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The 3 Best Places to Live for TAURUS

Find out which are the favorite destinations for Taurus to visit and live

Sydney City
The 3 Best Places to Live for TAURUS | iSTOCK

Have you ever wondered, Taurus, what would be the best cities to live in?  The personality traits that the stars have blessed you with help you think of the ideal city, that idyllic place that brings together everything the Taurus natives need. In this post, we reveal what those places are and everything you'll be able to find there.

Whether you are thinking of moving to a city or travelling somewhere, these are some ideas of the favourite cities for Taurus, a conservative and traditional earth sign, favoured by the sensitivity and inclination to Venus' pleasures.


Perfect places for Taurus to live

Taurus is a sign rooted in the earth, with fixed ideas and who loves tradition, but they are also great gourmets and very sensitive and hedonistic people who enjoy art and pleasures. These are the perfect cities for a Taurus!

1. Athens (Greece)

If there is a city in Europe where tradition is its main thing, this is Athens. Cradle of the western civilization and safeguard of the most ancestral Mediterranean culture, the Greek streets will make Taurus feel the respect for the ancient values, the handcrafted arts, the traditional cuisine and the typical landscapes where the blue of the sea, the green of the olive trees and the white of the stone all get mixed.

The cuisine is one of the confessable vices of Taurus, which finds in Greek lands an invitation to the traditional delicacies and great specialities like wine, oil and cheese. It is also a city with a great musical tradition, something that will awaken the senses of these natives of Venus, and it is an ideal place for those romantic Taurus out there!

Athens is full of beaches where Taurus can relax: sit on the sand and let themselves get carried away by the spirit of tradition caressed by the sound of the waves. There is no one like a Taurus to appreciate the beauty of Athens' artistic heritage.

2. Sidney (Australia)

Sydney is a bit more frenetic than Athens: one of Australia's largest cities, with just over 5 million citizens, it offers a very active lifestyle with lots to do. Of course, whenever Taurus gets overwhelmed, the place has idyllic beaches and large parks where they can get absorbed by nature.

But if anything links this Australian city to the spirit of Taurus, it's a shared passion for work and routine combined with an inclination for relaxing. In Sydney, there is the bustle of business in its financial centre but also natural places to take a break.

Besides, Sydney has a wide range of cultural and artistic offers, as well as architecture that blends the traditional and the modern. Taurus, so sensitive to the arts, can feel amazed by the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Opera House building overlooking the skyline.

3. Kathmandu (Nepal)

If you find Athens' gastronomic routes and sunset cruises around Sydney Bay unoriginal, you can always choose a more exotic destination. There is a place in the world, in South Asia, where time stops and the individual can find themselves through meditation and spirituality: Kathmandu in Nepal.

Taurus is a stubborn sign that likes impossible challenges, and Nepal has the highest mountains in the world. If you want to get some air, there's nothing better than blending in with nature in the stunning Chitwan Nature Park. And if it's spirituality you're after, the Kathmandu Valley is home to the world's most important Buddhist temples.

Perhaps Nepal is not the country where Taurus would stay all their life, as they would miss work and routine. But it is a destination that can transform their inner world and help them find themselves, which is one of their goals.