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The M on your hand, what does it mean?

Discover what the future holds for you according to the lines of your hand

Hand reading is a way of predicting the future that has been used since time immemorial. Already in Chinese culture we find samples of palmistry, which appears for the first time in the Chinese book I Ching. The philosopher Aristotle believed much in the future of the hands, and Alexander the Great judged his military officers according to their lines. It's often said that many prophets have had this signal in the area that extends from the wrist to the fingers.

As an introduction, we must point out that within the palm we find four lines that are known as life, heart, head and destiny lines. Some experts, to these, add other complementary lines, such as the ring of Venus, the line of the Sun, the line of Mercury, the line of luck, the line of marriage, the line of children... 

If you are interested in everything about palm reading this is the best article for you.

What does the M on your hand mean?

Due to the way in which three of the main lines in your hands (the heart, the head and the life line) are joined, many people can discern in their palm a kind of letter M, to which magic powers are attributed to them, in addition to allowing the reading of data about our future and the way we are.

What hand do you have to read?

Before looking for the M on your hand, the first thing we have to know is precisely which of our hands must be used to read the future. According to certain traditions, women must be read their right hand, while the left hand is to read the destiny of men.

However, according to other sources, the left hand points to our past, while on the right we can read, with the right knowledge, what our future holds.

What does the M on my hand say about the way I am?

People whose hand lines form a letter M are usually special and particular people, with a great sense of intuition, and for many they are marked beings, children of a new spiritual era.

They are characterized by a great entrepreneur personality, without fear of challenges, and with a special gift or charisma when it comes to closing deals and businesses. In fact, there are masters of palmistry who indicate that those who have an M on their hand are predestined to success.

Good fortune and prosperity will be a constant in their professional lives, with an exquisite discipline and self-motivation worthy of applause.

Friends of the truth (and capable of detecting lies)

Despite having that special talent when undertaking entrepreneur adventures, people with the M on their hand don't achieve success through bad arts or deception. In fact,  they tend to be faithful, loyal, with great love for the truth.

Enemies of lies

Also, they have a special ability to detect when they are victims of a lie. They manage to detect it thanks to their intuition, and it's advisable not to deceive them since they  consider falsehood a maximum betrayal,  something practically impossible to forgive. Also, if you're going to play a game with a person with an M on their hand, try not to cheat, because they will also detect it and the game will be finished.

So, from now on, when you're going to lie, pay attention to the hands of whoever you want to trick, to save yourself future headaches.

The M doesn't mean fear

The M on your hand doesn't mean that you're afraid; in fact, it would be the opposite. Individuals with the letter M marked on the palm of their hand are usually very determined and courageous people.

They don't feel a special attachment for anything, which makes them leave their fears out, and be predisposed to change (especially if that change is to better, of course, but they also accept changes in which they don't benefit form them).

They have a very large level of adaptation, even mimicry; they may be the last to arrive at a company, for example, and soon have the skills and knowledge that others have needed years to acquire.

When dealing with problems, they tend to emerge triumphant, and they are rarely the victims in the story. Their spiritual potential allows them to control the power of being happy in this life and without the need of hurting others.

Are you a woman and you have an M on your hand?

If you are a woman and you have the M on your hand you should know something: your intuition is much more accurate than the one of other people, even men who have the same drawing as you. So, don't hesitate in taking advantage of this innate gift to get where you want.

Ideal jobs for people with the M on their hands

We have already mentioned that people with this mark have, so to speak, a blessing that makes them have a strong professional motivation and good fortune, which isn't at odds with determined discipline.

Paying attention to statistics, these individuals usually devote themselves to the legal field (lawyers, judges, prosecutors, notaries...) or to the political one. Within the business sphere, they are predestined to positions of top management and team leadership. In addition, they are usually excellent partners and allies to set up a business, of which they will have a clear and very peculiar vision.

It's not all advantages

People who have the thirteenth letter of the alphabet marked have an energy potential, but it's not all advantages. Their gift also serves as a magnet for undesirable people, opportunists or liars. But luckily, with intuition, they know how to separate the wheat from the chaff and keep only those who are really worthwhile in their lives.