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This is the best love spell

Find out when and how to perform a love spell using a red candle under a full moon.

How to cast the best love spell
You'll need a red candle if you want to cast the best love spells to get someone to fall in love with you.

From the beginning of time, humanity has cast love spells and performed rites to make their loved ones stay by their side. Callings upon the gods or Mother Nature to bring love alive, stir and shake the deepest of desires.

In mythology, we can already see names such as Venus, Aphrodite, Cupid, Ares or Hathor; Roman, Latin or Egyptian gods and goddesses who were worshipped as the leaders of this feeling. In the same way, Christianity brought us the figure of Valentine, the saint who protects people in love.

Thus, we can see how, for thousands of years, religion or magic have been the chosen resources to force someone to fall in love, or if they're already in love, to stay that way for a long, long time.

Mages, wizards, and shamans used to know perfectly the ultimate expression of love, and they helped find the best energy-based route among all choices, to activate the true will of the desire's seeker -love spells. Because, just like faith, love moves mountains.

The best love spell

Although there are lots of experts to perform a love spell out there, anyone can cast simple love spells under the right circumstances and with the appropriate materials.

The place

Generally, any space could be good, except if the love spell requires something specific, for example, going into the woods or to a place with water. Our own house, for example, could be good.

It's especially recommended that the spell is cast a quiet space  where nothing and no one can disturb the peace.


Full Moon love spell

A full moon brings quite a powerful influence on love-related feelings. That's why rites for creating love relationships, for inspiring the birth and strengthening of love feelings, and love spells to specify a loving gathering under an honest feeling of love are usually performed during a waxing or full moon. 

The best day of the week

It seems unimportant, but the days of the week influence what we'll be doing. And the best day to carry out a love spell is Friday  because it's ruled by Venus, and therefore, it's a day for feelings and beauty, which makes it perfect to call upon love.

Friday is also connected to Norse goddess Frigg, wife of Odin, and goddess of the heavens, fertility, love, housekeeping, marriage, motherhood and the domestic arts.

The ingredients

This is just one of the simple love spells that you can find on Magic Horoscope. It'll be useful when your beloved doesn't know you love them yet, and you'll need the following items to carry it out:

  • A white envelope
  • A piece of red string
  • A red candle
  • 7 apple seeds
  • A toothpick
  • A bunch of matches

As you can see, these items for a red candle love spell are simple to get.  Among them, we can pinpoint the red candle, something that's quite usual in love spells because it is strongly linked to love and sex. Red is a colour associated with fire, success, courage, strength, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

How to cast the best love spell

As we've said before, it's important that the area where we cast the love spell is quiet, and no one should disturb us. To be in contact with the earth, it's quite convenient to take off our shoes and to remain barefoot during the entire calling.

Sit in front of a table and put all the aforementioned items in front of you, in the very same order, from left to right. Then, focus on the name of your beloved in the deepest of your heart, with your whole body and soul.

With the toothpick, write the name of that person on one side of the red candle, and the word 'love' on the other.

Light the candle with the matches and let it burn all the way through. Focus that person's face, essence, and voice onto the flame. Once it's all out, put the trace of wax and the seeds into the envelope, and seal it shut. Fold it a few times until it becomes a small parcel, a tiny pouch. Tie it up in the red string, and call out the following magic prayer three times:

“You and I are here. Where are you, my love? Come to my home, come to my heart."

Keep away among your belongings the magic parcel for a week, and then, bury it in the garden or a pot.

Easy, right? Still,  just because this full moon love spell is simple doesn't mean it's ineffective, and after a short period of time, you'll feel yourselves the great power it has. Let us remind you that love-calling white magic is harmless because all it does is gather round good star vibrations and it uses positive objects (like candles) to make sure the rites come to a true end. 

What if the love spell doesn't work?

While certain love spells can only be cast by knowledgeable people, like shamans or santeria wizards, this rite can be performed by anyone, even if they are unqualified.

That's why there's the risk, so to say, of the love spell not working, due to which we won't attract love the way we want. If this happens, don't worry, especially if it's the first time you're doing it.

It's most likely that you didn't do some of the stages right, that the conditions weren't the best, that you forgot a step, or that you didn't arrange the items in the right order for the love spell. Fortunately, it's not serious, and in any case, you should just repeat the best love spell from the top and follow each step carefully  for a second time.