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What Type of Mom Are You if You're Capricorn

These are the traits that make you a unique mom, Capricorn

Mommy playing with her baby
Protection is the basis for Capricorn's maternal personality. | The Magic Horoscope

"Do this, do that, don't do it this way, do it that way...". Introducing Capricorn moms, always present and so demanding, they border on annoying. It's not easy to reach the emotional protection of their personalities, but we'll manage to find love in them if we can appreciate what's obvious: there are  not many moms out there who unfold such an overwhelming capacity for devotion and sacrifice as those ruled by Saturn. Let's see what type of mom you are if you're Capricorn.

What type of mom are you if you're Capricorn

To understand how a Capricorn mom is, we have to know one of your secrets: motherhood gives meaning to your existence. Unlike moms from other signs, women ruled by Saturn have quite a developed maternal instinct, and that makes you classic moms.  Your unbridled sense of protection leads you into becoming a very demanding mom, tough, sometimes even cold and excessively authoritative.

That can sometimes have an influence on the distance that separates you from your kids. All the love you feel for them, which is endless, is channelled through stiffness and righteousness because you understand that only through obedient following of the rules can someone become an educated, prone to succeed individual.

But it doesn't have to be bad. Let's see your three main qualities as moms.

1. An endless feeling of protection

A child's natural feeling is the need to feel protected by their moms. It's almost a primal instinct, which comes from our feeling of helplessness in the midst of a vast, cruel world that unfolds itself in front of our eyes.

There are not many moms out there that offer that shawl of protection to their children as you do. In some way and quite unknowingly, Capricorn moms create a relationship with their children through dependence. Let's just say that, in the long run, those kids will have it harder to grow independently in the world, but in exchange, they'll have acquired certain social roles and behaviour rules that are quite useful to do the walk of life.

Like in every other area of life, when you wonder what type of mom you are, you have to resort to your personality traits, and that's given by your ruling planet, Saturn. This planet that rules over Capricorns represents people's duties, that is, their raison d'être, and in your case motherhood takes the lead.

And because material goods take over the spiritual realm over at Saturn, you understand that your role as a mother is to give your children material sustenance, to make sure that they're not missing anything, and to give them certain moral codes which they can use later in life.

2. The straight line

For Capricorn moms, righteousness is the path to personal success.

Because of your mom's instinctive personality, the relationship between you and your child is based on the natural logic of mother-and-child relationships: the authoritative, grumpy, demanding mom, and the rebellious, backtalking, disobedient child.

From the first moment, as Capricorn moms, you take an ascendant position over your children, and that sets a rigid, unbreakable hierarchy. You're not afraid of imposing punishments, and you understand that, in order for them to be useful individuals to society, they have to learn the value of strict obedience.

That, of course, isn't too much welcome on the other side. It's not hard to hear the son or daughter of a Capricorn mom saying "I hate you, mom". But your maturity as a mother assumes that's the instant reaction of a child who lost their toy, who is grounded to stay home, or who just doesn't understand how important your order is.

Only when your children are grown-up enough as to see their mother did everything for their own good, even at the risk of going wrong, will they understand that their mother's heart is as big as her demands.

3. You'll always be there

You, as Capricorn moms, have a virtue that makes you unique: patience and perseverance coming together into making your child feel that you'll always be there.  That's why, even though sometimes you're an annoying, overwhelming mom, they'll love you forever.

Capricorn moms are never really gone. There are moms who understand that the degree of demands needs to start fading away until it goes off forever, as time goes by and children grow up and become independent. Not your case, because you understand that your duties as moms don't fade away as years go by.

Sometimes you run the risk of meddling into your children's lives when they're all grown up, and that makes them embarrassed and prone to rejecting you. But on the opposite, there's always a time when life gives them a hard reality check and they need to come back to mom's safe lap, to feel protected again.

If there's something unique to Capricorn moms, it's that they never run out of generosity and devotion. So, as in many other areas of life, your perseverance when taking care of your children will make you see that the handsome stud standing over there is still your little baby, and again, you'll do whatever it takes to protect them and care for them.

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