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Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet's Doubling Theory

The doubling theory could explain the connection with a quantum double living in an imperceptible time frame

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Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet's Doubling Theory | iSTOCK

Essentially, the time doubling theory is a complex formula of physics that explains, among other things, the arrival into the Kuiper belt of planetoids that give birth to great solar explosions.

However, Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet, a physics' professor specialised in fluid mechanics, found out that those concepts could be applied into the human experience. From there, he developed a complex theory that has shaken and possibly changed the way we understand time and life itself. Want to know what it's about? Read on...

Time doubling and quantum double

Since the beginning of time, one of man's greatest obsessions has always been to understand time, that ruthless judge that acts as the main boundary of the human experience, along with space. There has also been a hope to change the boundaries of time, which would open up endless pathways and possibilities.

The scientist Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet created a revolutionary stance on that matter with the publication of Change your future through the time openings (1988), an invitation to reflect on the possibility of traveling into the future to predict the mistakes of the present.

Garnier Malet's theoretical basis is that the human body is a highly-precise machine that allows us to project ourselves into the future to change it. But how can that happen, if we only have one body and one time frame?

Actually, he considers that there are two time frames, a second one in a conscious time, and billions of seconds in an imperceptible time. By travelling to that unconscious time we can experience things that we then bring into our conscious reality. That offers the advantages of anticipation and prediction.

The fact of the matter is, that time doubling occurs unconsciously, because the individual processes the information from an experience of another time that they can't remember. Then, a question arises: can we have the perception of having lived that imperceptible time?

Applications of the doubling theory

Garnier Malet encourages us to think about time doubling as a conscious time sequence, inbetween whose folds imperceptible time is subtly filtered through, and in fact it is lived along with us and enrichens our conscious experience with many instances of learning.

In the last few years, quantum physics has geared into the idea that reality isn't objective, but subjective instead, because it is conditioned by the individual's perception. Among all the possible realities and potential futures, our perception only catches one and makes it the only possible reality.

Therefore, this theory opens pathways to the existence of many other realities that, even though they haven't been perceived yet, actually exist. That's the main road of the time doubling theory, which has formed the basis for many other interpretations.

1. The existence of the soul

The quantum double or time doubling theory also involves understanding human beings as double creatures divided in the conscious self and the quantum self. And it's obvious that Garnier Malet's theory's scientific application matches many instances of spiritual teachings, and their belief in the existence of the soul. 

The idea of a quantum creature interacting with our conscious self to offer information of a future memory supports the idea, for example, of the existence of a universal memory stored in akashic records, or the possibility of unfolding ourselves to go on astral travels, or just enter a meditative trance.

Also, the author of the quantum double theory clearly points out the duality of man in body (matter) and spirit (energy), whose connection occurs in the deepest sleep phase, which is when the brain registers the highest activity.

2. The revelation of miracles

Garnier Malet's theory has also provided a reasonable explanation for some universal mysteries. Apocalypse prophecies, ranging all the way from the Judeo-Christian tradition to Mayan predictions, respond to nothing more than an intuition, a subliminal perception of potential futures that, for some reason, remain inside our brain.

That's why many future revelations and predictions actually respond to a scientific basis backed up by the doubling theory. We can connect with our quantum self, and through that connection extract perceptions and lessons from another time dimension.

What if, for instance, the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert during which he was submitted to the Devil's temptations, were nothing but a time doubling where the Prophet anticipated his own calvary, death and resurrection?

3. 5 tips to connect with your quantum self

However, there's a less 'miraculous' way to prove Garnier Malet's theory and connect with your quantum self to use the experiences you've lived in the imperceptible time. Want to know how? Follow these 5 tips:

  • Thoughts of the present can become potential futures, so avoid catastrophic thoughts.
  • The tendency to negative thoughts gears the quantum self towards the search for similar parameters that sends us into a negative future.
  • Wishing for others' misfortune is useless and ends up turning against you. What you project into the future comes back sooner or later.
  • When the body remains still and the brain works more than ever, in the deepest sleep phase, there's a connection between the quantum self and the conscious self.
  • Submit the lessons brought on by the quantum self during sleep into a meditative process to use them in your advantage. Look inside you.

The doubling theory in movies: Back to the Future, by Steven Spielberg

In 1985, a mad scientist, Doc, reveals to his friend, teen Marty McFly, the discovery of a time-travel machine. Thanks to the DeLorean DMC-12, a vehicle with a plutonium engine at a speed of 88 miles per hour, this young man goes back to November 5, 1955.

But when he gets there, Marty finds out that he can not only travel through time but also alter the course of events, so when he mistakenly changes the circumstances where his parents met, the teen goes on the epic mission of bringing his parents together so that he can be born.

It's funny that this plot, born from the imagination of scriptwriters Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, and turned into a sci-fi comedy by Steven Spielberg in 1985, looks so similar to the doubling theory.

Probably, a good deal of the results presented by Garnier Malet in 1988 have a scientific basis, but they also undoubtedly belong to an old dream of humankind, an instinctive desire of man: travelling through time and changing reality to make it work for us.