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What Type of Mom Are You If You're Cancer

These are the traits that make you a unique mom, Cancer

Mom kissing her daughter while she's sleeping on it
What type of mom are you if you're Cancer. | The Magic Horoscope

If you've ever wondered what type of mom are you if you're Cancer, you just need to analyse how you wrap up your children in that indestructible shell while you show them your most sensitive side. Protection and affection are your most visible traits. From those two qualities, you develop one of the warmest, most welcoming personalities from zodiac moms. But here's more on what type of mom are you if you're Cancer, and what qualities make you unique.

What type of mom are you if you're Cancer

To assess the relationship you have with your children, don't focus on their zodiac sign. Ask yourselves what type of mom are you if you're Cancer because your personality will be highly influential on theirs.

Cancer moms are easily found because of the relationship they have towards their son and towards the rest of the world, even the children's father. The universe of Cancer moms revolves entirely around the care and protection of their little darlings, pulling out their claws against anyone or anything that looks like a threat.

You're also very emotional moms who guide your children not through intellect or a strict education, but through feelings. That's why it's quite usual to see children from Cancer moms become very intuitive, emotional individuals,  rather than intellectual, rational ones.

And just as if it weren't enough, their maternal instinct comes together with a deep sense of homely, familiar things, so they'll surround their baby with a warm, safe environment. If you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Cancer, there's no doubt we're standing in front of one of the best. These are your three top qualities.

1. Protection

As the most instinctive quality of a mother, it's something that's more developed in the personality of Cancer moms. That means they give up on their rational, intellectual side, and they take their role as mothers from a point of view full of emotions and feelings, and in the long run, that ends up making room for deficiencies. When you wonder what type of mom are you if you're Cancer, you need to consider that, if taken to the extreme, the feeling of protection ends up turning into dangerous overprotection that makes your children spoilt and less independent.

Because, for instance, when the child of a Cancer mom acts wrong and there's a serious punishment coming, mother and child will make a fiendish team to hide the mischief away and avoid Dad from finding out. Or, for example, if they misbehave in school, their mom will always tend to protect them against the teacher.

For Cancer moms, everything around your child is a threat and your mission is to shelter them under your shell so that they feel safe. But as you can see, if you're a Cancer mom, you'll end up developing an overprotective personality where all other authorities are lost and the sense of justice fades away.

The good side is that your children will always feel safe against a cruel world, and their life will go by more safely against the dangers of life.

2. Warmth

As one of the most emotional signs in the horoscope, you also tend to have a strong storm of emotions that brings you into a roller coaster. You're always as close to happiness as you are to depression and madness. If you're Cancer, you need to realise that your feelings and the emotions that bind you to your children are part of that personality.

Still, it usually happens that Cancer moms find a pillar of stability for that extreme emotional wave fluctuation in their mother-child relationship.  Because you focus all your emotions towards your child, the other areas in life are taken to the back and you manage to see problems in perspective.

On the other hand, you're sacrificing your own wellness for that of your children's, and that means that the optimism and positivity you have go right to the front, and you try to banish from your lives (both yours and that of your little ones) all trace of depression and negativity. All this love and protection might end up turning your life into a constant nightmare of suffering. Being Cancer moms isn't easy at all.

Children of Cancer moms will always have the feeling of being surrounded by an aura of love and affection, subject to the intensity of emotions and feelings. This is reflected in education as well, which goes through instincts and spirituality, rather than through intellect and ideas.

3. Family environment

If you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Cancer, you should also consider that the principle of a family is an essential pillar for any Cancer-born, and Cancer moms take it literally. That's why, in your attempt to be protective and with your endless source of affection and love, you try to surround your children in the safe shawl of family.

Solidifying your family core should give your children confidence, affection and warmth so that the most efficient solutions can be found for any incoming dangers. All the rest moves back to second gear, so Cancer moms focus all their might into the building and strengthening the family. A family which, of course, in the case of Cancer moms, revolves around children.

Therefore, children of Cancer moms usually always have a perfect environment, full of smiles, games and bliss, with unforgettable holidays and fun times that they'll remember for the rest of their lives. The family picture album of Cancer moms is always full to the brim of permanent blissful moments.

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