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Perfect Christmas Gifts for Men Based on Their Zodiac

Our editors are here to bring you the most coveted Christmas gifts for men based on their zodiac

A man with Christmas gifts
Perfect Christmas Gifts for Men Based on Their Zodiac | iSTOCK

We're about to enter what, for some, is possibly the best time of the year.  For others, however, Christmas time represents a nightmare and would probably come last on the list of favorite holidays. The reality is that finding the right gift for our loved ones can be a tricky endeavor.  

Simply put, one person's perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy with their family and friends is another one's terror, as Christmas entails more work and potential headaches than any other time of the year.  

The reality is, we can't avoid all the partying that is about to take place and we can't by-pass gift shopping either! So, to make everyone's life easier, Magic Horoscope has compiled a list of the perfect Christmas gifts for men based on their zodiac. 


Perfect Christmas gifts for men based on their zodiac

More often than not, Christmas shopping represents an inconvenient affair and an obstacle in the way of thoroughly enjoying the holidays. The reason is not only the massive amounts of money that you'll need to spend but also the stress of finding the right present for everyone. 

As years go by, our bank of ideas gets depleted, and it's important to refresh them once in a while, stay on top of the latest offers and product releases. The primary objective is to avoid feeling overwhelmed and enjoying the Christmas holidays stress-free. 

Christmas gifts ideas for men based on their zodiac

Historically, men have claimed that women are complicated when it comes to buying them presents but let's not forget that  finding the perfect gift for a man is no walk in the park  either. To mitigate this challenging situation, we have compiled a list of the best Christmas presents for men based on their zodiac signs. 

aries logoGift ideas for Aries

Aries' inner fire means this zodiac sign will not settle for just anything, and therefore,  to find the best Christmas presents for an Aries man you need to think things through and stay away from token gifts. You can do much better for the adrenaline-loving, energy-filled Aries. 

Video games could offer the perfect solution to your predicament. Gaming provides an outlet to release energy and appeals to problem-solving skills which are ideal focus areas for an Aries. You could also try getting him  a punching ball, or a boxer's speedball which could help release tension, and all of this without even leaving the comfort of his own home. 

taurus logoGift ideas for Taurus

Taurus natives are passionate about anything that pleases them and stimulates their senses. They also tend to value material things, so any gift that will evoke luxury will make them go crazy with joy. 

Our recommendation is to go with something classic as it might be the best way of getting him the perfect present. One idea would be to engulf his senses in the best cologne  you can find (which doesn't necessarily means the most expensive). Or maybe appeal to his sensuality and find a gift set of erotic toys; he'll not only go wild with excitement, but he'll also want to try all of them as soon as possible!

Discover the best ideas for Christmas gifts for Taurus men. | Magic Horoscope

gemini logoGift ideas for Gemini

Want to know what the perfect Christmas gifts are for Gemini men? Your best bet will be anything that challenges their unsatiable minds. The Gemini's psyche is a universe in itself waiting to be discovered, although not everyone is prepared to do so. During this time of the year, Geminis reveal their inner child, and similarly to all children, Geminis look like they enjoy opening the presents more than actually "playing" with them. 

Having said all of this, perhaps the option that incorporates all the elements that make  a great gift is a magic game: there are many interesting ones available on the market, with a wide range of prices. If anything else fails, you can always opt for a Virtual Reality headset given the Gemini's man incredible curiosity. 

cancer logoGift ideas for Cancer

To discover what the perfect Christmas presents for a Cancer man are, we should keep in mind three main aspects of his personality: extremely emotional, enjoys the comfort of his home, and the love he has for his close friends and family. The native Cancer is indeed a child at heart but, unlike other signs, Cancers know how to hide it better. 

All the signs lead in the direction of the perfect Christmas present, and if you've been paying attention to your Cancer man, you'll surely find it. For example, you could  surprise  him with a motor racing system; you could try Scalextric,  which brings together the excitement of car racing and the comfort of his home.

Another great idea would be to get him  a personalized cushion, either with a cute picture of the two of you or with an inspirational message. You'll appeal to his sensitive side and win him over instantly. 

leo logoGift ideas for  Leo

Finding a good present for a Leo shouldn't represent too big a challenge.  Although he is the king of the Zodiac, Leo also has a tender side that despite his grand ego manages to surface. Continue reading if you're looking for the perfect gift for your Leo man. 

