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The 4 Smartest Zodiac Signs

4 different talents for 4 very different personalities. And remarkably, all are autumn babies.

Probably you’ve asked yourself which of the twelve zodiac signs are the smartest. Before answering this, let us give you a little background information:

Today we measure intelligence in a very different way compared with how we used to measure it in the past. For this reason, when it comes to discerning which of the zodiac signs are the smartest, we’ll use different criteria  in making our decision. So, forget the idea that the ability to make infinite calculations or to memorize information useless to everyday life is the only type of intelligence.

The Intelligence of the Signs

Fortunately, for a while now, we’ve understood that intelligence is not a singular personal trait like we talked about before, that you either had or you didn’t have, let’s forget that (as far as self-worth) for all of those who do not have these particular abilities. No, it’s definitely not like that.

Today we know that there are 12 different types of intelligence (linguistic, logical-mathematical, interpersonal…), for this reason, it would be limiting to judge just based off of one of them. So, we’ll show you our conclusions here on which of the zodiac signs are the smartest based on the particular traits of each one.

The 4 Smartest Zodiac Signs

Each one of them belongs to a different element, but interestingly, all of them were born around the same time, the last third of the year.

1. Virgo

Those born under this earth element are perfectionists by nature, with a critical sense of the things accused that allows them to constantly improve themselves. And this is something that they are able to do with many facilities since they have the innate ability to persevere and their methodical way of doing things plays out in their favor, although they are not exempt from the effort.

Although some might call them coldhearted, they really just have a great capacity for handling their emotions, making decisions more often with their head than their heart. This is something that, when the time comes to pursue the stability that is so important to them, becomes essential.

2. Libra

Among those born under the air element, we find that Libra’s communication abilities stand out; their communication skills are far above average,  and because they are blessed with the gift to bring people together, their interpersonal intelligence is also very strong.

Moreover, one of the reasons that this sign is considered one of the smartest of the zodiac is due to the combination of its two great mental capacities: Libra tends to be a highly reflective person and has a great problem-solving capacity because of their creativity.

3. Scorpio

It seems like a no brainer that those born under the water element would be high emotionally sensitive people, but among the rest, Scorpio takes the cake.

This sign has an extreme facility to detect the personal perceptions of others in their environment through empathy, as well as connecting with their emotional state and a better understanding of how they feel. That’s why they have the ability to take on things that other more “logical” thinkers can’t.

On the other hand, they have a marvellous capacity to reason that allows them to delve into the deepest concerns of most people, and because all of this is combined within one person, Scorpio is considered to be one of the smartest zodiac signs.

4. Sagittarius

To finish it up, we find ourselves with one of the signs of the fire element; in this case, the most sophisticated one of them, which comes with the vigour that also characterizes the other two, Sagittarius is also one of the least impulsive due to their great ability to handle their emotions.

This is also what positions it at the same level as the other signs with this same quality but also gives them a push that gives them a more successful outcome than others similar to them. The naturally highly developed intuition of this sign helps to detect opportunities that they can invest their time in knowing that they will reach their goals, that’s why they can allow themselves the luxury of being adventurous as far as their decisions because they know how to get it right.

Anyhow, in this process as well, they combine their capacity to learn, the same skills that tend to put them to the test time and again when their curiosity dares them to discover new horizons. And all of this gives them a natural charisma that makes them a leader even when they’re not trying to be.

And because of this particular marriage of qualities, Sagittarius is considered one of the 4 smartest signs of the zodiac, although really, each and every one of the 12 horoscopes counts as each has its own personal talent that makes it unique.