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5 Qualities That Make Leo Your Best Friend

Read about the traits that make a Leo the most suitable sign for a long-lasting friendship

Best friends in the mountain
5 Qualities That Make Leo Your Best Friend | iSTOCK

The people born under the Sun’s rule are impulsive, bright and arrogant, and have a bad reputation for being selfish and vain. However, the qualities that make Leo your best friend range from their lucidity and the kindness born out of radical optimism to loyalty, sincerity and the honesty with which they treat their loved ones.

Having Leo friends provides many benefits, because not only are they generous and give good advice, but they are also an example of ambition and leadership that help weaker signs to build their self-esteem and face life with more hope.

They are always in a good mood, and their theatrical behaviour rubs off on those around them. With them, you will be able to carry out many activities and be infected by their energy. Leo natives are always surrounded by friends, but they take care of their true friends in a special way.


Leo’s virtues as a friend

Although they are always somewhat self-centred and need to be the focus of attention without anyone outshining them, in the important moments of life, Leo natives would do anything for their friends. Find out Leo’s qualities as a friend, a very social sign.

1. Lucidity 

Leo natives are ruled by the king star, the Sun, which lights up the path when darkness looms. From the entire zodiac, Leos are the best friends to provide lucidity in times of confusion, showing the way forward and guiding their friends in the face of doubts and obstacles. In the end, their advice is always the right one.

Although many believe that Leo natives are selfish and vain, they actually make up for their flaws with a great will to protect their loved ones. If you have a Leo friend, you are in good hands: they are independent and not very affectionate, but then again they always help you when you need them. They get you out of any problem with their brilliant ideas.

Make the most of all the virtues of your Leo friend. They can teach you to think more clearly, to see life from a new perspective and to face problems with their fascinating mixture of impulse and rationality. Leo, as a friend, is a guiding light.

2. Optimism 

As one of the fire signs, Leo is ruled by action and impulse.  That makes it a joyful and lively zodiac sign with whom you can carry out all kinds of activities. Besides, they are an invaluable source of optimism that makes you smile when you are sad and feeds your joy when you are euphoric. Stick to your Leo friend and life will be more colourful.

In the face of any problem, Leo friends always advise you to face your troubles with courage and move from thoughts to action. With them, you will learn to abandon your fears and become the master of your own life, a more determined and decisive person.

For the most gloomy and reserved signs, Leo is an amazing light that rescues souls from the darkest corners to take them to exciting new places. Moreover, Leo is a very social zodiac sign, they are always surrounded by friends, and their company infects you with their good mood and attraction, their magnetism and ease for social relations. 

3. Energy

Many zodiac signs also lack that touch of energy that allows you to face the day with liveliness and so, they do not take advantage of all the potential they have within themselves. Leo friends are the best to pass on to others their powerful energy reserves that are used to assert their authority over the rest and become the protagonists. If you do not outshine them, you can take advantage of their impulse.

Sometimes, unconsciously, it is very easy to get infected by Leo’s energy and imitate their qualities and their way of doing things. Gradually, you will become an ambitious and more confident person, with that will to lead that rules their character, which every time will seem more natural and attractive to you.

Leo natives are also people with a great sense of humour. Due to their need to attract other people’s attention and be the focus of everything, they bring out the most theatrical side of their personality. With them, you will laugh all day long and you will always need your daily dose of their silliness. They are addictive!

4. Self-esteem

Leo is not only a loyal and protective friend but also a role model.  Their great confidence and natural leadership skills are an example to many zodiac signs with clear deficiencies in this aspect. Leo friends can teach the more passive and insecure zodiac signs to build their self-esteem and rely more on their abilities.

Certainly, Leo natives often focus their full potential on developing their own skills: the universe revolves around them. However, they can also help their friends bring out the best in themselves, turn them into potential leaders, and get rid of their complexes in a more spontaneous way.

One of Leo’s favourite fields is aesthetics and fashion. With a Leo friend, you can go shopping and dress in the latest fashion without thinking about what people will say. They teach you to develop a stronger personality and dare to dress in an original way.

5. Honesty 

Leo people can sometimes be selfish and vain; but, deep down, their hearts are guided by nobility and honesty. When it comes to the shallowest things, Leos can develop their most negative traits. However, when things get serious, they show their true personality, surprising their closest friends with their sincere and loyal attitude.

If you have problems related to love or family, Leo will give you good advice from the most ethical and moral values, demonstrating great maturity. If you are short of money or have trouble at work, Leo will lend you money without thinking twice; but, above all, they will teach you how to overcome those problems with greater ambition and a desire for leadership. 

Leo friends can be vain and arrogant and, sometimes, difficult to get on with due to their indifference and independence. However, when it comes to essential things, they prove to be sincere friends that have a great sense of loyalty. You can always count on them.