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The Magician (I): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning

Find out the meaning of the first Major Arcana card: The Magician.

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The Magician (I): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning | iSTOCK

The tarot starts off with the newborn that arrives on Earth endowed with all the human potential, ready to evolve, learn and make use of his chances. The Magician, the first Major Arcana card is the representation of incarnation and the beginning.  He holds the present and the future in his hands. The top part of his hat, which resembles a sideways number eight, symbol of infinity, suggests that this is not the first time the Magician reincarnates in the material cycle.

The tools and items are already displayed on the table, but it depends on the Magician’s performance that it can be achieved in this plane. Find out the mysteries enclosed in this Major Arcana card: the Magician, a fascinating tarot card.

Main characteristics 

The Magician, also known as “Le Bateleur” in French, is the tarot card that begins the journey of the 22 Major Arcana cards. It holds all the potential power. This is the tarot card of new beginnings and it symbolises the ability to act upon matter  and to change oneself by taking advantage of the experiences from one’s daily life.

The reasoning is quick and, as there is no lack of talent or cunning, the only option left is to act. This tarot card also indicates the difficulty of choosing, of deciding, it means living without anything that characterises the youth. There is nothing to prevent a new action from being carried out.  The past is obsolete and considered an excuse for not moving forward.

Major Arcana tarot card meaning

In the upright position, this tarot card tells you about situations that require decision and a certain ability to be solved. It expresses a strong and defined personality, and represents someone willing to face everything, skilful and silver-tongued. It can also refer to all kinds of initiatives that will bring future success. His qualities are diplomacy, agility, spontaneity and speed.

It tends to point out events involving births, travels and other situations that evoke hope.

In the reversed position, it represents a manipulative person: the swindler, the trickster or the liar. It also indicates a moment of inertia, passivity or low self-esteem. His flaws are: weak will, self-deception, shyness, and difficulties of expressing oneself or learning difficulties. It expresses immaturity, inability to adapt, inadequacy, restlessness and certain childish behaviour. 

Tarot card interpretation

In a spread, this tarot card symbolises the young man, the teenager. The Magician also represents children, the son, the young father, the lover or the artist who uses beautiful words. In general, it stands for people under the age of twenty.

The Magician becomes particularly important if he appears in matters related to love, since his meaning, usually positive, favours it. 

When this tarot card appears in a spread, the action speeds up and the prediction is fulfilled more or less promptly.


A new encounter with nothing serious at first is possible. Love turns up in your life as quick as lightning and intense adventures are not slow to follow. It is the perfect time to take risks and be reborn.

Flirting and youthful magnetism surround you, which will make you reinvent yourself and discover new and refreshing aspects of love. Winning the heart of somebody is easy and fun. If you wonder about someone in particular, the love tarot will tell you that this relationship is a bit wild, but you like it too much to let it go! These relationships help you discover yourself better.

Other subjects the Magician may refer to are: the beginning of a friendship; the reunion with someone important; a crush destined to lead to a sincere and positive love.

In the reversed position, the encounter may take place but it will come to nothing, because you either feel suddenly too shy or the feelings are superficial. As for long-term relationships, it indicates a love that dies away due to lack of attraction and which is irreparably broken. The couple’s strong character can be the cause of constant tensions and there may also be an attempt of infidelity. 


Money and work

There are possibilities to be hired,  and your adaptation period in the new position will be easy. All initiatives are favoured, both at the work and economic level. Moreover, everything you start will work, as long as you have enough courage to start a project.

When it comes to finances, in this case, money is used for leisure and fun. These financial ups and downs are not very significant. The Magician reversed suggests that you have the tendency to give little importance to money, which turns you into a spendthrift.


This tarot card suggests very good health and zest for life.  It indicates great fertility, so you should be very careful if you do not wish to have children. It also refers to your immunity to fatigue and diseases. It is very important to practise sports to keep your energy, and letting the adrenaline flow is good for you.

The Magician reversed is related to headache and your limbs. You need to rest, but you are not doing it. 

Tarot card meanings and spreads

The Magician is particularly favourable to questions related to news and start-ups. These are some of the general meanings of this tarot card depending on the period of time in which you are interested (past, present or future).


When this tarot card points out aspects of the past, it has to do with basic facts of your life. In the past, you were very confident in yourself, which is not usually good, because it means that you made some mistakes and follies that are difficult to compensate for nowadays.

You miss your youth and, as a prediction, you are overcome by a wave of nostalgia. When it comes to love, it refers to an idealised love or a platonic relationship that did not happen, but it still haunts your mind.


At present, you are very lucky.  You want to discover the world. All your current projects will bear fruit. In a spread, it represents a skilful and enterprising young man, who is not older than thirty-five years of age, endowed with certain power. If you are a woman, it means that you are using all your energies, both masculine and feminine ones. 


In the future, this tarot card has incredible power. This is a sign that your wishes will be granted. The Magician is a representation of your desires and illusions. In the future, what you desire will become true; your current path is the right one. This tarot card can also suggest a career change, which is perhaps related to your ability to act upon matter and it is undoubtedly more creative than the present one. 

Fun facts

Its astrological correspondence is Mercury or Hermes, in Greek mythology. The wand in the Magician’s hand refers to the myth, according to which Hermes arranged the stars in the sky with this instrument.

This Major Arcana card is linked to the zodiac sign Aries, is associated with the musical note “E”, the yellow colour, the Hebrew letter “Bet” and the 12th path of the Tree of Life.