superiority of beauty over everything else. Libra is equilibrium and perfection, justice and intelligence, but above all, it's the portrayal of beauty. Dorian Gray is afraid that his beauty may fade away with time and so he decides to immortalize it on a portrait. But passion and excess finally affect him. Somehow his romantic spirit which was guided by the ideal of beauty and his attractive appearance coincide with the traits of the graceful and classy Libra.


Scorpio is the sign that represents the mystery and enigma in the zodiac, and which also possesses a fabulous talent for investigation, so we could only match Sherlock Holmes with Scorpio. In 1887, Arthur Conan Doyle managed to create one of the most popular characters in detective literature. This British detective has all the qualities of a good Scorpio: great intelligence, fine observation, an innate intuitive sense, and a mind with an excellent capacity for deduction. His analysis method and his facility to solve crimes through deduction of the evidence make him the perfect Scorpio. He is persistent but vulnerable to his environment's influence.


The adventurous spirit, the personification of optimism and the action impulse are reflected, as in the Sagittarius soul, in the character created by Mark Twain. In his literature full of adventure he built one of the most loved characters, Tom Sawyer. He was born in a rough and grey environment but he decides to escape from it and pursue happiness by his own means. The treasure hunt along with his friend Huckleberry Finn or the exploration of a cave with his beloved Rebecca show his adventurous soul. Even though he is expected to become a lawyer he finally decides to create his own gang of outlaws. This fact sums up Tom Sawyer's intrepid nature, who was certainly a Sagittarius.


Gregor Samsa is one of the weirdest characters of universal literature, and he's the perfect profile for a Capricorn: he is a self-sacrificing worker who lives a stable and excessively boring life. Even though his creator, Franz Kafka, created him as a critique of the bourgeois society and social suffocation, this is an adequate environment for Capricorns, who are always used to succumb to work requirements without complaining. The absurdity to which Samsa's character is subjected when he becomes a beetle is a metaphor for the histrionic and solitary personality of Capricorns, who often prefer to be isolated even if they're misunderstood. They share a melancholic and sometimes even depressive personality.


Her appeal, her painstaking perseverance and her sense of freedom define the personality of Aquarius and one of the most admired characters in literature: Madame Bovary. Gustave Flaubert wanted to embody in the soul of Emma Bovary the fight against fate and individual freedom, the battle against social conventions and the courage to achieve happiness. Like the character, Aquarius is a sign that is sophisticated and sensitive, and whose sense of freedom may lead them to fight against all social conventions. Because neither Madame Bovary nor Aquarius assume the role of slavery, they don't like to follow the masses, and they prefer to express their talent and intelligence individually.


One of the most influential works in universal literature contains the most prominent character: Alonso Quijano, Sir Quixote of La Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes. And his spirit seems an exact literary materialization of the imaginative and idealistic soul of a Pisces. Cervantes wanted to oppose in his work two worlds that existed in his times: a visionary medieval spirit that would disappear (Alonso Quijano) and the realistic Renaissance soul that was about to come (Sancho Panza). In contrast to his squire's pragmatism, the incarnation of Pisces in Don Quixote is a fantasy mind, detached from reality, close to happiness and content. Imagination, the impetuous soul and the magic of emotions are the world that Cervantes wanted to preserve, that innocence that remains in every Pisces.