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What Type Of Mom Are You If You're Libra

These are the traits that make you unique moms, Libra

Mom with baby on her chest
What type of mom are you if you're Libra. | The Magic Horoscope

What type of mom are you if you're Libra? You may have wondered about this more than once, and you know that because you were born under the rule of Venus, you've got the gifts of beauty and love. These influences give you special qualities and make you a loving, affectionate mom, whose cuddling doesn't hide a truly demanding, meticulous personality.  The balance between affection and behaviour is the trademark of those born under the sign of scales. Find out what type of mom are you if you're Libra.

What type of mom are you if you're Libra

The greatest skill of moms born under Libra is that they're able to make their children obey orders straight away without ever raising their voices. Sometimes it's a true mystery to know how you reach that harmonious point between affection and discipline, but the truth is, your personality as a mom is precisely based upon that.

If you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Libra, you need to know that natives of your sign see your children as the stage of balance and harmony you need in life, so motherhood is the ultimate gift for you. As such, you open yourselves completely to it, sacrificing all the way, and apply your great qualities into that experience. Find out what type of mom are you if you're Libra according to your motherly traits.

1. You never run out of cuddles

As the opposite profile of other colder moms such as Aquarius or Aries,  your personality's overflowing with affection and love, and you're extremely warm with your children.  The way you understand motherhood, it's all about sending love, even physically, so you never run out of kisses, cuddles and hugs to give.

The relationship between Libran moms and their children is so focused on emotions that there's an eternal umbilical cord forming up. The memories your children will have of you will always have that extra layer of love and affection.

It is true that, when a mother develops her affectionate side so much, they usually give up on other areas, such as authority. However, people can be very wrong about Libran moms. Your skill is all about taking your children from a state of anger and fear after a big fight into an environment of warmth and love in a relaxing atmosphere only you can offer.

2. A sense of balance

When you wonder what's the best learning advice to follow through life, there's probably going to be some balance into the mix. Harmony's an essential value that helps us trot through life's contradictions.

As Libran moms, you're gifted enough to prepare your children for that. That's why your dual personality is essential; as it extends a shawl of warm protection, it offers the required level of demands and rectitude to discipline the little devils around the house.

If you wonder what type of mom you are if you're Libra, you'll come to realise you're a complete mom. This balance can sometimes crack on the side and have some crisis stages. Of course, depending on your ascendancy, you'll tend to be a warmer or more authoritative mom,  but always within the pre-established order.

Your main risk is an indulgence. But since you were born into an air sign, you have great intelligence, so you'll know how to adjust your personality as you make mistakes, and thus build up the practical figure of the perfect mom.

As a diplomacy-based, fair sign, you'll always be on the lookout for dialogue  with your children when solving conflicts.

3. Motherhood is a process

One of the least known, yet most beautiful, qualities of Libran moms is their patience. As natives of a sign that hates stress and rushing through life, you'll find time wherever it takes to make your experience as a mother a process full of calmness, patience and peace.

Little by little you'll build up the world you'd conceived for your children. You won't be rushing through their bedtime story, homework or listening attentively to them when they tell you about their issues, or when telling them about their mistakes when you ground or tell them off.

If work or any other important task needs to be put aside, you won't think twice about it.

As the representatives of the beauty given by Venus, you'll always make your children wear the latest fashions, with the classiest hairstyles and the coolest clothes. And you'll also get time for that from wherever it takes to bring out your darlings' beauty with no rush into the mix.

So now you know. If you're wondering what type of mom you are if you're Libra, bring out and appreciate your qualities as a loving, demanding and relaxed mom.

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