Leo natives have a preference for luxury items and anything to do with living comfortably, so a great idea would be a nice bottle of Chardonnay. You could also play on Leo's sense of humor and get him a personalized mirror that reads "Most handsome man in the world!".  This way, you'll strike two birds with one stone, you'll make him laugh but also show him that he's the center of your universe, which will give him a sense of immense pride and satisfaction. 

virgo logoGift ideas for Virgo

The representative sign for shyness and perfectionism, Virgo, is perhaps one of the easiest zodiac signs to find a present for. Virgo men don't have any delusions of grandeur nor ostentatious aspirations which is why you'll find it quite easy to please him. 

A safe bet would be finding  a present which is just as unique as he is: a mural or a wall sticker  which will add an instant touch of elegance and charm to his home. You'll be able to find a variety of designs at affordable prices. Another good idea would be a wine and beer cooler which will appeal to Virgo's practical side  and show him you've been paying attention to what sets him aside from the rest. 

libra logoGift ideas for Libra

One of the most captivating signs of the Zodiac deserves a Christmas gift as fascinating as he is to those around him. Although it may sound tricky, Virgos are pacifistic and optimistic individuals, and you're likely to get it right. This doesn't mean, however, that you can get him just anything, and that's why we are ready with suggestions for the perfect Christmas gift.

Firstly, you must keep in mind that someone as level-headed as a Libra man needs incredible reserves of patience which is why we recommend getting him a meditation tapestry, ideal for balancing his positive energies. Another interesting fact about Libras is that they have a certain tendency toward excesses which is why sushi typically goes flying off of tables when a Libra is around. Therefore, a great idea to awaken the glutton in him is to give him a sushi kit to experiment with at home and in case he's not a big fan of cooking, you can always get him sushi candy or some funky socks  with a sushi pattern. 

scorpio logoGift ideas for Scorpio

We're finally looking at the most charismatic and surprising sign of them all. If you want to know what the best gift for a Scorpio man is you need to keep the following in mind: this zodiac sign is capable of emotions and goodness far beyond most people's perception. This is why some might find him a good gift, but very few will be capable of filling his heart with the joy of a perfect present. 

Given this insight, you can make a Scorpio man feel like a child again by giving him the latest smartphone hologram projector.  If you want to outdo yourself though, you should opt for something hand-made like an Advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree full of pictures of you two. He will feel like the luckiest man in the world!

sagittarius logoGift ideas for Sagittarius

What would be the perfect Christmas gift for a Sagittarius man? The truth is you don't need to kill yourself over this, remember that less is more as long as you keep in mind this fire sign's favorite things to do. As long as your gift has something to do with traveling and freedom, then you are on the right track. 

If you want to make your Sagittarius man smile then  we recommend a photo camera that will allow him to capture every moment of his adventures. In case this represents too big of an investment then  you can always go with a gift voucher to a sports' shop. This way he can feel free to choose exactly what he wants, and he'll also appreciate that you know him so well. 

capricorn logoGift ideas for Capricorn

When shopping for a Christmas present for your man based on his zodiac sign, you should know that with Capricorns it's a matter of understanding their personality. The gift should also have some educational value, considering how Capricorns never tire of learning new things, as well as being one of the most curious signs in the Zodiac.

After giving you so many clues, we're going to come right out and tell you that  the best present for your man is a 3D puzzle of something he's interested in (think about all the time you'll have to put it together) or an entrance for an Escape room.  This would be an exciting option as it would test all his abilities and you're sure to find something he likes. 

aquarius logoGift ideas for Aquarius

It's easy to find a present for  the most selfless and generous sign in the Zodiac, but perhaps because of this very fact, you should get your Aquarius man something as unique as he is. You have to show him how much he means to you with a thoughtful present which will fill him with pride. 

You could choose between two options, equally successful. Either give him something that connects with his spiritual side and helps him strengthen his bond with the Universe such as an aromatherapy pack or personalized gift cards. Use your imagination and drive him crazy!

pisces logoGift ideas for Pisces

The sweet Pisces only wants to spend time with his loved ones and would give up all the presents in the world if he could spend more time with family and friends.  A native Pisces would benefit significantly from a gift that would help him maintain his calm and control the powerful feelings that reside within his wild heart. 

This is why  a Tibetan bowl or a picnic backpack would be ideal for a Pisces. The dish will help him meditate and relax, a perfect present for someone who is always on edge, and the backpack will give him the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones outdoors.