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Past Lives: How to Know Who You Were in Your Past Lives

Discover the secrets linked to reincarnation, the signs that tell you whether you had past lives, and who you were in them

Reincarnation is a common belief in many cultures and religions and is perhaps man’s desire to live other lives different from our own. We find reincarnation and the concept of other lives for thousands of years in the Celtic, Greek, Asian and Indian traditions, for example.

A very common question among advocates of reincarnation is how to know who I was in my past lives, a question that doesn't have an individual answer. In your past lives, were you a member of Royalty, maybe a revolutionary, maybe a craftsman? What's more, why have I fallen in love with my partner at first glance, are there perhaps souls who find each other in other lives? 

The possibilities, as well as the questions, are many without a doubt, but basically, it can be affirmed that we all have a deep feeling within us that allows us to think that we have experienced other lives, that in the past we have had other experiences.

Signs that you have had past lives

Reincarnation is the spiritual belief that the soul leaves the body in its physical death and re-enters another physical body after spending a brief time in the spirit world, the space between lives. Some people return to heal their Karma, others to develop their souls even further, and others choose to help others evolve.

If we analyse the line of our own experience, we will find a series of signals that take us back to other lives. For example, being able to read peoples thoughts from an early age, understand their behaviours and anticipate their way of acting. This would be because you have interacted with thousands of people throughout the history of your soul, and it does not make you a judge but an observer. Many people manage to become true lie detectors because of what has been experienced in other lives, in the so-called past lives. 

Another sign of the universe  that invites us to think about previous lives is the enjoyment of loneliness and isolation. And that is how the human being manages to find himself, proving that you need nobody to validate your self-esteem. And that self-esteem comes from one's relationship with his spirituality, not the approval of those around you.

In fact, the development of our own personality, our tastes from the earliest childhood, our conversation topics, everything, could have an origin in remote times, in other lives that we fail to decipher, but that make us unique within the mass, even in family reunions. And being conventional is, for many, something totally strange.

How to know who you were in your past lives

How can I know if what I'm living in this moment is a reincarnation, that this is not the first life I live on earth? According to experts, there are different ways to know if you have lived in this world before, although without a doubt, the most widespread is regression.

It consists of going to a therapist who, through hypnosis, moves us to another time and another place, which helps us discover who we were, what we have lived before arriving here. It should be noted that Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung are among the pioneers in the investigation of the regression hypnosis to learn about other lives.

Another way of knowing how to know who you were in your past lives is through meditation. You have to focus on yourself, and feel through intuition if you have lived before, or you could take some time to think about some of the characteristics you have as a person and see if it implies that you could have them in a reincarnation, that these habits come from other lives.

In this sense, we can highlight the fact of being especially gifted for an art or profession, to naturally play an instrument without having taught, be especially agile in the practice of a sport, among other points, that would invite us to think that our potential was already active in other past lives.

We can also include here, for example, the fact of feeling especially good spontaneously in certain environments or places that should be strange to us, and which would be an indication that some time ago, in other lives, we were happy in those same circumstances. 

The same can be pointed out regarding whether we like someone or not at first glance(souls that are in other lives, and whose experience is still valid), whether we have unfounded and persistent fears in certain matters (weapons, animals, water, fire) or that when studying history we have a special predilection for a specific time.

A few last notes on other lives

Reincarnation, or the rebirth of energy, is something that happens around us in different ways every day. Perhaps it is for this reason that for many men and women the subject reincarnation sounds like something intuitive, natural, that connects us with the essence of life. 

And it is something that we see that our daily life, in everything that surrounds us, that follows a pattern basic of change, growth, transformation and evolution. We see that all life goes through a maturation process at different speeds, and why could this not happen with our soul, our spirit?

Thus, for many, the process of maturation of the soul through the process of reincarnation  seems as normal as any other process of maturation in life.