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The Moon (XVIII): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning

Find out the meaning of the eighteenth Major Arcana card: The Moon.

The moon
The Moon (XVIII): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning | iSTOCK

The Moon (XVIII), which is known as “La Lune” in French, is a very interesting tarot card, since it evokes a darkness that no other Major Arcana card shows. This tarot card suggests a lot of mystery, but also a lot of emotion and sensitivity.

It represents the darkness that we all have within us. Some of us use it for the good, as in the case of seeing it as a source of inspiration, but it can also bring out the worst of ourselves.

Unlike The Card with No Name or the Devil, which look like a threat, the qualities of this tarot card are passive. The threat does not come from the outside, but from the inside.

It is a psychological tarot card, which refers to the spirit and so, it has lots of meanings, for there is nothing more complex than the human soul. What do these enigmatic characters that it portrays mean? What will its interpretation be according to the different types of spreads? You can find out all the answers in this article. 

Main characteristics

The large pond symbolises your unconscious feelings, your inner torment. That is where the mysteries of your psyche and roots are hiding. The houses seen in the distance evoke the home, the past on which are based your emotions and current personality. The two animals suggest your fears and inner struggle. 

Major Arcana tarot card meaning

It represents the depths of your mind, the dreams and sensitivity, which are all elements of your mental life that can encourage you to face life in a creative way or slow you down at a certain time of your development.

The Moon is extremely receptive and it is always ready to create, due to everything that is stored in its memory. It symbolises a past which inspires a healthy affection, as well as the imagination and memory. It is also the public’s curiosity and acceptance. It refers to homes, winter and public places, such as hospitals (if it appears together with the Tower).

In the reversed position, the darkness of the irrational exceeds reason.  There appears the state of the lunatic, the irrational fears and the unjustified cowardice. You want to escape reality through alcohol and drugs (when it appears together with the Devil). The Moon hides lies, thefts, false illusions, family issues, especially those that create a tense atmosphere at home. In short, the unconscious has too much control over the mind. You allow the past to become too important in your life, which leads to an excess of melancholy and so, you cannot enjoy your present.

Tarot card interpretation

In a tarot spread, it refers to mothers, especially to your own mother, to authentic people, the navigators, the people who have night jobs, to historians, literature and authors, the family members who work together and anyone who uses their creativity on a daily basis; also, to a child educated according to the old values.

It is ideal if it appears in those tarot readings about the home, the family or the ancestors, because it means that the Tarot wants to reveal its message to you. Night-time events take on special importance, so the event you are asking about might take place at night.


When this tarot card appears,  it indicates that you want to create a family or get into a relationship,  that you want a quiet life (in the upright position), as well as family reunions. If you are single, it advises you against looking for something serious at any price. It is a favourable time for dating, especially for analysing how you want your next relationship to be rather than actually choosing your partner. It is a time of quiet reflection. Be maternal or paternal in love. 

The Moon reversed suggests unfaithfulness  (together with the High Priestess), mistrust, emotional blackmail and manipulation through fear. You escape reality through imagination.  When this tarot card appears in the reversed position, it suggests lack of creativity. In case of being single, you are afraid of dating again.

Money and work

You have a chance to get a night job or, if you already have one, you will enjoy a period of good wealth. You work in your family business or you find employment thanks to your relatives or your closest friends, who are the family you get to choose. There are many opportunities as long as you use a little imagination.

The Moon reversed indicates that you avoid responsibilities,  because general disappointment and disillusionment are great. Everyday tasks seem very difficult and there is a strong desire for change, but nothing is done to solve the situation. It also points out a tendency to see yourself as being victimized.

When it comes to money, the tarot card indicates periods of small income  that you face as well as possible. You need help from your friends and family, even if you deny it. In an upright position, it suggests the possibility of buying a new house. Do not forget that this tarot card refers to homes and, if it appears in a positive position, it predicts domestic bliss through investment.

In the reversed position, your relationship with money is unpredictable,  you have your head elsewhere, which prevents you from becoming aware of the reality and financial needs. There may appear lots of dreams and bad surprises if you do not pull yourself together. 


When it comes to health, it advises you to pay attention to the blood, fluids, bladder, sleep and depression. It is perhaps the time to consult the gynaecologist. Also pay attention to alcohol and drugs if it appears together with The Card with No Name and the Fool.

Tarot card meanings and spreads 

This unpredictable Major Arcana card can bring difficult mood swings. The pond of this tarot card is unfathomable, since it represents your dreams, phobias, leaving behind your childhood, the unconscious secrets, depression, etc. Therefore, it tends to give a negative energy to the tarot spread.


It is very important when it comes to questions related to the past. Depending on whether it appears in an upright or reversed position, you will be able to discover new sides of your unconscious mind that you may not have been able to see. Such is the importance of Tarot not only as a predictive tool but also as an instrument for self-knowledge.


You must get over the possessive mother of the past, since she is the one who makes you be jealous or too ambiguous with your desires. You have to cut the umbilical cord. This can only be achieved by forgiving what was done wrong to you, for they did not know how to do it otherwise.  

In the reversed position,  there is an emotional past that weighs heavily on one of the partners. There are issues when it comes to love for reasons that have their roots in one’s childhood. 


In the present, you must ask yourself about your receptive attitude. Are you developing it in the best way? Maybe you should admire the values of other people and not be so focused on giving yourself to your social environment.


What is your impossible ideal? That is where your steps should be directed when this tarot card comes out in a reading about the future. However, you should first accept your true spiritual value, without imposing it on others.

Fun facts

  • The Moon does not have a dark side as many people believe, but a hidden side which cannot be seen from Earth. That is why it symbolises the deepest corners of the mind.
  • Its number is 18, which it is associated with fullness. This is the number of changes, power and great leaders. It is an intuitive, original and sensitive number. It is the combination of two energies, that of number 1, which means beginning, initiative, motivation and independence, and that of number 8, which means wealth, riches, etc., which in this case is found inside oneself.
  • The Moon is linked to the purple-red colour, the musical note “B”, the Hebrew letter “Qoph” (which means “nape”) and the zodiac sign Pisces.