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What Type of Mom Are You If You're Virgo

These are the traits that make you unique moms.

Mom holding her son
What type of mom are you if you're Virgo. | The Magic Horoscope

We all have a very clear profile for Virgoan moms in our minds: the typical grumpy mom obsessed with her children having a tidy bedroom, screaming around the house saying things like "Leave it where you found it" or "Don't go throwing stuff all around". But if you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Virgo, you'll find much more useful qualities, such as self-commitment, to be a perfect mom.

What type of mom are you if you're Virgo

As grumpy and demanding moms, you can obviously be annoying, but the greatness of your profile as a mom is hidden in other qualities that can sometimes go by unnoticed. Basically, your philosophy as moms is based on the fact that success in life is based upon high standards and a perfectionist spirit, and that's good both for your children and you. Thus, you build up your personality as moms through self-commitment and standards.

There's not many moms out there who are as devoted as you, because, in the same way, you do your job with devotion and selflessness, you take on your biggest task in life as women, motherhood, radically and even obsessively.  If you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Virgo, then the answer is this: demanding and devoted.

1. Full of devotion

Since you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Virgo, you'll know that the profile of a mom ruled by Mercury matches that of a "Superwoman" with the gift of omnipresence.

For Virgoans, life is all about working and giving your body and soul into success at everything you do. The obsession for a job well done makes up the structure through which Virgoans manage to rule over the muddled state of their nerves. As such, unlike other moms that give up every other thing just to be with their children when they reach motherhood, you don't need that as Virgoans.

Putting your role as moms over everything else, you're able to combine work, motherhood and other chores at the same time with impeccable efficiency. So, it won't be a surprise to see you Virgoan moms preparing a baby bottle with a phone on  your ear, or taking your kids to school while closing a business deal.

From here on out, kids born from Virgoans won't ever miss out on anything. Their moms' relentless devotion to sustaining their kids makes them true lionesses ready to do anything to defend their little ones. The demands you make to your children in their daily behaviour are the same you expect from yourselves, so as far as goals and achievements, we may be standing in front of the most perfect of moms.

2. Structure against danger

Yes, Virgoan moms: we can see you walk around the house all the time with your hair standing on end screaming who left that thing on the floor or why things aren't in place. Being obsessed with cleaning is part of your mom essence, what can you do?

But who said that should be a problem? People (even you yourselves sometimes) mistake Virgoans' obsession with order and structure for a compulsive obsession with order in the home. And it's true that you like having everything neat and tidy at home, but that's a very shallow image of your personality as moms.

What type of mom are you if you're Virgo? The kind of mom whose ruling principle is having order and structure in the values and actions of life to avoid falling prey to mistakes and failure. All part of your fear of danger, and when you become moms, the fear of your children getting injured by anything becomes an obsession.

That's why you try to keep everything under control. Your perfectionist personality takes this to the extreme, but in the long run, your efficiency is evident, and your children are the safest. Having Virgoan moms is quite the advantage, because we know we're safe from any obstacle and any danger lurking outside.

3. Top education

Children of Virgoan moms are usually polite, clean, responsible and highly educated. Learning is one of the obsessions of Mercury-born moms because this star gives their natives the gift of intelligence and analytical skills. And they can convey that to their kids as no one else can.

Sometimes you do it rudely, let's admit it. Virgoans aren't the example of a warm, affectionate mom. They're more prone to being extremely demanding,  so if school homework doesn't come with an A+ after it, you can jump straight into telling off your kids or even grounding them.

Although it is true you're hard to put up with, your results have no trace of doubt. Not many kids grow with the discipline and the perfect development of skills and intelligence your own kids have. They might say that their mom is the worst, but they can never say they never got what it takes to become successful individuals in society.

If you're wondering what type of mom are you if you're Virgo, there's no doubt: your demands to your kids are the same you expect from yourselves, and that makes you distant yet efficient moms, a model for discipline and success in life.

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