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How to Decorate Your Room According to Your Zodiac Sign

Get your bedroom to speak for itself as soon as you walk through its doors

Each sign has a unique and unrepeatable personality, and at the time of feeling good in a specific place, its essence also influences.  What is indispensable is having a place personal enough in your own house, to feel that space as a natural extension of yourself. So, if you want to know how to decorate your room according to your sign, here are some keys to make that intimate corner even more personal.

How to decorate your room according to your Zodiac sign

Find out how to get your bedroom to speak for itself as soon as you walk through its doors (and receive you like the place where you feel best inside).

1. Aries

Aries are energetic, impulsive and passionate...  so they need a room that goes with their impetuous mood. The high contrast of the color will help to create a visual dynamism that will favor the natural expression of their fiery essence. 

Regarding tonalities, it would be a good idea to play with contrasting tones. That is, combine colors such as cream or light beige with chocolate brown, black or maroon. 

From there, use details of warm colors but more raised in colors, such as cherry red or something in mustard, and to not saturate temperature, break a little with some cold tone, such as green, turquoise or similar.

2. Taurus

Taurus, who are the image of stability and strictness, are people that need to find their essence in their room, so it helps them to regulate their emotions when they are altered.

If you ask yourself how to decorate your room according to your Zodiac sign, resort to colors of the same color range and play with them. For example, different intensities of grey, from the darkest one to white, as well as with coffee or earth tones. By not basing yourself on too many contrasts, the harmony you seek will be present in the environment.

3. Gemini

Gemini, ethereal and creative, nothing like something that provides them with a fresh feeling to let their ideas fly and feel free in their well-being. 

To achieve a good level of brightness, use the presence of mirrors and very light colors, and to gain visual space, use only a few accessories so as not to overload the place.

However, Gemini, when decorating your room according to your sign, you can allow yourself to introduce very peculiar elements to break that neutrality. As could be inspiring messages in vinyl for some corner of your wall, or small details with vivid colors or some occasional print, but mainly cold tones.

4. Cancer

As you are sensitive, protector and affable, your most personal place in the house has to be an extension of your personality. And for you to feel as if you were inside of yourself between those four walls, add these touches to decorate your room according to your Zodiac sign: 

As for the colors, go for the one you like the most, but use its version in pastel tones, as the powdery appearance of its finishing touch softens the sensations making them more affable.

The place for the bed should create a kind of nest inside the bedroom as if it were a protected space from the rest of the room. It could be because it was sheltered in the headboard area along with the bedside tables, or because it had some canopy that came from the roof itself or the structure of the bed.

Regarding the decorations, you can play with everything that gives warmth to your space, like candles, cushions or blankets.

5. Leo

Leo's bedroom has to be a place that represents the coquetry of this sign, recreated as if it were "a space for a king to rest." The ego factor is very characteristic of this sign, so including a selection of personal black and white photographs can be in accordance with your way of feeling, in which everything revolves around you.

To sum up: Colors, intense. And the style... may the animal power of this feline be breathed!

6. Virgo

The perfectionist and meticulous Virgo needs to have everything under control. And it also happens when it comes to decorating the space where they rest; it has to be a very functional place. Everything in it has to have a meaning for it to be in the bedroom, so there can't be furniture that is there just because it's decorative. 

The ideal in this sense is to have multipurpose furniture. Neutral and natural colors make it possible to play when combining elements that are not from the same collection.

7. Libra

Are you a Libra? Well when you ask yourself how to decorate your bedroom according to your sign of air, remember the weight that the search for harmony has for you, the necessary balances in your life and ally yourself with your extreme sensitivity to beauty.

Choose the indispensable elements to cover the space needs in your room; apart from the bed, resort to those pieces of furniture that are useful for storing your clothes and personal objects (choosing them with the premise of "less is more" so as not to lose space), but also taking care that the combination of your things maintains an aesthetic harmony.

Light colors will evoke that freshness that your ideas need, and they will be your allies when it comes to allowing your mind to flit around, just as you need to reflect and think more clearly.

8. Scorpio

The extreme sensitivity and passion of Scorpio have to be things that are seen at first glance in their room. It is only in this way that the authentic being within emerges; after all, this is what it is all about, being oneself in the absolute intimacy.

The most dramatic sophistication is part of the aesthetic taste of this sign, where textiles in deep colors, such as velvet, would perfectly recreate the place where this sign spends much of its time. The combinations with noble materials (wood, leather) and of dark color will provide the elegance of base on which to decorate with breaking elements but, yes, always elegant.

9. Sagittarius

The most adventurous and intellectual among the elements of fire needs to feel (even in his own house) as if he were in a place far from the world to get his most passionate side out. Simplicity, yes, is vital, but also aesthetic harmony, as well as noticing that its essence is present everywhere.

Natural materials are a great bet: wood, raffia, bamboo, cotton, linen... with simple designs.  The green color of a plant, even if it's part of a print or wallpaper for some of the walls, will help those born under this sign to feel more in their beloved nature. In the same way that the details in turquoise color will evoke the marine waters that make you dream awake.

10. Capricorn

If we think of the need for solidity to feel at ease with this earth sign, (which needs to have everything under control), we have to start by providing a place that makes you perceive a certain sense of durability.

To do so, nothing like decorating your room according to your sign, with classical designs that don't seem old-fashioned, with robust materials capable of withstanding the passage of time, as well as colors in the range of earth tones but of different intensities.

There has to be a place to be able to sit down to write or work if the concerns about their projects make them get out of bed. 

11. Aquarius

The most hippy of the signs of the Zodiac, with their ethereal spirit, require their bedroom to be like a piece of their dreaming soul. There is only one clear law in this sense; that their unpredictable and contradictory soul finds its place in that space.

They need elements that encourage movement, like a kind of hanging egg-shaped chair-nest, or ambient light lamps that can change shape or location. In any case, the thing is to let that creative side linked to the movement that characterizes them out.

Perhaps it's not so much a question of maintaining an aesthetic criterion as of allowing you to create a place that inspires you to dream. The color violet is associated with those mental states in which creativity flows much better.

12. Pisces

And to end, if you are Pisces and you ask yourself how to decorate your room according to your sign, don't doubt that the best present for your sensitive soul is to create a kind of refugee in your room, which is the heart of your home.

It has to be a place where you feel that sadness and annoyance attenuate or are left behind. Something that inspires purity and softness. Anything that is quilted should look appealing to the eye and be soft to the touch. The curtains can even be light and made fabrics with a lot of fall. As for the colors, the lighter they are, the more they will harmonize your emotional fluctuations.

If you also include decorative elements that evoke the absence of worry, something that reminds you of the good times (happy moments, some trip, vacations...), for example, you will feel more positive and capable of facing life. And isn't that how we want to feel when dreaming, whether asleep or awake?