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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Cancer

What is Cancer like in bed and which are the best Kamasutra positions for this sign?

A man ans a woman in sexual attitude
The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Cancer | iSTOCK

If you are lucky enough to get to the orgasm with a Cancer, you'll feel what heat and human protection is. With an eternal hug and a discreet moan, the Cancerian will make you feel the climax he also feels. We are talking about a sign that needs fidelity, security, and affection.  If they don't have this, the natives from this sign will lock themselves in their shell. Here you have some tips to be successful with them in bed and their best sexual positions. 

What is Cancer like in bed?

This water sign is one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac, but for people not to harm them, they have built a shield that is very difficult to penetrate.  Difficult but not impossible, and once you have achieved it, they have a lot to offer. 

In sex, such as in love, Cancer is a prudent sign, first, they might seem cold but with a potential that can't be underestimated. To unleash the passion, they need to feel that their lover is someone faithful and reliable.  The concept of stable relationship is something essential for them, and even more the idea of family. From these values, they develop the principles of protection and affection. So making love to someone born under the sign of Cancer is the culmination of the construction of affection, sincerity, and Love in capital letters.

In bed, to open the shell, we have to be patient and attentive. Caresses and contact are essential elements; when a Cancerian feels the affection, they will let passion loose. Don't expect wild sex with no limits, though,  but expect a total connection in a pleasant relationship; we will get to the culmination with patience, stimulation and constant show of affection. 

For Cancer, the best way to get to the orgasm is calmly and stepped, with an "in crescendo" that you get to together and in traditional positions on the basis of security. The most important thing for them isn't the orgasm, but the preliminaries (they love oral sex and masturbation) and the process to get to the climax.

The three best Kamasutra positions for Cancer

We already know what the Cancerians are like in bed and what they need to get to the climax, now, let's see what are the best sexual positions for Cancer. 

1. The Lotus Flower

With no doubt it's one of the best sexual positions for Cancer because it allows full contact with the bodies, making both of them a single person, to build a pleasant relationship. There are a lot of variants of this position, but in the classic one the man sits with his legs crossed and she sits astride him passing her legs behind him.

Also, for example, they can intertwine by passing his legs behind her as well. In any case, in this position, penetration takes place, during which the movements are short and rhythmic.

This is a delightful position for Cancers for many reasons. Firstly, because of the feeling of honesty that they feel together with their partner: They both look at each other, and they exchange words and complicity gestures.  Second, because at all times they can hug and kiss their lover, rub with the tips of their fingers their back, caress their chest, lick their neck, but always with the security of protection and direct connection.

Apart from combining passion and romanticism, the lotus flower has a mystical and esoteric point; for with the union of their bodies in this position, the lovers feel in a particular connection out of space and time.

2. The Amazon

A more heterodox variant and that means an increase in the experimentation in a Cancer is the Amazon. It's just a variant of the lotus flower with innovation: it's on top of a chair. However, the position is straightforward and won't cause you a headache or loss of your sense of comfort.

The man has to sit on the chair, while the woman will sit astride him so that his penis penetrates slowly in her vagina. In this case, the fact of doing it in a different place, and the hard support of the chair that makes the penis go deeper into the vagina, makes the excitement of Cancer multiply.  Also, this frivolity of the chair is combined with the protection and security that allows the embrace while penetration occurs.

In this case, the woman has the initiative, and that will be a good thing for the Cancerian women because they like having the initiative.   As in the previous position, the man can stimulate the erogenous areas like the neck, the nipples, so that the woman feels stimulated and gets to the orgasm easily.  The electricity of the looks will do the rest. 

3. The Magic Mountain

One of the best positions to feel protected, a bit more complicated than the last two. One of the most original ways of doing it is putting some cushions on the bed one on top of the other  until you get to lean on them with your back slightly arched. The man will get on top of you by fitting his body with yours in the same position as yours, that is, looking in the same direction, with his chest glued to your back, also kneeling penetrating you from behind while he hugs you.  

It's an ideal position for the Cancers because it's the perfect metaphor for its sign, the crab.  The man creates a shell under which there is a Cancerian, with all their tenderness and magic, enjoying penetration at the same time that she feels the connection with her man, who hugs her making her feel security, warmth, and pleasure. Comfort makes them not be in a hurry, and even less the cancer woman, who assured by the arms of her man feels relaxed to enjoy until they reach the full and pleasant orgasm.

When the relationship of trust has crystallized to the limit of mutual pleasure, the shell can be opened and the man will rise to reach the classic position of the dog, making the penetration even deeper.

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