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10 Taurus Celebrities

How does the horoscope affect their career? Who is famous and Taurus at the same time?

George Clooney giving a speech
George Clooney | GTRES

Obstinate, volunteer, complete and sensible. These, among others, are the characteristics of Taurus, which includes from April 21 to May 20. Their natives are foresighted, earthly people, with sensitivity, who don't usually accept changes well and who need to evolve continually.

A series of virtues, among others, that we can find in a multitude of cinema, music, television, literature or science celebrities. And for the record, we are going to analyze 10 stars that are from the Taurus sign and how the horoscope influences them.

10 Taurus Celebrities

Let's begin with the list!

Robert Pattinson

The Twilight star, Robert Pattinson, is sensual and is in love with life. He is someone very sensorial, he needs tenderness and beauty to evolve, preferably in an artistic environment, and surrounded by love and affection. 

He builds his success and his happiness patiently,  and even though he is placid, he can be enraged when he feels cheated or betrayed. He knows how to take advantage of his artistic and creative talents to the point no one can imagine. Do you know that apart from a reputed actor he's also been a singer?

Penélope Cruz

This Spanish actress is also one of the 10 Taurus celebrities that we have included in our list. Born in Madrid, Penélope Cruz is a delicious mix of sensuality and femininity. She's a very creative actress that manages her life with patience, construction and stubbornness.  Penélope, as a Taurus, is in love with life and her pleasures, and she loves sharing what she has with the ones she loves: she is very generous. 

She knows what she wants, and she is not afraid of anything. She doesn't accept the first thing that she is offered; in fact, she has a prolific career in the world of the cinema because she knew she didn't want to focus only on television projects, and since she started, she had a lot of offers as an actress, a presenter or a hostess.

David Beckham

What can we say about this football star, and also a leader of style, class, and elegance? David Beckham is a family man. An example for his children, something that he achieves without taking it to serious.  As a Taurus, he is someone who is seduced by honesty and perseverance, characteristics that he also has.

George Clooney

He is a famous Hollywood star who started working in infamous horror films, but with his temperament and effort, he achieved the most enormous success. George Clooney is a Taurus celebrity for his sense of humor, always has a smile drawn on his face, and that in a way is an effective way to divert attention from his exquisite sensitivity.

Enrique Iglesias

It's in the blood. An artist son of artists, and one of the leading figures of Latin music from the last 20 years. He is a person who needs stability and is looking for security, although his bets are long-term. Reliable and faithful, when he loves, it's for life. In fact, he has been with his partner, Anna Kournikova, for 17 years.

Pierce Brosnan

An actor that started working in television and that he got to put on the James Bond suit. It's a Taurus celebrity who you can't make them change their opinion or give them orders: he remains firm in his positions and has definite ideas. He isn't easily influenced and will blame anyone who tries to manipulate him.

Ana de Armas

She is an actress born in Cuba, but her career started in Spain and has been consolidated in Hollywood. Ana de Armas is a Taurus woman that in her relationships always chooses reassuring ways. Her material comfort is essential,  and she supervises every step she is going to take in her career.


Born under the sign of Taurus, Cher has a hard-working and perseverant character. We can say about the music and film star that she likes human contact and good food. We have to stand out that Taurus is dominated by the influence of Venus and the Moon, which gives value to the value that the diva gives to beauty and the arts.


The sky makes the natives of Taurus excellent workers, employees, and great friends, because they are always there, no matter when, where and why. These virtues can be found in Bono, singer of the Irish group U2.

Barbra Streisand

Another example of versatility, in Barbra Streisand we find an example of the characteristics of Taurus reflected in a celebrity. Thus, we can say that according to its sign its daily rhythm is linked to its strong attachment to planned activities and habits.  The sense of touch is significant to her, whether in business or love.

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