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5 Qualities That Make Libra Your Best Friend

These are the traits that make a Libra suitable for a long-lasting friendship

Libra’s virtues as a friend | iSTOCK

The way someone treats their loved ones is also determined by the personality traits that are subjected to astrology. Among the qualities that make Libra your best friend, there is their natural inclination towards harmony, which makes them kind and balanced people that have great charming skills.

Libra is one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac. When the natives of this sign go to social events, they are always surrounded by friends. When it comes to sincere and true friendship, they demonstrate their loyalty determinedly and offer their full potential.

Friendship with a Libra does not grow stronger overnight,  since reaching their heart is not easy; they are distrustful. Next, you will find out Libra’s virtues as a friend.


Libra’s virtues as a friend

They catch your attention with their charm and their taste for enjoyment, but then, you discover very complex people that you have to know in depth to earn their trust and enjoy all the traits that make them special. Libra’s qualities as a friend are the following:

1. Balance

The oldest civilizations have already discovered that the key to managing emotions is to find the right balance. From the entire constellation, Libra, influenced by Venus, is the zodiac sign that is more prone to that balance. When it comes to friendship, Libra natives help their loved ones find harmony in their body, psyche and spirit.

They are not among the most active friends, nor are they the perfect example of an emotional nature. They are often shy, enigmatic and rough, but they have a great intelligence provided by the air element, which is directed towards the purification of excesses in order to achieve a just and balanced personality. They are both a values transmitter and a role model.

There are many things that Libra natives cannot bear; so if you have those things, they will let you know. Having a Libra friend means enjoying life without depriving yourself of pleasures; but, at the same time, giving up excesses and finding a middle ground for everything.

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2. Mediation 

Many regard Libra as the zodiac sign that is more prone to love and friendship because they have the gift to bring peace in their genes. In Libra’s world, the opposites must coexist in harmony, which means that tolerance must have priority over extremes. When a conflict arises, Libra natives place themselves at the service of mediation.

When there is a Libra in a group of friends, arguments never end up in breakups because, with their sweetness and kindness, they help the opponents to empathize with each other. The gift of diplomacy gives them a great power of conviction that calms down the most rebellious spirits and mitigates extremism with high efficiency.

That is why friendships with Libra are often led along the paths of peace and harmony. You can always ask for their help when solving conflicts with other friends, your partner or your family. Having a friend like that is always a blessing.

3. Serenity 

There are always moments of despair and stress in life that require the help of a friend, and  then you can see their true personality.  Some friends are good because they have within themselves the stimulus that encourages people to act; others can help ease the pain like no one else thanks to their ability to protect. What can a Libra friend offer to you?

When you find yourself desperate because a serious problem has come up, or you find yourself in a time of great professional or emotional stress, or a traumatic situation has occurred, a Libra friend is like a Zen-ish remedy to take some air and pause your problems. They are very thoughtful people that will help you analyze problems with greater peace of mind. 

Certainly, Libra natives have a frivolous air about themselves. However, when things get serious, they know how to show all their support to their loved ones by conveying the peace of mind they need. They are very keen on finding in nature the ideal connection with peace and harmony

4. Good taste

What activities can you carry out with a Libra friend? They may not be the funniest people of the zodiac, but they have a very fine sense of humour that you will get to admire if you know how to appreciate it. However, they prefer artistic activities, because deep down in their soul, they have a refined sensitivity and great creative hunger.

Music, painting, sculpture, theatre, cinema… Everything that is related to art and creation is something appealing to Libra natives, who also have a very sharp critical sense. Few signs like this one have such a high sense of aesthetics, and even with all their reservations about the avant-garde, they are able to open their mind to any proposal. 

Walking through an art gallery, attending a concert or admiring the beauty of a landscape or a building is always a good opportunity to open an interesting conversation with your Libra friend,  which usually leads to a suggestive exchange of ideas.

5. Social skills

Libra natives, having Venus as their regent, have a natural elegance and beauty that make them especially attractive to other people. That is why they are often the kings and queens of public life when they attend parties and social events, something that is reinforced by their social skills. They are usually surrounded by friends. 

But you should not be deceived by appearances. Libra may have many friends, but only a few good ones because they show their most private and authentic self to the people who are truly loyal and ward off their distrust.

Libra natives have many insecurities and distrust people at first.  When you earn their trust, you discover a person with a great gift for relating to others and finding intelligent solutions to problems. Their influence as sociable people is very helpful for those zodiac signs that are shier and more restrained.