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The Lovers (VI): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning

Find out the meaning of the sixth Major Arcana card: The Lovers.

This card is represented by 3 or 4 characters, depending on the tarot deck. In the Rider Waite Tarot deck, you can see two lovers and the sun, while in the Tarot of Marseilles, “L’Amovreux”, you can see a man surrounded by two women and the sun on top. Whatever your deck is, undoubtedly, the protagonist is actually the Sun, Cupid. Cupid represents the supreme being that grants them the consent of falling in love. The sun suggests that love, which always seems a personal act, is actually a cosmic process, since the universe creates creatures according to precise laws that are not known.

The sixth Major Arcana card, the Lovers,  presents a symbolism that is profuse and has a lot of references. The first meaning that comes to mind is that related to questions of love. However, it actually has a lot more interpretations! Read on if you want to find out everything that this tarot card reveals about your past, present and future.

Main characteristics

The Lovers (or “L’Amovreux” in French) represents selective love, the mind’s distinguishing ability, the need to choose and rule out. This tarot card is associated with social life, joy and enjoying one’s actions. It predicts new unions or the choice of what needs to be done. It represents the ideals of pleasure, beauty and friendship.

This Major Arcana card symbolises the right choice,  in agreement with moral beauty and integrity. Therefore, the Lovers is a relational tarot card that indicates the beginning of social life.  It is the first Major Arcana card in which there are several characters at the same level, since the disciples of the Pope are less important and you can only see their backs.

Major Arcana tarot card meaning

The specific events referred to by the Lovers are those when sincerity is needed. The questions you ask will have an answer, for better or for worse. You feel a greater need to open to others, which leads you to new situations, which may or may not be related to love.

There are many proposals up in the air and you have to decide, you cannot put the matter off any longer.

In the reversed position, you are going through a period of great uncertainty, in which internal doubts and conflicts arise. Your love life is almost non-existent.  There are separations and conflicts of a certain importance. The promises you were made will not be kept, or they will lead to nothing. This worry can also lead to jealousy, either yours or that of others. There is the possibility of being involved in a love triangle without knowing it.

Tarot card interpretation

In a tarot reading, the Lovers represent the artists, the people who stand out on their own merits and have great charisma, but also the Casanovas, the teenagers, the people in love and, in general, all those people who keep in contact with the public.

This is mainly an emotional figure, so  it becomes more relevant in those questions related to love. When it comes to any other aspect, it will always point out an evasive question that you have to ask yourselves: are you really doing what you like?

The temporary location of events in which the Lovers become relevant is usually at noon or mid-year, if there is a need to specify when the event in question is most likely to happen.


The youthfulness of this tarot card indicates enjoyable love affairs and new experiences. You love things and people as they are, with their infinite possibilities for development. At every moment, you are willing to be involved in their growth, but also to accept them being as they are. The beginning of a new relationship is understood as an increase in positive energy that will give you the inner strength to fight for your goals. You rely on a large family that will be there to support you if you need it.

The Lovers reversed makes things more difficult.  It symbolises low sexual instincts or the presence of a third party that comes between the couple. This intruder can be either a man or a woman. It can be even a jealous and intriguing mother-in-law! This Major Arcana card will often speak about a negative perception of the body, of a guilt attached to appearance. Too much awareness of what is related to the body becomes a limiting factor. 

If the question is directed towards family relationships, the Lovers reversed suggests that the querent has a very strong bond with their mother or father, a psychological dependence that is not healthy and must be solved in order to enjoy their love life.

Money and work

It indicates the time to go into partnership or business with your relatives or your partner, if you have one. It also suggests success at work if it is related to sales. Besides, you might make a change in your career and have the possibility to choose, since several options can appear at the same time. It indicates spirit of analysis, as well as various jobs that you have enjoyed. It also points out that you like to learn and value diversity.

The Lovers reversed can suggest problems with your partner or relatives  if you share a business. Envy appears among co-workers or in relation to your boss, and there might be betrayals at the work place. It indicates bad results in exams, since you are indecisive and restless. Your superiors may have doubts regarding your skills. You do not feel like working, so job interviews go wrong too.


When it comes to finances, it indicates a good time for business or investments that are not excessively significant. You will be lucky at gambling! But the amount of money will not be very substantial.

The Lovers reversed indicates that you may lose money that is related to your home. So, it is advisable to control your expenses and, in case of doubt, to think very carefully instead of spending money without a second thought, since there may appear unforeseen expenses, although they will not be very substantial.


This is the time to take vitamins, and you have to turn to healthier eating habits.  You need to diet or pay attention to what you eat if the tarot card appears reversed. If the Lovers card turns up in a reading, it means that you should have a check-up or take a decision regarding health issues.

You have to choose very well the physical activities in which you want to invest your time, since your health depends on how you deal with your leisure time. 

Tarot card meanings and spreads

This is usually a positive tarot card,  which encourages you to get carried away by the torrent of life. Of course, love will be present throughout the process.

When this Major Arcana card turns up in a tarot spread, it means that you find yourself in a position of questioning the decisions that had, have or will have certain vital importance. It usually deals with issues related to love or relationships, but it can also be related to your professional life or businesses, and, if you take the right path, the result will always be satisfactory.


The situation you are dealing with has its origins in the past.  You can wonder about the place that has been assigned to you in your family and strive to identify the influence you have on your current environment.

It is likely that you still struggle with the emotional weight of a conflict from the past, but it will soon be solved and you will be finally freed from such a burden. The first step, when it comes to solving a problem, is to recognise that it exists.


The Lovers in a tarot reading about the present makes you wonder about the current state of your emotions and feelings. How is your emotional life? Are you at peace or in conflict with others? Do you like what you do? What place does love have in your life?

If this Major Arcana card appears in a question related to the present, it almost certainly indicates that you are going through a situation that needs to be defined at this moment. You have to choose between two people or to make a decision, especially in matters of love. This is a decision you have to take and there is no way you can avoid it. 


You will get the result you have desired,  but it will be necessary to take a decision, make a choice or reach an agreement.

When it comes to making decisions in the future, it is very important to remember that, although heads and tails may be completely opposite, they belong to the same coin. Although two decisions may seem entirely different, the Lovers card suggests that you should consider an alternative way which can meet all your needs, without losing your love for beauty in your daily life. This tarot card encourages you to understand that a life well lived requires extra effort.

Fun facts

  • The illustration of the sixth Major Arcana card is related to the legend of Hercules, according to which he was asked to choose between two women, who embodied Virtue (defined activity, vocation, purpose, struggle) and Vice (passivity, surrender to inner urges and external decisions).
  • Number 6  predicts an artistic touch and a harmonious infatuation. The internal shape of  the honeycomb is built as a hexagon, which suggests flexibility and stability  at the same time.
  • The Lovers card is linked to the zodiac sign Gemini, the musical note “D”, the orange colour, the Hebrew letter “Zayin” and the17th path  of the Tree of Life.