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The 3 Noblest Signs of the Zodiac: Taurus, Libra and Aquarius

Have you ever wondered what zodiac sign that truly kind-hearted person that you know is?

Two people holding hands as a sign of friendship
Empathy is one of Aquarius' main features. | Magic Horoscope

We can try to define the entertaining people with warm auras that we value so much in our lives by talking about kindness, good intentions, and authentic and genuine values. But, they all have one thing in common; something profound that forms a part of their deepest most intimate essence, nobility. So, if you want to find out which signs of the zodiac are the noblest, keep reading, and we’ll tell you which virtues characterize these three horoscopes.



The 3 Noblest Signs of the Zodiac

Have you ever wondered what zodiac sign that truly kind-hearted person that you know is? They’re most likely one of these three signs.


Among the noblest signs of the zodiac, we find Taurus. This perseverant defender of traditional values, never questions where the line lies between good and evil,  because for them it’s obvious, and nothing could push them to break these rules, written or unwritten.

Along with their stubbornness, the natural nobility of the zodiac’s bull is one of their most well- known traits. This precise marriage of characteristics is what reinforces this sense of innate loyalty even further. This means that Taurus isan unconditional friend, a committed worker at their company,  or a person that doesn’t need to be reminded what the true meaning of honor, honesty, and commitment is.

For this reason, this good zodiac sign is known to be someone that their allies can always count on without expecting anything in return. Sometimes they’re thought to be more rational than emotional, but in reality, their decisions are always thought out with the intention of keeping those they love safe, and always out of respect, empathy, and their most human side.  A genuinely noble spirit, yes sir.

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If there’s anyone that represents the spirit of universal justice, it’s Libra, the horoscope’s scales, and one of the noblest signs of the zodiac. Although for many Libra is thought to be the defender of lost causes, they’re really idealists that believe in unwritten laws that would protect the equilibrium of a fairer world.  Their motivation in life is to do what’s in their hands to contribute to a noble cause.

The generous nature of Libra, combined with their incredible communicative capacity, is the perfect marriage of traits that are capable of changing the minds of those that they interact with in their daily lives. Some famous Libras have learned to take advantage of their influence to start movements towards the creation of a more just world. This was John Lennon’s case (one of the most famous Libras that best represents the essence of this sign) when he dedicated his life to activism.

Also, those born under this sign which is one of the noblest can recognize their defects in the humblest of ways, and with absolute sincerity. Lies just don’t fit into Libra’s philosophy on life.  Those around them don't always accept this because sometimes the truth can be crude and hard to digest.

However, when they’re forced to deal with delicate matters, their noble spirit acts together with their way with words. This combination allows them to  transmit their desired message in the gentlest way possible.  In doing this, they’re able to avoid hurting the person that they’re dealing with. This graceful gesture confirms Libra as one of the noblest signs of the zodiac.

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Aquarius’ selfless and infinite generosity establishes them as the third (although not necessarily in this order) noblest sign of the zodiac.  If there’s anyone eager to give themselves completely to contribute to a cause that benefits those that they love the most, it’s this sign. Aquarians are all about authentic kindness, without wanting anything more than to do their best in each and every step of their lives.

Thanks to the extreme sensitivity that characterizes this sign, they possess a rare ability to understand those that trust them when it comes time to share their most intimate concerns. Aquarius’s empathy is one of their virtues  that leads them to truly deserve their place as one of the noblest signs of the zodiac. And of course, they’re always open to helping others that approach them due to the abilities that have earned them this title. Who could possibly better than you, Aquarius?

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