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Rituals to Attract Love: 5 Spells to Accomplish This

The best rituals to get that special person to love us.

Love is with us from the moment that  we are  born,  and it manifests itself in many ways. You don't love your child the same as you love your partner, a friend, or a coworker. However, each of these kinds of love is valid. 

In this article, we're going to focus on the second kind, the love that you feel for a partner, the one that accompanies us on our journey, that we meet at some point in our lives, and that we'll hopefully never want to let go of,  no matter how much time goes by. Do you want to uncover a ritual to attract this kind of love? We'll explain 5 of them so that you can choose the one that best adapts itself to your desires.

Rituals to Attract Love: 5 Spells to Accomplish This

So, help us with white magic and the flowing energies that surround us, we're going to break down 5 spells to attract love. These can be used both with the platonic love that you're head over heels for as well as that person that formed a part of your life, long ago, but that you parted ways with at a certain point in time.

1 Love binding, a Cuban Santeria classic

This ritual to attract love is one of the most popular; you need a picture of the individuals that you would like to unite in love, a couple of jasmine petals, two fennel seeds, holy water, a bag made of a red material with matching thread, incense, and two red candles.

At night, preferably when the moon is full, light the two candles and the incense in a dark room. Take the two pictures -this is easy to do these days thanks to cell phones and social networks- and put them face to face, tie them together with the string and tie three knots.

Concentrate and say this phrase of the ritual out loud "The 2 of us have the power to connect." Then, put the pictures and the petals in the sack together and close it. This should be buried in the garden at your home if you have one. Or, if you don't have a garden, it can be buried in a flower pot that should be located in a different room than the one where the conjuring was done. 

2 Love binding with candles

It goes without saying that candles possess a great magic that can both attract positive energies and ward off the evilest ones.

With candles, we can also carry out a love ritual very similar to the first. It consists of placing three white candles and one red one together and tying them together tightly with a strong cord, preferably made of a natural material such as -cotton, hemp...-. Between the candles, we'll place a paper with both our name and the name of the person that we long for written on it.

First, light the white candles, and then the red one, and let them burn out.  What is left should be thrown into a place where water flows.

3 Cinammon's power as an aphrodisiac

Once more, we're going to need a ribbon to carry out a love attraction ritual, and this time, cinnamon will be the protagonist. This spice is strongly associated with passion and is known to be an aphrodisiac. 

To do this, we should take three sticks of cinnamon; on one we'll write our name, and on the second, the name of the person that we want to love us.  On the third, we'll draw a heart and an infinity symbol. 

The sticks should be tied together with a red string, and we should keep this for a month in a place where it won't be exposed to air. This could be next to our underwear, or inside of a drawer, for example. After the 30 days are up, the cinnamon should be discarded, without untying it, of course.

4 A rose quartz luck charm

Rose quartz is a magical stone that has strong effects when it comes to love. If we want to use this mineral as a luck charm, we should acquire one and charge it with energy ourselves. 

To do this, we'll take the crystal in our right hand if this is the hand that we normally use or in the left if we're left-handed, and we'll focus all of our energy on it. You must visualize the person that you love, but you don't have to say there name out loud or anything of the sort.

To achieve a proper environment, you can burn a bit of clove, cinnamon, or violet incense to help you in your meditation. When you can feel the power within your being, you'll be able to transmit it to the rose quartz, and you'll feel its strength when your hand begins to vibrate gently.

You should carry this stone with you until you finally get together with this person that you're so passionate about.

5 A Valentine's Day offering

On February 14, Saint Valentine's Day is celebrated around the world, the patron saint of lovers whose commemoration has pagan roots, since this way of praising love and friendship was already celebrated in the Roman empire.

According to the tradition (one of many, since there are many stories about his life), Saint Valentine was a Roman doctor that became a priest, and that married soldiers even though this was highly forbidden. Valentine was discovered and paid with his life for having united so many couples before the eyes of God.

To summon Saint Valentine to attract the person of our dreams to us, we need to light two green candles and place a picture of each person at the foot of one of the candles. Or, if you don't have a picture, a paper with the names; these can also be engraved using a pin on the candle itself. To carry this out you'll also need a cross with wildflowers, this will be placed between the two flames.

Once this candle has burned out, wrap the left-over wax, photographs, and flowers, and put them in a wooden box that should be kept out of the reach of others. And with these last steps, we'll have finished our ritual to attract Saint Valentine's love.