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5 Qualities That Make Gemini Your Best Friend

These are the traits that make a Gemini the most suitable one for a long-lasting friendship

5 Qualities That Make Gemini Your Best Friend | iSTOCK

The stars influence a person’s personality, and it also has an impact on the way they relate to others. The funny and communicative character of the natives ruled by Mercury, and their intelligence, which is determined by the air element, define the qualities that make Gemini your best friend. Find out more about them in this article. 

As a representative of the duality of the mind, Gemini is a very versatile sign, endowed with great energy that, when it comes to friendship, is a guarantee for fun, although it can also lead to contradictory feelings and sensations. 

In order to thoroughly value Gemini’s virtues as a friend, you need to be very patient, but the reward is a cheerful friend endowed with great energy.


Gemini’s virtues as a friend

Although loyalty is not one of their great qualities, Gemini natives provide many advantages to their closest friendships. They make up for their lack of stability with a great deal of optimism and fun. Gemini’s virtues as a friend are the following:

1. Communication

Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini natives, represents the ability to express oneself and reflect on things; and so,  it passes on a special gift for mixing with others. The planet of communication makes its natives be prone to social relations; so, this is one of the friendliest signs of the zodiac.

Gemini natives are always surrounded by friends, and it is very easy to establish relationships with them. They have a cheerful character and a weakness for humour that turns them into likeable people that seem very attractive to others. They love parties and social events, where they mix with others with great ease and versatility.

When it comes to their strongest friendships, Gemini natives always take the initiative with long conversations, full of nuances and wit. Although they sometimes struggle to be consistent in their affection, they are great when giving advice.

Gemini is also a zodiac sign that has a high tolerance towards differences in their genes, which allows you to approach them with the guarantee that you will not be judged.

2. Fun 

Indeed, the unstable and volatile character of the Twins turns them into contradictory people, because they sometimes have great impulses that are manifested in great energy, but other times, they suddenly feel bored, so they disappear or fall apart. However, Gemini has the spirit of a child, which is always very refreshing.

Gemini is a zodiac sign endowed with great optimism, which comes from their natural liveliness. That is why they see reality full of possibilities and with great hope. When you feel sad and melancholic, they are the ideal friend to turn to, because they are able to change your mood with their activities and clever jokes.

Gemini’s great intensity as a friend goes through different phases and, sometimes, it is very present while others, it is lacking. But they manage to charm people with their laughter and, in the long run, you will be able to value those moments with your Gemini friends. 

3. Social life

Especially for those zodiac signs that are more reserved and reluctant to social relations, Gemini friends are a blessing, because they expand the horizons of exchanges with other people. Gemini, influenced by Mercury’s rule, opens the path of communication, which makes the relationship with other people easier.

Furthermore, Gemini is a very active sign that needs to do things constantly, so they do not get bored. This great energy, as well as their great optimism and ease of communication, lead them to social events and to inviting their friends with them, especially those whose zodiac sign is more lonely and melancholic.

Having a Gemini friend provides a magical opportunity to socialize, to leave home when you are depressed, and to meet new people when you need expansion. If you stick to them and learn from their spontaneity, you can acquire their social skills to make friends at the busiest parties and events.

4. Intelligence

Since this is an air sign, Gemini’s nature makes their actions be ruled by their intellect. This turns them into people endowed with great creativity and a lot of artistic sensitivity, especially in the field of music and visual arts. Moreover, Gemini’s naughty character combined with their intelligence turn them into very curious people.

Having a Gemini friend is an invitation to do all kinds of activities, also in the intellectual field. With them, you can visit exhibitions and go to concerts, as well as get projects started, in which you can release all your creative concerns. The exchange of ideas flows with special ease, which seems to be stimulating.

Gemini is a capricious sign and, sometimes, they can become great manipulators, but deep down, they have no evil and they always end up relying on their honesty. When things get serious, Gemini is able to show you the reality with surprising clarity, so you can distinguish the irrelevant from the essential.

5. Independence 

As friends, Gemini natives have some emotional deficiencies caused by their lack of perseverance: when they find a situation that is not very funny, they simply lose interest and disappear. However, this lack of attachment also makes them a very independent sign that sees human relationships in a non-invasive way and with great respect for the individual. 

Gemini natives can support and protect their friends when they find themselves in a difficult situation. Just as they require their personal space, they are not very prone to cross certain lines and behave in a very intense way. 

That is why it is often difficult to establish a very close relationship with a Gemini friend. However, in the long run, one comes to truthfully appreciate the qualities of the Twins as a kind and intelligent friend who firmly respects other people’s personal space.