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What are the Mutable Signs of the Zodiac?

What is a mutable sign? The four mutable signs and their traits and personality

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What are the Mutable Signs of the Zodiac?

In astrology, mutable signs are the ones that represent duality and opposite traits within them, and that complement cardinal and fixed signs. Likewise, the four horoscopes that are classified as mutable signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces (which are also known as double-bodied signs, as some experts call them).

Characteristics of mutable signs

These four mutable zodiac signs are very flexible, since their mind and spirit are united in a big way, and this makes them particularly noble. Generally speaking, they  can't stand violence, they're  intellectual, and friends of morals  and they're able to connect with the spiritual side of things.

If in this life, if a person born under a mutable sign doesn't have much luck, they will know how to adapt to their circumstances without any problems since they're highly versatile (and very independent); besides, these people love changes and they feel comfortable with them. For mutable signs, their journey in this world is filled with learning depending on different events and circumstances.


Empathy and levelheadedness are their standards

As a  counterpoint, this aforementioned flexibility makes mutable zodiac signs mimic any situation or environment that they find themselves in, and thus, they can lose the essence of their personality, if indeed they possess a great deal of empathy to connect to different strengths and weaknesses of those close to them. And,  their levelheadedness allows them to see both sides of the truth,  which allows them to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of everything.

Individuals born under mutable signs despise pressure; you can tell, their bitter side can come to light and meddle with their ability to adapt if they notice that their environment isn't the way they wish it was. And they will push themselves to find a way to improve time and time again without discovering the true reason that they are being pressured.

All of these are common mutable signs traits, but this doesn't take away the fact that each sign has their distinctive features, and because of this, we'll analyze a few. 

Gemini, the true duality of mutable signs

Represented by twins, those born between 22 May and 21 June are highly versatile and adaptable people that are great multitaskers, something that Mercury brings this sign, the messenger of the gods, as their ruling planet.

In broad terms they are brilliant beings, that are very innocent due to their extremely active brain; they're very agile and sharp, and they may be interested in a ton of different subjects, although they usually don't get into any in-depth. 

The Gemini twins never stop, they're always up to date on the latest news when it comes to absolutely everything, and this mutable sign is very sociable with a magnetic personality and sympathy for all of the other signs of the horoscope.

This duality can also cause this mutable zodiac sign to save everyone else but themselves. Geminis would do anything to get all of their friends and family members into a marvelous plan, and when everyone is finally convinced, they change their mind because they found something that they like more. Could someone possibly be more mutable?

Sagittarius: the definition of a mutable sign

Here is one mutable zodiac sign that is attracted to physical and emotional risk since it seems so stimulating and exciting to them. Those born under Sagittarius are represented by an archer.

In fact,  their words on many  occasions  are arrows loaded with directness.  Sagittarius tends to speak before thinking about the consequences. In fact, they are famous for these mistakes.

They tend to have a childlike way about them since they give off happiness and cheer, and they take on each day as if it were a game, and as a consequence of all of this, they aren't the best when it comes to taking on responsibilities.

This mutable sign can't stand injustice, and even less when people doubt their integrity; of course, you have to be very careful  not to confuse their real arguments with the theatrical show that they tend to put on. 

Virgo, the shyest sign

What stands out in Virgo is their solitary condition, of a quiet, introverted, and in the end, shy individual, that doesn't seem to enjoy society much.  When this mutable sign is at events they feel that they are wasting their time, and they start to pace from one side to the other, revealing their restlessness to everyone.

In spite of this trait, they are realistic beings, that are highly practical and hard workers; in reference to the latter, this mutable sign doesn't tolerate idleness around them. Meticulous and tidy, those born between 24 August and 23 September are organized in all aspects of their life,  and they have an excellent eye for detail; so much so, that they notice any mistakes that other people make.

Those that belong to this mutable sign tend to be constantly worried and tense, due to their endless ability to work and desire to always have everything under control, which can provoke psychosomatic stomach pain.

Pisces, the mutable water sign

Of the three water signs, which includes Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, the last one is the only mutable sign that's entirely aquatic, and that  stands out for its passiveness, and tendency to go with the flow and to avoid fighting the current. Of course, if someone from this mutable sign goes against this tendency, and they fight the current, they'll stand out amongst the rest.

Naturally at ease (and known for health struggles), Pisces doesn't tend to be attracted by power or material possessions; for this sign, the freedom to dream is more important than all of the riches in the world.

Pisces are calm, and rarely have violent reactions; their peace can be quite frankly astonishing.

Those born between 20 February and 20 March tend to be attracted by artistic and creative activities as long as their sensitivity isn't hurt; they tend to be artists, and few Pisces do well in the world of finance or business, for example.

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