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How Do You Know if You Are a Witch? 10 Telltale Signs That You Have This Gift

Read about what it means to be a real witch and if you are one. Develop magical powers with Wicca!

Signs you are a witch
In this article, we share signs that you are a witch and everything you need to know about Wicca in the Celtic tradition.

All people are capable of possessing magical powers. In the end, we take on this human form to be able to move through the world, but we don't stop being the manifestation of a spirit.

What kind of magical powers could you possess without knowing it? If you are a woman, Wicca could be a medium to develop to your full potential as a witch. So, in this article, we'll explain what a witch is, how to know if you are a witch and everything about the Celtic Wicca tradition.

What is a witch? Signs that you are a witch

Wiccan magic is a Celtic neopagan tradition that incorporates elements of hermeticism and occultism. In other words, a mix of beliefs in deities with spells and magic rituals. This is all rooted in spirituality and nature.

This is why Wicca is one way that all women can connect with their innate powers. Bringing back elements from the ancestral Celtic, Norse, Indian, and Mesoamerican people, and thus proposing in this modern era a freer way of living, beyond the restrictions of society today.

Through spells and rituals, Wicca provides a medium to awaken the spirit  and attract and free natural energies. However, in Western society women have a long history of fighting for freedom from certain stigmas. Misinformation, stereotypes, legal restrictions, cultural stigmas, all of this shapes us and decides who we should be.

So, before we dive into Wicca and what it means if you are a witch in the Wiccan religion and how this can help us to fulfill us as women and lead us to our freedom, it would be a good idea to remember that witchcraft and the stigmas that the history tied to misogyny and machismo.

Witchcraft, spells...machismo and misogyny

The first thing that probably pops into your head is a wrinkly old woman with a crooked nose and a pointy hat.  Mostly women, and old ones at that. There are also sorcerers, but they aren't represented nearly as much in our culture. And they weren't hunted either...

Mysogeny came into existence long, long ago when in the times of the Bible, women were always associated with evil,  if we take into account the fact that Eve was the one that ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, which caused humans to be expelled from paradise. Also, verses like this one can be found:  "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" (Exodus, 22:18).


Historically, witchcraft was associated with a Satanic cult, but in reality, this has to do with a form of freedom.  Women got together to celebrate the life within them. When as always, they began to prohibit their bodies, and the Christian religion started to regulate life, an excellent solution was dancing at night time and searching for the adoration of pleasure.  They searched for a place to meet in nature to free themselves from the social restrictions of the period.

Today, a witch is a woman connected to nature, that takes advantage of the energy that this brings to her. And why should we do this and not men? As potential creators of life, from early on, we have a unique capability that allows us to sense things or discover something that is hidden from us. (This is why during pregnancy women have more premonitory dreams).

Below, we will discuss some of Wicca's practices and beliefs.

Understanding Wicca

Let's see how Wicca sums up their main ideas and principles:

1. Rituals are essential; they are actions that serve to synchronize us with the natural rhythm of the forces in life, keeping in mind the phases of the moon, and the seasons.

2.  Environmental responsibility.  This is related to living in harmony with nature, ecological equilibrium, offering our commitment on the same level as life and consciousness, being in favor of sustainable evolution, carrying out ecologically friendly actions synchronizes you with your spirit.

3. Recognizes the existence of a "higher power." The "supernatural" is there, although we may not have experienced it. But we know for sure that this has to do with a latent state in each witch, to potentially go for it all.

4. Highly values masculine and feminine polarity.  Everything in the universe is divided depending on these two energies. People, both women and men, hold these two types of strength. This doesn't place either gender on a higher or lower level; they support one another and thus they live in harmony. This is the power that we have to be more motherly and feminine and other times, to be more independent and warrior-like.

5. There is an inner Spiritual World and another objective, external one, which is the one that we all see.  The interaction between these two dimensions is the base for all paranormal phenomena and magic. We shouldn't ignore either dimension in favor of the other since both are necessary for our realization.

