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What Type of Mom Are You If You're Taurus

These are the traits that make you unique moms, Taurus

In Roman mythology, Venus, the embodiment of physical love, beauty and passion, is the mother of Cupid, always connected to love. Venus is Taurus' ruling planet, and if gives native Taureans great sensitivity channelled through pure love. As the goddess of fertility, the maternal instinct is a key component to Taureans' personalities. Find out what type of mom are you if you're Taurus, and what qualities make you unique moms.

What type of mom are you if you're Taurus

Fans of astrology usually mistake Taureans for individuals with devious personalities bordering on naive, but they don't know that because Taurean moms have one of the zodiac's most developed maternal instincts, they bring out the most fighting spirit when their little ones are in danger.

So when you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Taurus, remember you're not devious at all. Sentimental? Maybe. Generous and kind-hearted too. But also stubborn and hard to deal with. And that ends up affecting both the people around you and your own children, who sometimes become the focus of your obsessions.

But all in all, if you're Taureans, we can define you as a tender yet ferocious mom, protective yet demanding, generous yet strict. You've got it all. A complete mother for good and bad. Find out below what type of mom are you if you're Taurus through your qualities.

1. Protective instinct

Few mothers out there have the gift of motherhood as engraved into your heart as you. If you were born under Taurus, your great mission in life is to have children, and that ends up showing on your personality. Once you've reached that goal, you focus on that little darling and all your energy goes into its protection.

What type of mom are you if you're Taurus? The typical annoying, stubborn mom who says things like "Don't leave the house without an umbrella", "Watch what you're doing and who you're hanging out with", "Do this, it's for your own good, listen to me"... Stubborn moms who follow their principles to the dot and the only guarantee their children have to survive those years is to put their head down and obey. Even if they're wrong, Taurean moms won't change their mind and they'll go all the way accepting any consequence coming along.

Represented by the bull, the soul of Taurean moms hides a courageous spirit that comes out when their children are in trouble. The main advantage of having a mom born under the bull's sign is that,  if problems arise, the child will be able to count on all the strength coming from their parent. That person will never be alone in life so as long as they have the protection that defines Taurean motherhood by their side.

2. Stability

When you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Taurus, you need to look at your value scale. The principles of Taurean moms are ruled by stability, which rationalises and plans their entire private world.  When they become moms that perspective is transferred to the child, so one of the great qualities of Taurean moms is to get a stable life for their children.

A stable life, over anything else, is about the absence of danger and the disappearance of risks.

That's why, for instance, Taurean moms believe that training and education are essential and a sign of success in their children's lives. If you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Taurus, you might have noticed that, when thinking about your children's safety, you're thinking of them having a financially stable life with a successful job that makes them feel fulfilled. That's why you know that it's essential to give them the perfect education.

Until they become independent, Taurean moms develop as many skills as they can  and have available to make sure their kids are properly brought up, aside from trying their best to give them a steady environment that often goes through strengthening the family environment.

3. Demands

Many people think it's a negative or harmful trait. But in the long run, being demanding becomes an added value that gives the children of Taurean moms a strong, disciplined and polite personality.

We've already seen that Taurean moms can seem annoying, mostly because their protective instinct makes them excessively prone to suffering. To protect their child and themselves, they turn this into authority and demands, so their children's education goes through the doorway of discipline.

Because we're talking about such stubborn individuals, Taurean moms believe they're always right, and that's why everything should be done their way. Disobedient children will have serious trouble under their watch. It's best to do what they say to avoid them getting mad.  But in the long run, those demands and all that discipline could be the key to succeed as children of Taurean moms.

Besides, one of the advantages of being Taurean moms is that you can pair up authority and demands with affection. As deeply sensitive individuals, Taurean moms always make lots of room for contact (even physical, through senses) with their kids. Therefore, the mother-child bond in Taurean moms is very intense, physical and affectionate. If you ever wonder what type of mom are you if you're Taurus, remember that you're all about pure love, more than anything else.

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