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5 Qualities That Make Sagittarius Your Best Friend

These are the traits that make a Sagittarius the most suitable for a lifetime friendship

Two friends and a skateboard
What makes a Sagittarius a good friend? | iStock

For many, Sagittarius is one of the most brilliant zodiac signs due to his optimistic and independent character, always so full of energy. The qualities that make Sagittarius your best friend are caused by Jupiter’s influence on its natives: this planet represents social expansion and opportunities.

When it comes to friendship, Sagittarius acts like an outgoing person who is always willing to make new friends and is guided by an impulse, by the desire to have fun and by the exchange of abstract ideas. You will have a great time with them as well as interesting conversations.

Sagittarius is one of the fire signs and so, they love activities. Did you know that their greatest hobby is travelling? Find out Sagittarius’ qualities as a friend.


Sagittarius’ virtues as a friend

Sagittarius is also one of the most independent zodiac signs. Generally speaking, they are the ones who take the lead when it comes to social relations. They will decide the time to get closer or to keep more distance. Sagittarius’ virtues as a friend are the following:

1. Unconditional support

As a fire sign, Sagittarius natives are impulsive people who think little of what they do and set their feelings aside. However, the fact that they are not particularly sensitive friends does not mean that you will not feel comfortable and protected by their side, because Sagittarius people are guided by unwavering principles among which loyalty is the most important one.

The zodiac points out that these people are ideal friends,  because, when one of their friends is in trouble, they do not rest until they solve the problem and see them smile again. Sagittarius natives value their own freedom highly but are able to sacrifice their own well-being to help a good friend who is having a hard time. 

Besides, they are not particularly self-interested and do not ask for anything in return.  Any help they can receive from others is gratefully accepted, but when they do something, they do it out of pure altruism. In that sense, they are one of the most trustful friends.

2. Adventure 

Sagittarius natives are also known for their recklessness. This is one of the most daring zodiac signs because they do not usually think before they act: they have an insatiable thirst for adventure. Their need to constantly feel the adrenaline rushing through their veins pushes them to drag their best friends on the craziest adventures. With them, you will get into more than one trouble!

But do you know the best thing about this? That they always come off well. The sign of the Centaur is really special, as though it were touched by a magic wand that makes its natives immune to dangers despite their unconsciousness. They are brilliant people that you end up admiring  as they are always so favored by fortune.

Sagittarius natives are very lucky people who always get it right, which rubs off on their friends. With Sagittarius, you can live the most exciting adventures and go on those thrilling trips you have always dreamed of.

3. Optimism 

Their inclination towards action and their luck makes them people with a great deal of optimism. They always face life with a smile, even when fortune turns its back on them, which attracts their luck back. Moreover, Sagittarius people are very good at passing their optimism on to others.

Sagittarius natives are very sociable people who attend social events and parties and attract others in a natural way. That is why they are always surrounded by friends. When they are among their friends, Sagittarius natives always give off positive vibes that rub off on others, so that in their presence, sadness and bad feelings fade away.

The most melancholic and pessimistic signs often surround themselves with Sagittarius friends to feel more cheerful and see life from a more optimistic point of view. Sagittarius’ advice is usually always an encouragement to turn sadness into joy with some action.

4. Abstraction 

One of the lesser-known traits of Sagittarius natives is their love to philosophize  and think about abstract things, such as religion and esotericism. That need to rise above worldly things helps them reach excellence of the spirit and, when it comes to friendship, they show their friends to appreciate knowledge and to reflect on things. 

Sagittarius is the typical friend with whom you can be rambling for hours and hours about the meaning of life, the existence of God or the value of love and friendship. They never end up reaching a fixed and firm conclusion, although they are quite stubborn and do not change their mind easily. What they like the most is to exchange thoughts, the art of reasoning.

They are also great friends when it comes to asking for their opinion because they try to provide their help by means of well-thought-out reasoning that follows logic. They are also people with a very open mind, able to break all prejudices.

5. Freedom

Many see Sagittarius’ independence as a flaw when it comes to friendship. Nothing further from the truth. Sagittarius’ independence is not synonymous with solitude, but it is born out of their strong understanding of freedom as a most precious asset. Just as they demand respect for their freedom, they also know how to keep their distance with others.

Sagittarius natives know when they can become closer to a good friend and when they have to step back and give space to relationships. Similarly, Sagittarius people give advice to their friends without expecting them to do what they want. Therefore, they become one of the least invasive zodiac signs. With them, you will always feel at ease and respected. 

In the end, Sagittarius natives always know how to set the limits of each relationship with their friends. Although you do not realize it, they control the nature of their friendships so that no one ends up being manipulated or harmed.