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Sapphire: Its Significance, Healing Properties, and Uses in Gem Therapy

Discover the benefits of sapphire and how to use this magic stone.

The word sapphire comes from Hebrew and means "the most beautiful," although an alternative translation is "beautiful object." Its colour ranges from sky blue to transparent, and it represents the world and divine immortality.

Below we explain the power of magical sapphire stones by explaining its meaning in gemology, its primary uses in gem therapy (and how it can improve health), and what signs it is the best lucky charm for.

Sapphire: meaning in gemology

Deposits that contain rutile, bauxite, and hematite, are likely to hold sapphire as well. Sri Lanka and India are the countries that export the highest quality sapphires, although Thailand, Australia, Nigeria, Brazil, and Colombia are also home to this mineral.

Generally speaking, mining is done by hand and holes are dug, or high water pressure is used to remove the sand and soil, and then the gems are sifted out from the gravel using wicker baskets. Mining is usually done at high altitudes which complicates the process even more.

Traditionally, sapphire is cut using diamond powder and polishing is done using an abrasive powder. It can be cut in any shape from pear to oval, round, rectangular, or even heart-shaped...

Although the most common colour of this gem is blue, as we said before, it can also be found in pink, yellow, orange, purple, green, clear, although of course, blue sapphire is the best-known version.

This magical stone has been around since ancient times, and Egyptians and Romans said that this sacred stone symbolized truth and justice. Meanwhile, others say that Earth was placed inside a sapphire and this is what gives the sky its blue tone.

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Sapphire's healing properties and uses in gem therapy

In gem therapy, blue sapphire is known as one of the most calming stones: it treats insomnia, relieves migraines, calms rage, promotes concentration, and gets rid of depression. Tradition says that sapphire can warn against hidden dangers, and increase creative abilities and psychic powers.

Magic sapphire stones fight intoxication and help to make dreams come true. These gems are genuinely fair and true. They have also been known to improve vision, especially in the case of those with conjunctivitis, regenerate skin, nails, and hair. Besides, they give you energy, strengthen the circulatory system, and treat fevers and inflammation.

If you dream of sapphires, this means that you have hidden protection, that your mind is open to knowledge, or that a complicated situation will clear itself up soon.  

How do you clean sapphire?

Generally speaking, you have to clean magic stones and purify them quite frequently since they absorb all of our negative energy. The smaller these gems are, the more often they will have to be cleaned. Sapphire can be washed with salt water, either distilled or demineralized. Springwater can also be used, like the kind you find at the supermarket.

To recharge it, set it in the sun, in the moon's rays, or on top of a large quartz crystal.

Sapphire and Chakras

Many call sapphire "the stone of the wise" and it's a great ally when it comes to meditation. This stone is recommended for those that wish to awaken their spiritual abilities and explore their inner medium.

This spiritual stone is related to the Seventh Chakra, known by many as the crown chakra. With this in mind, it helps to transport us to a higher spiritual level, develops psychic abilities, imagination, and creativity. 

Green sapphire in particular also stimulates the heart chakra and allows us to improve aspects of our physical body and quality of life. Violet and white sapphire awaken the energetic point located at the crown.

Which zodiac signs could benefit from sapphire?

The sapphire is an emblem of the divine and immortality; this stone is often considered the greatest talisman. The planet Saturn transmits its cosmic energy through blue sapphires which brings wealth and increases influence over others.

In the Western horoscope, sapphire benefits those born under Sagittarius  as their main stone, although Taurus, Aquarius, Virgo, and Libra, could all also benefit from this gem's powers.

In Chinese astrology, sapphires are linked to the rabbit and the cat,  signs that thoroughly think things over before making any decision and never put their personal comforts at risk. This stone is perfect for both men and women thanks to its elegance and classic beauty.

Some fun facts about sapphire

In Christianity, sapphire has a special meaning; since the Tables of the Law, given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai were made of sapphire according to this tradition. Solomon's seal was also made of this material, a ring that allowed the son of David to control the demons. It's also seen as a symbol of purity to call on the Virgin Mary.

Sapphire is undoubtedly one of the most expensive precious stones and is frequently seen in necklaces, rings, earrings, and other accessories. This gem is so powerful that they say it has the willpower to stay away from adorning a drinkers hand.  One of the best-known stones is "the grand sapphire" which dates back to 1669 as a part of the collection of Louis XIV of France.

You don't have to go so far back in history to find royalty wearing this stone either. Prince Charles gave Princess Diana her famous sapphire engagement ring, and Prince William carried on this tradition when he gave Princess Kate a very similar ring. A lot of women also choose to wear jewellery with bright blue jewels including ones with the infinity symbol which is back in style.