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Ruby: Its Significance, Healing Properties, and Uses in Gem Therapy

Discover the benefits of ruby and how to use this magic stone.

Ruby: Its Significance, Healing Properties, and Uses in Gem Therapy

Ruby is one of the most coveted precious stones in the world for its elegant crimson hue. However, this gem's name comes from the Latin word ruber which means 'red.'

Below, we'll break down the importance of this magic stone in gemology, what powers are attributed to it, which chakras it can benefit, along with other information and fun facts.

Ruby: meaning in gemology

To begin, let's talk about the ruby's beautiful color. This gem's cherry tone comes from the chromium atoms in its chemical composition, although there are also rubies out there that are brownish due to the presence of iron. The "pigeon blood" color of this stone is the most desired of all shades that it comes in and is true red with just a hint of blue. This is a specific type of corundum along with other precious stones like sapphire.

Its luster is vitreous and pearly, and it ranges from transparent to translucent. We can confirm that the ruby is indeed a rare gem since its origins can either be magmatic or metamorphic. This means that it forms as a result of the modification of preexisting rocks under heat and high pressure. For this stone to appear in nature, aluminum, silica, and a small amount of chromium need to be present to achieve the previously mentioned hue.

Currently,  the majority of rubies come from Burma, and about 90% of these are exported. These pieces are excellent quality, and the color is lovely, which puts them in high demand. Other locations where there are deposits include Sri Lanka, Thailand, the African continent, the Americas, and Australia.

Ruby's healing properties and uses in gem therapy

Throughout the centuries -ruby has been known since 700 years B.C.- this stone has been known to have special magical powers. For example, followers of Islam believed that this gem made those who carried it invisible, and it was also used to prevent wounds. Besides, as with many other transparent stones, ruby has been used to predict the future. In China, this was Buddha's favorite offering, and in India, for Krishna. It was also a highly coveted precious stone by Greeks and Romans, and it was mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, in the Book of Isaiah.

Now we'll take a look at the ruby in gem therapy, the alternative medicine that uses magic stones, crystals, and minerals to improve the body's state.

According to this ancient knowledge (that doesn't substitute a doctor's diagnosis), ruby increases intelligence, self-confidence, and improves energy and body heat. Regarding the prior point, it supposedly stimulates the appetite of those with anorexia, as well as mild heart problems.

In our home, if placed in the corners of the rooms, a ruby crystal will protect us from bad vibes. If you have a garden,  a ruby buried there is supposed to prevent trees from falling  because of lightning.

How do you clean ruby?

Rubies allegedly become darker when an unfortunate event occurs in the life of its owner. According to legend, this happens because of a chemical change in the skin that affects the stone's appearance in the face of danger. Also, as you know, the smaller this gem is, the sooner it can start to overflow with the negative energy from your surroundings.

This is why you have to cleanse rubies to purify them so that they can grant you their power. In this case, it's quite easy -you just have to place the gem in a bowl with distilled salt water. Then, let it recharge in the sun's rays or set it in a cluster of quartz.


Ruby and Chakras

The ruby is most potent in the root Chakra, or the first Chakra, and is capable of renewing one's love for life. This energetic point is in the groin area. If you place your stone of the fourth Chakra, the heart Chakra, then it can help with good decision making and heal the sorrows within.

On the other hand, it's worth noting that the ruby is not a good stone for those with an authoritarian attitude or that are always angry (these people often feel attracted to this stone).

Which zodiac signs could benefit from ruby?

Ruby is Leo's stone or those born between 22 July and 23 August. Its extravagant color reflects this signs passionate, proud and dominating personality. In the Western horoscope, Aries also benefits from this stone.

In Chinese astrology, this stone protects the Dog, since it symbolizes courage, victory, love, and happiness.

So if you have a friend that's a Leo or an Aries, or the Dog according to the Chinese horoscope, then ruby earrings or a necklace could make the perfect gift for them... Unfortunately, this is one of the rarest and most expensive jewels out there, even more so than diamonds in some cases. Especially since those of the purest red are extremely difficult to find.

Some fun facts about ruby

In antiquity, many other gems were mistaken for rubies. Hindus and the Burmese believed for a very long time that transparent or pink sapphires were rubies that still weren't quite 'ripe.' For a long time, red spinel and garnet were also often confused with this precious stone.

In fact, in the 19th century, a ruby known as the "Black Prince's Ruby" set in the King of England's crown, was found to actually be a spinel.

Ruby has a lot of nicknames, but two of the most popular ones are  the stone of life and love stone.