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The Empress (III): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning

Find out the meaning of the third Major Arcana card: The Empress.

Someone putting a tarot card on a table
The Empress (III): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning

The third of the Major Arcana tarot cards is known as the Empress. She is depicted wearing a crown, a magnificent and youthful woman with a composed and serene expression on her face. She sits on a great throne, firmly holding a sceptre in her left hand, which is a symbol of the creative power. In her right hand, she strongly holds a shield, a symbol of protection, which is decorated with the picture of an eagle, a symbol of the spiritual forces.

This enigmatic woman has great influence in a tarot spread, since she is very meaningful in a tarot reading. Find out the best interpretation of the third Major Arcana card!

Main characteristics

The Empress is the representation of the union between abundance and intelligence. She evokes a practical meaning and certain degree of ambition. With her skill and willpower, she will be able to give life to all things. She is the symbol of reflection and deep knowledge regarding different matters.

The Empress evokes female creativity.  This Major Arcana card represents a fiery and strong woman, driven by a passion that knows no limits and ready to overcome all obstacles, regardless of her age. 

Major Arcana tarot card meaning

She represents the power of imagination,  creativity, beautiful feelings, and love. As a general meaning, she is associated with the creative will, the acts of communication. In tarot reading, she also suggests seduction, for she is a woman who has clear ideas and knows how to convey her message of love and romance.

The Empress is related to everything that has to do with any kind of exchanges, communications, or letters and writings. 

The Empress reversed may indicate lack of action, infertility, a negative portrayal of women or a feminine energy that has been blocked during adolescence. Frustrated, deceived, having her expression limited, the Empress is able of being bitter, wicked, cunning. Another of her negative aspects is that she is unaware of the consequences of her acts; she believes in her actions for the sake of the action, regardless of the results.

Tarot card interpretation

When the querent is a woman, it indicates that she is a young and active person, usually a woman in her thirties. It also refers to wives and first-time mothers.

In the upright position, the Empress always shows the active will of the person and her capacity for fulfilment in view of the question that was posed. In the case of a woman, the Empress reversed will always indicate lack of self-confidence. 

For a man, it suggests his feminine creativity, or meeting an attractive woman.


If this tarot card appears in an upright position in a love reading, it indicates that this is your time of utmost physical and intellectual charm. Relationships are fulfilled, since there are very strong feminine vibes. Seduction becomes an easy game and party invitations keep arriving. You may even receive a love letter! 

In the reversed position, you may face frivolity and whim. Your intellectual vanity prevents you from understanding reality as it is. That which is excessively rational ends up damaging your relationship, so it is better to let things flow without pressure. Be very careful when it comes to pride or stubbornness.

Money and work

This is a favourable tarot card.  If you are looking for a new job, it is very likely that everything will go well. Your personal charm and refinement can take you very far, almost without realizing it.

It also indicates a good time to go back to studying, because you count on a good intellectual judgment. You have to go forward because of the quality of your thoughts.

When it comes to finances, money is useful for profits and you know how to make the most of it. Your good taste makes you spend money on beautiful things, but your conscience is clear, because you know that there is a limit that must not be exceeded. 

In the reversed position and depending on the card’s position in the tarot spread,  it indicates a delay of your studies or your projects, in general.  You have a tendency to overwhelm others with your mental strength. It even suggests possible female rivalries. You lose your self-confidence. Money is used to make others believe you have a lifestyle you cannot really afford. It is even used to fill psychological weaknesses.


You are in really good health  and, if there is any sickness, it indicates your speedy recovery. Sometimes it points out a pregnancy!

The Empress reversed may indicate the development of some pathological condition, such as depression. It warns you to be careful with your lumbar vertebrae and hips. It also points out your tendency to nervousness. 

Tarot card meanings and spreads

The Empress is an active card that sets trends in the tarot spread by itself, especially if the querent is a woman. This tarot card usually announces positive news and,  in the reversed position, your problems are usually psychological  (lack of confidence or creative blocking). It can also directly refer to a woman who disagrees with your plans.

The Empress is extremely important when it comes to love questions, especially if you wonder about your partner’s faithfulness. This Major Arcana card can indicate the unwanted presence of third parties in your relationship.


You had a great opportunity in the past (related to work or your personal life) and now you start to see the fruits of that work.  The kindness with which you treated others has created a new and positive bond. This is a source of inspiration that you must look after, so that you can keep it in your life for a long time.

If you ask about a current issue, in this case, the Empress refers to an old and unresolved conflict regarding your own femininity, especially if you try to become a mother. For men, the feminine energy is inhibited or a woman from the past has still power over them.



You may have the opportunity to start over, and yours is the decision whether to take action and improve the situation or let everything be as it is. It is good to let yourself be carried away by the emotions and the great energy and creativity which you count on lately. 


When you ask about the immediate future, the Empress tells you that there will be new communications, or that you have talents which need to be exploited, but are still in the shadows.

You have chosen new paths instead of insisting on those which are failing. Besides, you will be able to have an emotional rest together with that person who will become your partner, but you should not overlook your personal or professional investments.

Fun facts

The Empress is associated with the planet Venus, the musical note “F” sharp, the green colour, the Hebrew letter “Dalet” and  the  14th path  of the Tree of Life.