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5 Qualities That Make Capricorn Your Best Friend

These are the traits that make a Capricorn the most suitable for a long-lasting friendship

two best friends
5 Qualities That Make Capricorn Your Best Friend | iSTOCK

Capricorn’s uniqueness when it comes to friendship comes precisely from their cold and distant character: they are friends only with those who earn their trust. That is why the qualities that make Capricorn your best friend are the greatest and purest values of friendship, such as sincerity, honesty, kindness, empathy and generosity.

However, Capricorn’s world is laid down on material interests and, with their friends, they are also ambitious and capricious. If you have a friend born between December 22 and January 20, they will teach you how to save up and choose a safer path to success and fulfilment.

Saturn’s rule offers them the virtue of responsibility and willpower that they pass on to their friends by means of unselfish commitment towards them. 


Capricorn’s virtues as a friend

As one of the earth signs, Capricorn is a guarantee of security and stability that organizes chaos and establishes support for changes. Find out Capricorn’s qualities as a friend, the zodiac sign of work and success.

1. Ambition 

Capricorn is the zodiac sign that represents effort and personal growth, as well as a pragmatic approach and accomplished goals. When it comes to friendship, Capricorn natives pass on to their friends the value of ambition as a driving force to face life with more opportunities. At their side, the most faint-hearted signs become active and competitive people.

Although this is not an active zodiac sign, but rather passive, their mindset is a winner and they have a radical optimism that always knows how to seize opportunities. When it comes to their duties, you will find a lack of emotional depth; but when it comes to their assets, you will discover the quality of their advice, a very useful guide to personal and professional fulfilment.

Some think they are too materialistic, but the truth is that they stand as an example of saving up and investing for their friends. Although they are never short of money, they are not flashy and they know how to manage their means very well. Apart from being a good friend, they are very helpful.

2. Selflessness 

If Capricorn natives have come to have so much money and enjoy the sweet taste of success, it is not due to their reckless investments or any kind of fiddle, but to their great ability to work. As one of the most hard-working zodiac signs, when it comes to friendship, Saturn’s natives do their best for their friends and strive to be useful to others.

No matter the time and situation, you will find them willing to lend you a hand and they are able to do any work for free if it is for the benefit of a good friend. However, Capricorn natives select their friends very wisely and have rather few friends, but when someone earns their trust, that person will find a great human capital at his service.

Capricorn friends can be cheap and somewhat capricious, but it is because they prefer to teach their friends to overcome problems and earn a living with their own fair hands. In the long run, Capricorn’s method is much more productive. 

3. Honesty

One of the advantages of relying on Capricorn’s friendship is that they always tell you the truth, however bitter it may seem. Since they do not have many emotional filters, this is not a particularly sensitive zodiac sign and they are not afraid of hurting other people’s sensitivity. When they trust someone, such as a good friend, they express their harsh criticism.

Also, in the long run, Capricorn’s plain honesty manages to turn those around them into much better and more competitive people. The principles of these people when it comes to human relations are unwavering, which also makes them very loyal people who demand, in return, the same honesty.

Capricorn hates betrayal and does not usually give a second chance.  Instead, they are very tolerant people and, in the same way that they are sincere and critical of others, they also accept honesty and criticism as long as it is meant to make them better. 

4. Patience

Among Capricorn’s qualities, there are the serenity and patience with which they face life. Their selfless character makes them immune to attacks and they are able to endure great affronts impassively and to prove with facts that others are wrong. As a friend, Capricorn is a haven of peace and shows great restraint.

One of their ways to show patience is that they are always willing to listen to you and they put up with your silliness stoically. Capricorn natives consider friendship almost as if it were a profession, and understand that their job as a friend is also to understand the complexity of others and accept relationships with their pros and cons. 

Capricorn is able to endure hours and hours of confessions and conversations with a friend who is having a hard time. Their patience is also their source of serenity, which is necessary to draw reasonable conclusions and find the best solution for their problems. 

5. Kindness

The image of Capricorn as distant and rude people comes from ignorance.  They are distrustful and they take their time to strengthen their friendships. However, in their close circle, they show themselves as very kind friends who try, whenever they can, to make those around them laugh and encourage them every time they feel sad.

Although it may seem hard to believe, Capricorn natives are people endowed with great optimism who try to face the hardship of life with a smile. If you have a Capricorn friend, you will realize that they are a real blessing, because, apart from trying so hard and putting up with everything with patience and selflessness, they always find a reason to be happy

Therefore, Capricorn natives try to fill their emotional deficiencies and their low energy with their willpower. Also, they always do their best to infect those around them with their sweetness and kindness. It is impossible not to love them just the way they are!