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The 3 Most Gentle and Sweetest Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Pisces and Leo

The water and fire signs head the list of the sweetest and most gentle of the horoscope

Cancer, Pisces and Leo are the most gentle signs
The 3 most gentle and sweetest zodiac signs are Cancer, Pisces and Leo | Magic Horoscope


There are no rules in love.  Each one of us has a particular and different way of showing their feelings, and this is what makes every relationship special in its own way.  However, affection is something that can never be missing in a love story, although not all the zodiac signs are equally good at showing it.

Magic Horoscope will present you the 3 most gentle and sweetest zodiac signs, those who would give everything just to see their partner happy.  


Which Are the 3 Most Gentle and Sweetest Zodiac Signs?

If you are looking for someone to share your life with, and you want your relationship to be full of pampering and moments of intimacy and mutual understanding, here you can find out which are the 3 most gentle and sweetest zodiac signs on earth.

In this way, you can narrow down your search and will find it much easier to get involved in one of those sappy love stories.

3. Leo: the Sweet Clingy Kitten

It seems hard to believe that the king of the savannah himself is among the list of the most gentle and sweetest zodiac signs, but this is precisely what shapes much of their natural charm. Behind their image of self-reliance and confidence, the people born under the Leo sign hide a much more vulnerable and caring side.

Certainly, the fire that runs through Leo’s veins has a great influence on their behaviour in their intimate life, and this makes them one of the most generous and affectionate zodiac signs with those people who manage to get to their unreachable heart.

Leo is a good partner and a better lover and when in love, this is the most faithful and gentle sign of the whole zodiac. In this way, the fierce lion becomes a sweet kitten that only wants to be constantly pampered and taken care of.  However, do not even think about playing with their feeling or hurting them, because they will once again bring out their proud side and all your passion will easily turn against you.

2. Pisces: the Personification of Tenderness

You do not have to be a clairvoyant to know that Pisces is among the top list of the sweetest and most gentle zodiac signs. The affection and tenderness they transmit can cross boundaries due to their great sensitivity and unique empathy.

There are few zodiac signs more compassionate and thoughtful than Pisces. Actually, their hearts are so full of kindness that they will never have a body big enough to fit all that inside. One of the best gifts that life can give you is to share your days with someone born under this zodiac sign. However, it is also true that you should be willing to deal with that sensitive and insecure side of theirs that sometimes make them quite dramatic. 

If what you are looking for is someone to pamper and show you infinite affection, then you have to bring a Pisces into your life as soon as possible. For them, there will never be too many proofs of love to show you how they feel about you, and they will always try to give their best to make you understand how much you mean to them.  For all this, Pisces wins the silver medal for the most gentle and sweetest zodiac signs.

1. Cancer: Their Loved Ones Are the Centre of Their Universe

The gold medal is awarded to another water sign. Cancer is definitely the most gentle and sweetest zodiac signs due to his personality traits. The key aspect of a Cancer’s character is “protection”,  which makes clear their attitude towards their loved ones.

While those who do not know very well the people born under this zodiac sign will only see their most extrovert and dreamy side, the truth is that the people closest to them will be able to see far beyond mere appearances.  In this way, they will discover the most sensitive and affectionate side of a Cancer, and will realise how gentle and sweet someone born under this zodiac sign can be. 

Therefore, if you are one of those people who prefer a quiet and homely life, and you want to find a partner who would die and kill for you, then Cancer is the zodiac sign that you are looking for. However, if you are easily overwhelmed, it is better to step back, since with Cancer there are no half-measures: they love with all their hearts, and it is really impossible to hinder the feelings of their sweet and gentle heart.