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What type of mom are you if you're Sagittarius

There are different types of mom. Which type are you, Sagittarius?

Mom playing with her daughter at the beach
What type of mom are you if you're Sagittarius. | The Magic Horoscope

If you've reached the miracle of childbirth and started experiencing motherhood, you'll wonder what type of mom you are if you're Sagittariuses. As daughters of Jupiter, you take your mom role from a perspective of freedom, open-mindedness and optimism, and you have a wonderful capacity for positive expansion towards your children. Perhaps you're not the one true model for observation and behaviour, but you've got many other skills. Find out what type of mom you are if you're Sagittarius.

What type of mom are you if you're Sagittarius

If you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Sagittarius, you'll find a curious contradiction: native Sagittariuses are naturally aiming for freedom and they hate feeling tied down to social conventionalisms and obligation, and motherhood is one of the most serious responsibilities a woman can ever encounter.

However, as Sagittarian ladies, you have a radical optimism that finds its backup in a highly developed emotional intelligence. That means that even if you weren't born with a maternal instinct, or being a mom isn't one of your priorities when taking the mom role you're able to adapt your priorities to your child's needs.  That's why everything your personality embodies ends up being projected onto your qualities as moms.

1. The adventure of life

There's no doubt that for the most adventurous sign of the horoscope, the miracle of life becomes the ultimate adventure. As soon as pregnancy begins, Sagittarian moms make the experience of motherhood a creative process full of optimism and originality.

If you've ever wondered what type of mom are you if you're Sagittarius, you'll see that you're mostly an adventurer.  Motherhood doesn't change your perspective towards life, it just adapts it a little.

On a more practical side, you take your children to the most exciting environments, you teach them all about the emotion of adrenaline, the craziest activities and the most unforgettable trips. As a nature lover, you instil that value on your children and show them that it's important to love the woods, the mountains and the sea since they're little. You may lack other skills, but you can't deny that the children of Sagittariuses won't grow up to be ready to take on the world.

One of your main pillars is optimism, and in fact, adventures are all about that: an exciting path full of obstacles that can only be overcome with strength and optimism.

2. The gift of knowledge

As the perfect embodiment of the harmony between spirituality and reason, faith and knowledge, you know how to mix the search for the intangible things and the importance of education. That's why one of your mom priorities is to offer your children the right knowledge to handle themselves responsibly across life.

Sagittarius ladies are liberal and openminded moms. Sometimes their relaxed approach backfires because there's no authority around, and children can often grow up without the right approach to roles and rules. Authority isn't really your thing. But you're one to believe in freedom: you understand your children need to become independent, and that they'll learn from their own mistakes.  But to do that, it's essential that they have the most precious of tools to become self-sufficient: knowledge.

As moms, you place lots of emphasis on culture. And because you're a source of wisdom with an innate love of arts and literature, your children can see you as a teacher and role model. The children of Sagittarian moms are usually educated and quite mature, with enough cultural baggage and sophistication to become successful men and women in the future.

3. Optimism is the key to succeed

As realistic moms, you understand that your children will fail in life more than once. You've suffered that yourselves, so you know how cruel the world can be, and how many obstacles are there to overcome. Your liberal attitude towards your children's upbringing is based on the strong belief that overprotecting children exposes them to not being able to admit failure and being immature when facing the dangers and obstacles of life.

That's why you instil on them the value that best defines you as Sagittariuses from the first moment: optimism, happiness and vitality. Your children see a permanent smile on you that doesn't turn upside down, not even with the toughest of challenges. Since they don't have the stress that other zodiac moms instil on their children, your little ones grow up free of that pressure and end up adopting that optimistic attitude to life.

As the teacher of your child's spirit, you're an excellent source for virtue, but at the same time, you have no authority whatsoever. That's why your main weakness is adolescence: your child will become a living, breathing hormone which is hard to control without an authoritative model. But you'll have instilled on them the most important virtues of life, and when they face their first big challenge they'll fondly remember the wonderful inheritance of their Sagittarian mom.

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