6. Witches highly value the exchange of words and useful information.  It is important to honor those that teach and most of all, to respect those that share the knowledge and wisdom that they have gathered with age.

7. The vision of religion with set rules isn't necessarily incompatible with Wicca. It is all about common connections. A global vision, a life philosophy that identifies with Wicca's path prevails.

8. Calling yourself a "Witch" doesn't make you one, but it isn't inherited either, and a collection of certifications and initiations won't do this either. A witch tries to control the Strength that life makes possible within to live wisely and avoids harming others including Nature with their will.

9. It leaves the ancient concept of "witcraft" far behind when witches were thought to be ill-willed adorers of Satan. Figures of witches from the past aren't worshiped. In Wicca, witches' interests should always be focused on the present and the future.

10.  They are constantly in search of everything in nature that contributes to health and well-being.  Home remedies that existed before pharmaceuticals.

10 signs that you have this gift

If you're reading this article, you probably have some of the telltale signs that indicate that you're a potential witch with strong magical powers. There is no such thing as a coincidence... But also, there is a list of details that confirm that you're a budding witch. Pay attention!

1. Special things tend to happen to you in the full moon -one sign that you are a witch.

In one way or another, you follow the moon's cycle.  Or at least you're synchronized with it, and especially when it's a full moon.

2. You can sense that someone is thinking of you.

If this is the case, you have a powerful connection with your special people. It wouldn't be weird if you received messages from them just when they cross your mind!

3. Your desires often become realities.

Little coincidences, like finding an object that you were thinking about or in need of on the street.

4. You have premonitory dreams about significant people in your life.

This increases if you are pregnant or in the case of the recent death of a family member or someone that you loved a lot. So, if you have dreams about important people in your life, then this might be a sign that you are a witch.

5. You're naturally inclined to read about and research esotericism.

You probably have crystals and incense in your home!

6. If your zodiac sign is Scorpio.

This is the sign that is most closely related to witchcraft, due to its mystic and cryptic nature. Witches can come from others signs as well, but about 80% of witches are likely Scorpios...

7. If you love to dance or you're naturally talented at it.

You're someone that instinctively knows when the beat is about to change. This is because witches know how to flow naturally!

8. If you enjoy dressing differently than others, this is a sign you're a witch

You know that you aren't like the others and you're not focused on using loads and loads of makeup, although you're always fabulous anyways.

9. You're naturally talented at healing, or you're interested in this topic.

It wouldn't be unusual for you to pick up a stone or a branch that you feel attracted to on your walks... An undiscovered witch, does just what a full-blown witch would do in preparation for a ritual.

10. Particularly wise thoughts come to your mind out of nowhere.

Your harmony with nature and your sharp sense of observation  bring  you almost everything that you need to know.

The current lifestyle doesn't pay much attention to these kinds of clues because we are too focused on our rational minds. No one teaches you to look beyond this, to develop to your full potential. Because they system rejects people that are free. And witchcraft is freedom. Now you know that being a witch has nothing to do with broomsticks or being allergic to churches.  Do you identify with any of these highly indicative signs?

Witches of Wicca.The connection between nature, women, and magic.

Wicca has revealed a formula through which all women can connect to the powers that they were born with. This combines ancient Celtic elements, Nordic, North and Mesoamerican beliefs, and creates a proposal for a freer way of living in the modern world, outside of the restrictions of society currently.

In our Western society, female liberation has a long history, not just as far as legal and social restrictions regarding our lives and bodies go, but also a long list of prejudices that have been embedded in our lives that keep us from being free. Misinformation, stereotypes, legal restrictions, cultural stigmas, shape us and decide what we have to be for us.

It’s time to leave all of this behind when it comes to expressing our feminine nature with this type of conscience and sensitivity that makes us unique. Let’s see the world in a whole new broader, friendlier, more magical way like Wicca does.