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5 Qualities That Make Cancer Your Best Friend

These are the features that make your zodiac sign the most suitable one for a lasting friendship

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5 Qualities That Make Cancer Your Best Friend | iSTOCK

The Moon’s influence on Cancer people leads them to experience emotional ups and downs, which makes them hide in their shell when they feel threatened. When it comes to friendship, protection, empathy and affection are the qualities that make Cancer your best friend. Next, you can discover all their virtues.

Although they often prefer to be alone, Cancer natives also have time for social events, when they show themselves as loving friends that are capable of expressing a great deal of love and of demonstrating sincere loyalty. 

Cancers natives are not always realistic and they can often seem immature; but then again, they provide confidence and comfort when a friend needs emotional support.

Cancer’s virtues as a friend

Cancer’s susceptibility also becomes a major concern, since they do not want to hurt their friends’ sensitivity and, sometimes, that makes them condescending. Among the many qualities of Cancer natives as friends, there is their ability to reconcile their internal conflicts.

1. Sensitivity

Being a water element that has the Moon’s fluctuating influence makesCancer one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. These people face all aspects of life from an emotional point of view. For them, friendship is also an undeniable emotional commitment born of the love that is driven through affection.

For Cancer natives, friendship is not only about having fun and intelligent conversations, but it also means hugs, kisses and a lot of physical contact. Besides, with gestures and words, Cancer natives are able to express all their love to their closest friends. 

In fact, Cancer is not one of the most sociable zodiac signs and that is why they have very few friends. However, when they strengthen a relationship of sincere friendship, the natives of this sign do their best for the well-being of their friends and frequently demonstrate their loyalty with displays of affection.

2. Empathy 

From their great sensitivity, Cancer natives develop a great empathetic power that turns them into ideal friends when dealing with problems. The natives of the Crab are the typical people who, far from being judgmental about their friends when are told a secret, try to offer their understanding and support for the well-being of others.

Although they may sometimes have a somewhat conservative view of life, you can openly talk to them about everything, as you will always find in them a faithful and loyal friend who will demonstrate a sincere understanding of your problems. With their empathy, they make you feel in good company by showing you the warmth and affection that will make you play down any problem.

Cancer natives can see their friends’ problems as their own and, sometimes, they get so emotionally involved that it becomes invasive. However, they are also reasonable people and, if you ask for a little more space, they will back away without a fuss.

3. Protection 

What makes Cancer such a special zodiac sign is their exceptional sensitivity to pain, both to their own and the other’s pain. When it comes to the people they love the most, they are able to develop a great sense of protection and show the courage they do not normally exhibit. Then, Cancer natives come out of their shell and become brave and tough.

However, their most common way to show protection is through affection: they open the doors of their hearts, and of their own homes, whenever a good friend needs them. In the warm world of Cancer, one feels safe and comforted, and problems take on a much more relative dimension.

Cancer natives are able to comfort their friends with only words, although they also tend to show their love with physical contact. On very extreme occasions, they can even put their own safety at risk to protect you.

4. Altruism 

One of Cancer’s ways to demonstrate their loyalty is altruism.  It comes out in a spontaneous way because it is characteristic of their personality. Since they usually give more importance to other people’s well-being than to their own, when it comes to giving, they usually forget their own interests and give everything without expecting anything in return.

In fact, Cancer natives have a great attachment to material things, but this obsession is born of their need for stability and security. Actually, their material attachment is subjected to their emotional dimension. When a friend experiences economic hardship, they will not hesitate to help that person. However, when they are the ones who are struggling, they find it difficult to ask for help.

Even though Cancer natives pay close attention to money and finances, their interest does not play any role in the way they understand their relationships with others. The natives of the Crab also show their love with small gifts for their friends. They just feel like doing it! 

5. Guidance

The Moon’s influence on Cancer’s personality turns them into very special people who are capable of reaching a sensitive dimension that is unintelligible to others. That is why they become very bright spiritual guides for the rest of human beings. Cancer friends are a great blessing because they allow you to unlock your spiritual world.

A Cancer friend helps you to go deeply into your emotions, to get to know yourself better and to discover sides of yourself that you ignored. They are also a stimulus to artistic creations and an invitation to deal with arts, such as painting, music and theatre, with greater sensitivity and less superficiality.

With Cancer, you will be able to explore less tangible but more rewarding aspects of life, as well as dare to develop your senses and show your affection for others. Just as they are good friends, they also invite you to show them all your love and protection.