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Merkaba: Discover the Mysticism of the Celestial Chariot

Learn all about this sacred field of energy, why it is sometimes also known as healing geometry and how to harness it to your benefit

Merkaba Crystal Healing con Young Man
Merkaba: Discover the Mysticism of the Celestial Chariot | iSTOCK

Merkaba (also known as Merkabá or Merkabah) is a field of situational energy located around the human body which is geometric and crystalline in nature. It is also identified as an element of sacred healing geometry, linked to the mysticism of the celestial chariot that moves God.

In this article, we will delve into the secrets hidden by this geometric form featured extensively in the Bible, and that is linked to the belief that each human has a biological liquid crystal in them. That is why each individual has a resonance or vibrational frequency of their own.

What is Merkaba: Definition

The word Merkaba is a term of Hebrew origin that means car and is one of the oldest words used by Kabbalists to designate the body of light used by beings made to rise above the earthly sphere.

Merkaba is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Ezekiel; thus, the Merkaba would be the celestial chariot of God, consisting of four wheels, and guided by four cherubs (an angel). Each cherub would have four wings, and also four faces: that of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle. Thus, the Merkaba would be this car of light or fire, a fluid light, ever-changing, unknown, and mysterious.

According to ancestral traditions, Merkaba is the visible form that the human body takes when its cells accelerate their rotation until they are able to dematerialize and rematerialize in another place determined by thought.

This term was retaken and its concept was reviewed by Drunvalo Melchizedek and the New Age movement, who use it today to designate the faculty of the human being to free themselves from materiality and travel in space-time based on the geometric and prismatic framework of the plane causal. 

Thus, it is not necessary for ships to travel to the stars, the human body can do it. The codes linked to Merkaba are stored in each part of your being, and represent the secret code for Ascension, understanding it as one of the peripheral results of quantum reintegration, (in the same way that clairvoyance is the consequence of energy alignment of the chakras). 

Merkabah is the indispensable tool for the stabilization of the energy of quantum reintegration. It allows to control the codes of the body and psycho-emotional levels.

Merkaba as sacred healing geometry

The Merkaba has a powerful power in sacred healing geometry, and it is a magic stone that can currently be found in any esoteric store, as well as through electronic stores. It is sold in pendants and all kinds of accessories.

In modern esoteric teachings, the Merkaba is presented as an interdimensional vehicle in an isometric form, composed of a three-star tetrahedra superimposed one on top of the other, but which when viewed looks as if it were only one.

Each of the three is composed of two simple tetrahedra,  one that points upwards and is masculine: tetrahedron sun; and another that points down and that is feminine: tetrahedron earth. 

In turn, each of the star tetrahedra has a classification and a direction of movement. The first turns clockwise and is feminine; the second turns against the clock pointers and is masculine. The third is neutral and does not rotate, it remains fixed.

Merkaba allows us to feel unconditional love, gives us and those around us healing and gives us the opportunity to create the harmonious reality we desire. The Merkaba can be programmed to do what you want (the only drawback is our own imagination or belief).

It is also a tool that can be used to transcend the dimensions of the known world. Currently, Merkabah's practices and studies are reborn and emerge worldwide, after so many years in which they had been stifled.

Merkaba as an energy field

After all of the above, we must add that Merkabah is also a field of crystalline energies that consists mainly of light. This field is generated by the rapid rotation of specific geometric shapes that simultaneously affect the body, soul and spirit.

It is a spiritual vehicle that can help people access new states of consciousness and experience other levels of reality by multiplying their life potential.

Merkabah's purpose is not only to allow us to one day reach the throne of God through his heavenly chariot, but also to become creators of our reality in the world.

The energy fields thus created from the sacred geometry of healing unfold around the different subtle bodies where they vibrate practically at the speed of light, but for most of us, these fields have slowed down or stopped due to their lack of use. Activating your Merkaba vehicle involves reactivating the latent electromagnetic fields that surround your physical body.

Upon reactivation, the Body of Light weaves its own Merkaba which is very similar to the structure of a galaxy. It is a wonderful energy vehicle that allows you to access in an instant, and with an apparent ease, all dimensional spheres.