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What type of mom are you if you're Aquarius

Let's find out what type of mom are you if you're Aquarians

Mother and daughter making a selfie
What type of mom are you if you're Aquarius. | The Magic Horoscope

At end-of-year parties and children's birthdays, Aquarian moms end up being the life of the party. This is undoubtedly one of the most eccentric, modern maternity profiles: Aquarian moms refuse to be traditional and they behave like the ultimate cool mom. Despite the fact that they're cold and shallow, they're the mom every single teen would love to have. Let's find out what type of mom are you if you're Aquarians.

What type of mom are you if you're Aquarius

The ruling principle of Aquarian moms is freedom, and that's the starting point for everything else. For you, children have the right to be wrong and that's the best way they can learn, and that's why you think that controlling their behaviour too much can limit them in the future. That's another of your essential traits: you're always thinking of their future, and all your sacrifice is focused so that they can eventually unfold themselves and behave like autonomous, self-reliant individuals.

That's why the connection between a child and an Aquarian mom is always special because it doesn't follow tradition. Let's see your qualities and the type of mom you are.

1. Education is the top priority

It's in your philosophy as an Aquarian mom to make sure that your children become autonomous individuals able to build their own future. Many people mistake your mom profile for that of someone who's shallow and indulgent, and that's not really the case. Even if you can be a bit too relaxed about certain issues, your devotion as a mother is focused on making sure they're well provided and giving them enough freedom to use what they have.

As such, you consider education to be the top priority for your darlings, the thing that will make them decent men and women, and which will give them enough knowledge to make important choices. That's why, among other things, it's much easier to see Aquarian moms teaching life lessons rather than bossing around.

What's most usual to see is Aquarian moms like you signing their children up to every single available extracurricular activity. Combining school time with activities such as music, languages or sports are, as far as you're concerned, essential to the build-up of their personality.

2. Rather than a mom, a friend

You're definitely the mom that every teenage boy and girl wants. With you, there are all sorts of conversations to be had: sex, drugs, boyfriends, parties, future goals... You have such a great connection with your kids, you end up being their friend instead of their mom. You're running the risk of losing authority because of that, but on the other hand, you manage to avoid that your kids hide anything from you and they can easily trust you to share their concerns.

It's truly no quality to Aquarian moms to have a maternal instinct, and that's why you don't have so much as a sense of protection when you become a mom. But instead, you make connections with your children through independence, freedom and trust.

As Aquarian moms, sometimes you cross the boundaries of originality and become a bit peculiar, even eccentric. That's not bad in itself; they are proud of having a different mom.  Besides, you're making a strong empathy-based bond, because they feel reflected upon you. Because of your cheerful personality, you usually share fun activities with them.

3. An activity partner

One of the Aquarian moms' lacks is the lack of physical contact. That makes children feel some emotional distance, but you correct that with a much-appreciated trait: originality.

Aquarian moms are special, and that means they're original. But not just when it comes to the mind, but also in practice. As active human beings, you love doing things with your kids. That's why Aquarian moms' children always go to the coolest places and do the coolest things. When they come back to school on Mondays and share the adventures they had with their moms, the other kids are speechless.

That's why it isn't that crazy that, when those kids grow up and become teens, some of them go out for parties with their mom or start to discuss delicate issues with her.

As Aquarian moms, you think that life is an experience to be lived radically.  Even if you have a hard time detecting certain dangers, you understand that life only makes sense if your kids enjoy every waking hour of their day. That's why, no matter how much things or traits you lack, no matter how many mistakes you might make as Aquarian moms, your children will always look up to the person who taught them that life is a unique, one-time valuable treasure.

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