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What type of mom are you if you're Pisces

Read about what makes you a unique mom, Pisces

Mommy backlit with her baby
Find out your 3 qualities as Piscean moms. | The Magic Horoscope

No one forgets about the fact that you're one of the most sensitive zodiac signs. And there's still something unknown out there: since your ruling planet takes an average of 15 years to run through each zodiac sign, yours is one of the most influential signs out there. So note down your qualities as a mom, Pisceans, because in your case, your personal, one-of-a-kind gifts are a direct influence on your relationship to your babies.

Your 3 qualities as Piscean moms

Your ruling planet, Neptune, carries virtues that make you special: empathy, compassion and universal love. Therefore, you've got an extremely naturally sensitive personality, which many people tend to mistake for something ethereal, abstract, completely and absolutely isolated from reality.

But it couldn't be any further from the truth. What defines your personality isn't a candid abstraction, but your exclusive and particular ability to reach the dream world. These are the 3 qualities that define what type of mom are you as native Pisceans.

1. A door to the dream world

No other mom in the world finds empathy in such a real connection to the surreal world of children's dreams. If the life of your babies is a fairytale, you're the best storyteller that could be found, because you make the smallest thing to travel to the world of fantasy and dreams. The most earthly of realities, hard to understand to a child, take a magic detour when coded through your love.

I presume you've seen "Life is beautiful". In this movie, the main character turns the horrid situation of Nazi concentration camps into a fantasy abnormality that covers up a tragedy from his son's childish glance. It turns a tragedy into a child's play.

Without getting overly dramatic, let's use it as an example of what you can do as Piscean moms. You're a door to the dream world, and that's what each of us remembers the most fondly throughout our lives. And after many years, when your children are deep in melancholy and decide to look behind, they'll remember how special and unique it is to have a Piscean mom.

2. The need for empathy

There's many things that children want in a mom: protection, guidance, safety, order... But one of the most essential qualities is empathy, and that's your natural environment to grow, Piscean moms. What makes a Piscean mom who she is, is how easy she contacts her children when they're going through a rough patch  or they're worried about something.

Motherhood in other signs can be manifested through stiffness and leadership skills. There's no need to lie, Pisceans, there's not much ascendance over your children there. They'll look for reference in the form of their father, an influencing teacher, or a close friend.

But those signs don't have what you can offer your kids. When focusing their energy into authority they lose their sense of empathy. Actually, if you think about it, we're talking about the two sides to one coin: protection. While an authoritative mother protects her children through stiffness and behaviour control, Piscean moms offer safety through communication and personal connections.

Making your child feel understood is your main virtue. No one but you knows how to listen, understand, have empathy and give the right advice when they feel worried. And that's being a reference right there, Pisceans: beyond house rules, those are the important moments of a child's life, and that's when you need a mother the most.

3. Able to sacrifice

This is a quality that's taken for granted in maternal instinct. Still, there are many degrees of sacrifice, and it's no lie to say that, if you're a Piscean mom, you have the highest degree of dedication and sacrifice to your little ones.

Although you're a human being who's naturally devoted to others unreservedly, the truth is, when you become a mother your whole world ends up focusing on your children,  and in a somewhat egocentric way, you forget about everyone else. When a mother does that, there's no obstacles or reasons that stop the woman from giving away everything she has for her baby boy or girl.

Starting with work. After your children are born, your body becomes a working machine with the sole goal of getting every single thing your little darlings need, even taking the traditionally male role of the family provider.

And when danger comes around, in fact, as Piscean moms you put your body and life in danger for your children's safety naturally, out of the blue, without a trace of doubt or fear.

Because of all that, many single moms are the perfect example of Pisceans, because they pull out all the stops to bring up their babies.

It's true that there may be things to improve, and as Piscean moms, you're not perfect. But these three qualities make you a mom whose goal in life is to make your children happy, understood, and to give them warmth through those unforgettable mom hugs. Life in its purest form.

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