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13 Sagittarius Celebrities

Find out what celebrities were born under the sign of Sagittarius and how the horoscope affects their career

Brad Pitt at a photocall
13 sagittarius celebrities | GTRES

Did you know that Jupiter is the ruling planet for Sagittarius? This Zodiac sign is the one that belongs, according to the western astrology, to those born between 23 November and 21 December, and their natives are usually said to be optimistic, with high aspirations and enthusiasts with everything they do.

These aren't the only features associated with the archer sign; there are other ones that we will see in the following list of 13 Sagittarius celebrities. 

Movie, music, writing, sport or even design stars make up this list.

13 Sagittarius Celebrities

Let's start with the list!

Miley Cirus

A Sagittarius woman is honest. She doesn't hesitate in saying what she thinks, but she never tries to hurt anyone.  The singer and actress, Miley Cyrus, shows this feature perfectly well; in fact, she is one of the celebrities that has talked openly about her bisexuality or drugs, thus demonstrating her sincerity with her followers.

Brad Pitt

Can you imagine that Brad Pitt can be naive at times and easy to charm? Well, this actor is here because he is one of the 13 Sagittarius celebrities, and this is what the stars say about him. And also that his honesty and his uncommon way of communicating can be irritating at some point, although he will never try to harm anyone.

Britney Spears

A music star, who has achieved glory but that has also descended to hell (and she knew to come back from it with the lesson learnt). According to astrology, the signer of "Crazy" and other successful songs is optimistic, she has an open mind and heart, and she does her best to show a good mood  with people around her. And with her music, she achieves it, right?

Woody Allen

Talent is the word that defines this American Jewish. Actor, screenwriter, music, director, Woody Allen is a close person who easily reveals his profound nature, at the risk of being criticized. Shall we go around "Manhattan"?

Julieta Venegas

This Mexican woman born in the United States (and who has been successful around the world) is also included in this list of 13 celebrities who are Sagittarius because she always remains discreet about her worries and she hates to approach severe or obscure topics. Julieta Venegas is independent, knows how to take care of herself and follows the route she has taken, virtues that come from her horoscope.

Alejandro Sanz

For Alejandro Sanz, the ability to take advantage of the present moment  tends to give him many things overnight, which translates into musical hits in his case. This is clear from the qualities of Sagittarius present in the figure of this artist, who managed to win Spain and Latin America's heart.

Tina Turner

She has achieved success as a musical duo, as a soloist, she has also been an actress (do you remember her in "Mad Max"?), and if she hasn't excelled in more spheres, it is because she hasn't wanted to. Because as a good Sagittarius, if Tina Turner has an objective in mind, she will do anything to achieve it, because she knows how to take the positive from the negative.

Steven Spielberg

A Sagittarius man can believe too much in his good luck and trust too much in the goodness of fate, forgetting that moving oneself is the best way to achieve his aims. Is it because of this virtue that the director Steven Spielberg has achieved success in the cinema, but sometimes also some setbacks?

Álex de la Iglesia

It is usually said that the Sagittarius man always seems to be in a good mood, that he can ignore the negative things and only focus on the good things in life.  Maybe because of this, the film-maker Álex de la Iglesia has made us laugh with movies always full of humor (sometimes black humor).

Kim Basinger

She is a gorgeous actress with a lot of talent, Kim Basinger, according to the features of the 13 Sagittarius celebrities, doesn't feel attracted by the profile of a specific man. Her open mind and without prejudice gives her freedom to choose her prince charming.  That is maybe why she has been married twice because she doesn't adhere to social constructions such as that love is for life.

Manolo Blahnik

Who does not know the career of Manolo Blahnik, the Spanish designer of shoes that coveted even the most popular character of Sarah Jessica Parker on television? The first (and only) fashion designer in this article can sometimes be too careless, does not always respect schedules, rules, and conventions.  Maybe that's why he has been so successful.

Christina Aguilera

Actress, presenter, singer, Christina Aguilera can be whatever she wants to be! And as a Sagittarius celebrity, the stars point out that she loves honest people, those that aren't afraid of expressing their feelings,  and her heart can only be occupied by someone with an open mind and with an excellent tolerance spirit. 

Karim Benzema

The French footballer ends this analysis of 13 Sagittarius celebrities, and his horoscope points out that he is an idealist with a big heart that knows how to keep a team together  because he believes in the natural goodness of humanity. Maybe this is the reason he is an excellent footballer, right?

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