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What type of mom are you if you're Scorpio

These are the things that make you unique moms, Scorpio

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What type of mom are you if you're Scorpio. | The Magic Horoscope

What type of mom are you if you're Scorpios? You may have asked yourselves this more than once, and to answer that you have to think about your personality under the influence of your ruling planet, Pluto. Distant, cold and unfathomable, your lack of warmth is countered against great skills to motivate, educate and prepare children for the challenge of life. Find out what qualities make you unique and what type of mom are you if you're Scorpio.

What type of mom are you if you're Scorpio

You'll know you're standing in front of a Scorpian mom through her steely glance and her permanent mistrust of her children. There's no doubt that, if you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Scorpio, you'll understand you don't exactly fit the classic role of the "cool mom".  You can be exhausting, exasperating and distant to your children's eyes. But you have quite valuable qualities that make you the perfect role model for strength, authority and motivation.

Your dominant traits are ruled by exigency towards yourselves and others. And when you reach motherhood, of course, you project those traits into the relationship with your children. For you, your role as a mother is to stop them from being harmed, avoid their suffering, and offer them all tools available to make them happy.

Find out what type of mom are you according to your qualities as native Scorpios.

1. A life coach

For you what's most important is to instil on your children the values that guarantee their success in life. As native Scorpios, one of your main concerns is the future, and that's why you're devoting all of your might and energy into instilling those values on them and giving them advice that can help them handle themselves around life.

The best of all this is, you do it the way you do everything in life: with relentless passion. There's no such thing as temperance for you, and even if you may go to such excess your children are overwhelmed, as Scorpian moms you're truly motivational, a coach. And your children end up seeing you as a role model for life in the long run.

Your strength and righteousness will end up being an example for them. There aren't many children out there who come out ready to fight for their happiness in the way children from Scorpian moms do, because these latter ones have had the model of a passionate, fighting, relentless woman at home, whose flaws she hid under the shell of her strength.

2. A loyal partner

Many perceive you as being slightly exaggerated or wrong. That's okay. As Scorpios, you convey the image of an overly demanding, authoritative mother who is also cold, distant and tough. Even rude perhaps, the kind of mom that turns you to stone with a single glance. But mistaking that for the inability to connect with your children is the wrong thing to do.

It is true that your children may grow more distant from you at a certain age because constantly getting rigid orders clashes their will to experience life and be free. But there's something on your favour,  a quality that makes you stand quite close to them: loyalty.

It's usually a cruel trait because your children only appreciate it when they're in a sticky situation. But what would a mother be if she isn't the sacrificing woman who shows up at the toughest of times? And no one can beat you at that if you're Scorpio.

Therefore, it's not surprising to see a child who had grown distant of their mother and had even taken her back and rejected her because she's annoying and possessive, coming back to her knowing she'll be there, firm and ready, as willing as always. That's the true value of Scorpian moms.

3. A source of strength

A third very valuable trait as Scorpian moms is your ability to convey the importance of being strong.  As scorpions you learn to hide your true personality away, and even give up on sheer happiness, to give strength the first place on the priority list. For you, being successful in life comes down to being strong against adversity and avoid getting tumbled down. And of course, when you're responsible for educating your children, that's what you end up teaching them.

It's a very special quality because it's not always easy to find the right balance between affection and strength in a mother. Many moms naturally end up choosing to be cuddly and affectionate, to protect their babies with a shawl of protection and warmth, instead of showing them the path of strength and toughness.

And that's what makes you unique moms: you're capable of giving up being too sentimental to give priority to something much more pragmatic, teach your children about the importance of a good defence, fighting against danger, standing still and strong when the rest of the world around them is falling down. That's when they remember how important it is to having been raised by Scorpian moms.

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