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What Type of Mom Are You If You're Leo

What makes you the perfect mom, Leo? Check it out here!

Mom playing with her daughter
What type of mom are you if you're Leo. | The Magic Horoscope

You might have wondered more than once what type of mom are you if you're Leo. We could say you're the queen moms, a burning mixture of demands and tenderness,  able to enlighten your children through the important areas of life and to roar when it comes to discipline and behaviour. Your strong points are protection and warmth. Let's see your three qualities and what type of mom are you if you're Leo.

What type of mom are you if you're Leo

Leo ladies take on motherhood as the natural event it is: they have it in them. That's why for you motherhood is instinctive and you experience it for what it is. If you're Leos and wondering what type of mom are you, you'll know that your main priority is protection, and when there's danger threatening your pack, you'll be willing to do anything to defend them.

Optimism is the other great feature of Leo moms: you'll always face adversity with a smile and tons of strength. And you'll transfer this strength, warmth and optimism to your children. As a counterpart to all of this, you'll demand them to be disciplined and hard-working, because, unlike other moms, your affection doesn't ever run out of authority.

If you want to know what type of mom are you if you're Leo, here's your main qualities.

1. The gleam of life

Leo is ruled by the sun, so your mission in life is to enlighten others. That's why, in the most important experience of your life, motherhood, all your energy will be aimed at enlighting your kids' lives: you'll be an example and a model to guide them towards the brilliance of what's essential in life.

Your life priority is to be the light illuminating the sharp and sometimes dark walk of life and to stay alert for whatever danger lurks on the corners and dark alleys of this walk.

Your role as a guide is essential because you have to be a model of behaviour and commitment to everything. It's not a surprise at all to see Leo moms constantly giving lessons to their children and teaching them about the most important priorities in life, and at the same time behaving in front of them with the same level of commitment.

But you've also got an aura of magnificence and majesty that raises you above the ground as a predominant figure that outshines your kids many times.

That gleam is also physical: your kids have what is known as a cool mom, with a creative, original appearance, and indisputable beauty. You'll also know how to convey that beauty and elegance in appearance to your kids, who will always wear their hair in the latest fashions (remember that Leos usually have a shiny golden mane!).

2. Game buddy

There are some moms out there whose toughness and authority don't let them develop an affectionate side with their kids. Not your case, Leo moms. Thanks to your creative capacity, you're highly compatible with your darlings, because you're the moms who always share games and fun at any given moment. Even if you can be grumpy sometimes, it's easy to see you playing with your kids (and the more creative the games are, the better).

As any other lioness out there, you love spending time cuddling, stroking and gently holding your children. They'll grow tired of it much earlier than you because your endless energy and radical optimism always make you ready to play and give them some good fun.

One of the positive traits of Leo moms is that you can organise creative activities (you're great at arts and crafts!) and, aside from bringing some happiness and fun, you help your children to quickly develop their skills. What type of mom are you if you're Leo? The one that can bring out her children's creative side.

3. Protection

It's in your genes, Leo moms: protection is your most animalistic and instinctive quality. There's no doubt you have more than one flaw as moms: you're often too grumpy and an energy excess makes you too fierce. Besides, you don't like being outshone, and if your kids aren't constantly flattering you and don't pay you any attention, you'll be really angry.

But in the end, sooner or later, something inside you will show to make up for all those lacking elements: your protective instinct.

If someone dares come to the nest where your babies are sleeping and tries to hurt them, you'll bring out your clothes to get rid of all looming dangers. And your strikes are tremendously strong because of your physical and mental strength. Your children are undoubtedly in the best hands.

You're also very aware of where you and your children stand, and that's why you understand that, despite it all, they have to learn how to defend themselves. And you'll give them any tools they need so that they learn how to do it.

So now you know; if you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Leo, you'll find a profile of strength and commitment combined with warmth and gleam that will make you a true model for your children.

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