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The 5 Most Fun-Loving Zodiac Signs

It's impossible not to laugh around them… Find out which 5 zodiac signs you'll have the best time with and fill your life with smiles and fun

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What would life be without fun?  Without a shred of a doubt, our day to day lives would be much more difficult to bear if there weren't any moments in which our priority is simply to smile and have fun. The list we have compiled below is taken from an astrological perspective in which we have identified the zodiac signs that share this trait of appreciating and loving fun.

Many health experts consider laughter to be an ideal therapy for boosting our wellbeing,  meaning that having a good time here and there has a significant and positive effect on our lives.

Due to this, it's very important to choose the people we surround ourselves with wisely, as being surrounded by happy people ensures we'll have a decent life full of fun moments. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to laugh at everything life throws in our path and find the silver lining to every cloud which blocks the sunlight. Fortunately, it's never too late to learn how to be happy.

Find out which are the 5 most fun-loving zodiac signs

How many times have you heard the advice telling you to cut toxic people out of your life? It seems obvious, but many times we are unable to see the damage these people can inflict on our lives. Cutting people off many seem a bit drastic, but if the person in question isn't willing to listen to us and at least try to change, then it's the best option we have, that is, if our priority is to look out for our physical and mental health.

At Magic Horoscope we are aware that it isn't always easy to recognise someone who isn't going to be good for us, at least not at first sight, so we decided to help by presenting to you this list of the 5 most fun-loving zodiac signs. This doesn't mean that the zodiac signs which aren't present in this list are boring or toxic, but we must take into account that some people take their fun very seriously, almost as if it were imprinted in their genes,  and this makes these people ideal to surround yourself with.


The 5 most fun-loving zodiac signs

Are you wondering what signs could be on this list? Well wonder no more, here are the 5 most fun-loving zodiac signs!.

5. Virgo 

You may be surprised to hear that a zodiac sign as reserved as Virgo even makes it on this list, but it's precisely this modesty which makes people overlook Virgos and hides a part of their complex personality. A  Virgo's main problem is that their shyness doesn't let them express themselves to their full potential,  when in fact, Virgo is a sign which has a lot of potential and we can all have unforgettable experiences by spending time with them

In order to see this side of a Virgo, we must first get to know them quite well and find their insatiable desire for fun, if we manage to get in their good books and win their trust, we will find that they are a doorway to an unknown and unexpected world from which they will bring many marvellous experiences into our lives.

This zodiac sign is highly intelligent and eloquent, much more than most of us mere mortals, and this gives them an interesting, enchanting and fun perspective on life and an incomparable knack for having brilliant conversations. Perfect for having a good time!

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4. Aquarius 

Aquarius have a unique spark which is the reason we decided to place them in 4th place  on our list of the 5 most fun-loving zodiac signs. This is a zodiac sign which brings together many positive traits, and  many of these traits are linked somehow to that spark we mentioned earlier.

When defining an Aquarius, original is an understatement, they give off this energy which can hook anyone. They also possess an immense capacity for tolerance and aren't judgemental, both these traits make anyone who crosses their path very fortunate indeed. Furthermore, they have lots of imagination, and  can always find a reason to laugh and have fun, making them the top dogs at any party or celebration.

Don't wait a second longer, and find an Aquarius to incorporate into your life. You'll be attracted to their good sense of humour immediately, and because you'll be dealing with people who are idealists in their core, you'll fill yourself up with good energy  and you'll also notice that your motivation skyrockets to infinity and beyond! Do you think you could you ask for anything else? Of course not!

3. Sagittarius 

Sympathy is one of Sagittarius' best traits,  and is seen as one of their defining characteristics. Due to this, we decided to place Sagittarius 3rd in our list of the 5 most fun-loving zodiac signs,  it's not nearer the top because there was fierce competition.  Nevertheless, it won the bronze medal because when it comes to having an enjoyable time, there are few people so ideal to do it with than a Sagittarius.

This zodiac sign has good traits in abundance, they aren't only some of the most optimistic people on the zodiac wheel, but they also have immense amounts of empathy and honesty. In this case, unlike a Virgo, modesty isn't their modus vivendi as when it comes to having fun, there is no room for half-arsing and  their priority is to have a good time full of laughter.

As you can see, a Sagittarius is a person that we at Magic Horoscope would recommend surrounding yourself with, let their warmth enter your life so you can begin to enjoy infinite moments of fun and laughter.

2. Gemini

The silver medal for our ranking of the 5 most fun-loving zodiac signs  goes to... Gemini! The perennial child of the zodiac wheel. We must note that Gemini nearly came in 1st place, although in the end, the scales didn't tip in its favour. Nevertheless, this zodiac sign managed to take home the well-deserved silver medal as  a Gemini can enable you to have the best day of your life with ease.

The childish and energetic side which Geminis hide in their interior never tires, and is continuously in search of new experiences and moments which they will forever remember. A Gemini's perspective on life is incredibly positive!  Furthermore, they are extremely adaptable and will not be bothered by whatever others want to do,  the only thing they want is to continuously move and not stop, not even for a second!

You may want to rest, recover and start training your facial muscles because Geminis transmit their internal happiness to everyone around them, meaning you will enjoy yourself and find yourself laughing like you never have before. We'd recommend finding a Gemini to incorporate into your life as soon as possible!

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1. Leo 

Finally we arrive at the top of our list of the 5 most fun-loving zodiac signs. Who else could it have been but Leo, the king of the zodiac wheel is also the king of fun.  A Leo would never settle for less, and for a Leo nothing but victory is enough. Their soul of a leader means that they aren't only the centre of attention everywhere they go, but it also bestows upon them unparalleled creativity and extroversion which is the envy of any mortal.

To top it all off, all these qualities are reinforced by their immense generosity.  For Leos, their wellbeing is just as important as the wellbeing of those around them. A  Leo isn't only fun, but also a trendsetter, and there is nothing they hate more than a routine and the feeling of disgust it brings to them.

Due to all we have mentioned above, if you're looking for a person who is able to disconnect from the world when they are with you, who can help you relax, laugh uninhibited and feel as if there is nothing more important for them than being happy and seeing you happy,  a Leo is the answer you've been looking for. Find one to incorporate into your life and get ready to enjoy yourself like you never have before!