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The 3 Spiciest Zodiac Signs

Fire, earth and water... three different elements for three ways to enjoy sexuality.

A sensual man and woman
The 3 Spiciest Zodiac Signs

There's signs with an essence as fiery as their element; those that are solid as earth and believed to be undisturbed; and also water signs, a symbol of human emotions: three different ways to be and live their passions, but still, the three spiciest signs in the zodiac. Here they are. Would you ever have guessed right?

The 3 spiciest star signs

Fire, earth and water; three different elements for three different ways to live your sexuality. Three star signs that rule in bed, although in several different ways. Would you like to find out? We'll tell you who they are, how they behave and what makes them different from one another.


Fire, fire everywhere. We couldn't start talking about the spiciest star signs without mentioning this element, nor the sign that embodies it perfectly: Aries.

No subtlety or long foreplay, Arians go straight ahead in the search for immediate satisfaction. They're famous for being impulsive, and they're no less in bed. For those of you who enjoy high-intensity sex, there won't be a more passionate companion than the zodiac's ram, people who are constantly thirsty when gentle fondling goes up a notch.

It's also important to know that, within the most motivating dynamics for Arians, power struggle is an essential, and when bringing it into action their favourite role is the dominant one, although being puzzled by their partner's rebellion to their domination attempt also turns them on, and it can act as an aphrodisiac  able to elevate to higher stages the libido of one of the spiciest star signs.


Just because it's an earth sign, it doesn't mean that Capricorn doesn't have any drive, because the goat is one of the spiciest signs in the zodiac.

Although it's true that they're not prone to being passionate with anyone (because it's not in their nature being warm or sensitive to multiple stimuli), it is also true that with the right person, the one whose personal attributes they find interesting, Capricorns are able to show off their impulsive side and won't turn down the chance of aiming straight at their target.

As soon as they know what they want, their most ambitious side (including sex) moves them to an obsessive chase of their desired object. Thus, they won't give up until they control the situation and the person they like the most.

Still, because they're so keen on leading things around, including the bedroom, they'll miss the chance to be surprised about their partner's initiative,  and they will make their shared experiences more limited, thus causing the relationship to slip into monotony right away, even if they are some of the spiciest individuals in the zodiac.

Because Capricorns aren't able to overcome sexuality issues with whatever partner they have, they will feel tempted by seeking new stimulation in other people  with whom to quench their carnal appetites.


The last of the three spiciest star signs, although not any less spicy than the other two, is Scorpio, which is also considered the most erotic in the whole horoscope.

The extreme sensitivity of natives from this water sign makes them prone to connect very easily, more than everyone else, with their most intense, passionate essence. But their heart needs to be won over first, because only the people who have touched the most sensitive side of Scorpios will be able to awaken their libido.

Scorpios can't find anything more exciting and motivating than an emotional rollercoaster: nothing like some good old emotional ups-and-downs from the deepest, darkest cave until the highest point of euphoria, the main features of reconcilement after a fight.

If there's no fireworks going off during the reunion, it won't be because one of the spiciest star signs has a faded spark.

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